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/** quotaio.h
* Header of IO operations for quota utilities
* Jan Kara <>
#include <limits.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include "ext2fs/ext2fs.h"
#include "dqblk_v2.h"
typedef int64_t qsize_t; /* Type in which we store size limitations */
#define MAXQUOTAS 2
#define USRQUOTA 0
#define GRPQUOTA 1
* Definitions of magics and versions of current quota files
#define INITQMAGICS {\
0xd9c01f11, /* USRQUOTA */\
0xd9c01927 /* GRPQUOTA */\
/* Size of blocks in which are counted size limits in generic utility parts */
#define toqb(x) (((x) + QUOTABLOCK_SIZE - 1) >> QUOTABLOCK_BITS)
/* Quota format type IDs */
#define QFMT_VFS_OLD 1
#define QFMT_VFS_V0 2
#define QFMT_VFS_V1 4
* The following constants define the default amount of time given a user
* before the soft limits are treated as hard limits (usually resulting
* in an allocation failure). The timer is started when the user crosses
* their soft limit, it is reset when they go below their soft limit.
#define MAX_IQ_TIME 604800 /* (7*24*60*60) 1 week */
#define MAX_DQ_TIME 604800 /* (7*24*60*60) 1 week */
#define IOFL_INFODIRTY 0x01 /* Did info change? */
struct quotafile_ops;
/* Generic information about quotafile */
struct util_dqinfo {
time_t dqi_bgrace; /* Block grace time for given quotafile */
time_t dqi_igrace; /* Inode grace time for given quotafile */
union {
struct v2_mem_dqinfo v2_mdqi;
} u; /* Format specific info about quotafile */
struct quota_file {
ext2_filsys fs;
ext2_ino_t ino;
ext2_file_t e2_file;
/* Structure for one opened quota file */
struct quota_handle {
int qh_type; /* Type of quotafile */
int qh_fmt; /* Quotafile format */
int qh_io_flags; /* IO flags for file */
struct quota_file qh_qf;
unsigned int (*e2fs_read)(struct quota_file *qf, ext2_loff_t offset,
void *buf, unsigned int size);
unsigned int (*e2fs_write)(struct quota_file *qf, ext2_loff_t offset,
void *buf, unsigned int size);
struct quotafile_ops *qh_ops; /* Operations on quotafile */
struct util_dqinfo qh_info; /* Generic quotafile info */
/* Utility quota block */
struct util_dqblk {
qsize_t dqb_ihardlimit;
qsize_t dqb_isoftlimit;
qsize_t dqb_curinodes;
qsize_t dqb_bhardlimit;
qsize_t dqb_bsoftlimit;
qsize_t dqb_curspace;
time_t dqb_btime;
time_t dqb_itime;
union {
struct v2_mem_dqblk v2_mdqb;
} u; /* Format specific dquot information */
/* Structure for one loaded quota */
struct dquot {
struct dquot *dq_next; /* Pointer to next dquot in the list */
qid_t dq_id; /* ID dquot belongs to */
int dq_flags; /* Some flags for utils */
struct quota_handle *dq_h; /* Handle of quotafile for this dquot */
struct util_dqblk dq_dqb; /* Parsed data of dquot */
/* Structure of quotafile operations */
struct quotafile_ops {
/* Check whether quotafile is in our format */
int (*check_file) (struct quota_handle *h, int type, int fmt);
/* Open quotafile */
int (*init_io) (struct quota_handle *h);
/* Create new quotafile */
int (*new_io) (struct quota_handle *h);
/* Write all changes and close quotafile */
int (*end_io) (struct quota_handle *h);
/* Write info about quotafile */
int (*write_info) (struct quota_handle *h);
/* Read dquot into memory */
struct dquot *(*read_dquot) (struct quota_handle *h, qid_t id);
/* Write given dquot to disk */
int (*commit_dquot) (struct dquot *dquot);
/* Scan quotafile and call callback on every structure */
int (*scan_dquots) (struct quota_handle *h,
int (*process_dquot) (struct dquot *dquot,
void *data),
void *data);
/* Function to print format specific file information */
int (*report) (struct quota_handle *h, int verbose);
/* This might go into a special header file but that sounds a bit silly... */
extern struct quotafile_ops quotafile_ops_meta;
/* Open existing quotafile of given type (and verify its format) on given
* filesystem. */
errcode_t quota_file_open(struct quota_handle *h, ext2_filsys fs,
ext2_ino_t qf_ino, int type, int fmt, int flags);
/* Create new quotafile of specified format on given filesystem */
errcode_t quota_file_create(struct quota_handle *h, ext2_filsys fs,
int type, int fmt);
/* Close quotafile */
errcode_t quota_file_close(struct quota_handle *h);
/* Get empty quota structure */
struct dquot *get_empty_dquot(void);
errcode_t quota_inode_truncate(ext2_filsys fs, ext2_ino_t ino);
const char *type2name(int type);
void update_grace_times(struct dquot *q);
/* size for the buffer returned by quota_get_qf_name(); must be greater
than maxlen of extensions[] and fmtnames[] (plus 2) found in quotaio.c */
#define QUOTA_NAME_LEN 16
const char *quota_get_qf_name(int type, int fmt, char *buf);
const char *quota_get_qf_path(const char *mntpt, int qtype, int fmt,
char *path_buf, size_t path_buf_size);
#endif /* GUARD_QUOTAIO_H */