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# Makefile for the tests directory
srcdir = @srcdir@
top_srcdir = @top_srcdir@
VPATH = @srcdir@
top_builddir = ..
my_dir = tests
all:: @DO_TEST_SUITE@ test_one test_script
test_one: $(srcdir)/ Makefile mke2fs.conf
@echo "Creating test_one script..."
@echo "#!/bin/sh" > test_one
@HTREE_CMT@ @echo "HTREE=y" >> test_one
@QUOTA_CMT@ @echo "QUOTA=y" >> test_one
@echo "SRCDIR=@srcdir@" >> test_one
@echo "DIFF_OPTS=@UNI_DIFF_OPTS@" >> test_one
@cat $(srcdir)/ >> test_one
@chmod +x test_one
test_script: test_one Makefile mke2fs.conf
@echo "Creating test_script..."
@echo "#!/bin/sh" > test_script
@echo "SRCDIR=@srcdir@" >> test_script
@cat $(srcdir)/ >> test_script
@chmod +x test_script
mke2fs.conf: $(srcdir)/
$(CP) $(srcdir)/ mke2fs.conf
.PHONY : test_pre test_post check always_run
TESTS=$(wildcard $(srcdir)/[a-z]_*)
$(TESTS):: test_one always_run
@./test_one $@
@$(RM) -f *.failed
@echo "Running e2fsprogs test suite..."
@echo " "
test_post: test_pre $(TESTS)
check:: test_pre test_post test_script
check-failed: $(basename $(wildcard *.failed))
# Target which creates a new testcase to simplify adding new regression tests.
@echo "Creating a new e2fsck testcase in ${TDIR}"
@mkdir -p ${TDIR}
dd if=/dev/zero of=${TDIR}/image bs=1k count=8k
$(top_srcdir)/misc/mke2fs -j -F -N 256 ${TDIR}/image
@echo "new test description" > ${TDIR}/name
@echo; echo; echo "New test filesystem at ${TDIR}/image."
@echo "Now, break the filesystem as appropriate, and run 'make testend'"
# Target which generates the expect files for the new testcase.
testend: test_one ${TDIR}/image
gzip -9 ${TDIR}/image
@OUT1=${EXPECT1} OUT2=${EXPECT2} ./test_one ${TDIR}
@echo; echo; echo "*** output from first e2fsck run (${EXPECT1}) ***"
@cat ${EXPECT1}
@echo "*** output from second e2fsck run (${EXPECT2}) ***"
@cat ${EXPECT2}
@echo "*** end of e2fsck output ***"
@echo; echo "Hopefully e2fsck now fixes this problem properly."
@echo "If all is well, edit ${TDIR}/name and rename ${TDIR}."
$(RM) -f *~ *.log *.new *.failed *.ok *.tmp test_one test_script mke2fs.conf
distclean:: clean
$(RM) -f Makefile
$(RM) -rf ${TDIR}