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# Copyright (C) 1997 Theodore Ts'o. This file may be redistributed
# under the terms of the GNU Public License.
command_table test_cmds;
# Block relocation table commands
request do_brel_ma_create, "Open a memory array block relocation table",
brel_ma_create, bma_create;
request do_brel_free, "Free a block relocation table",
brel_free, bfree;
request do_brel_put, "Add or modify a block relocation entry",
brel_put, bput;
request do_brel_get, "Get a block relocation entry",
brel_get, bget;
request do_brel_start_iter, "Start iterating over the block table",
brel_start_iter, bstart;
request do_brel_next, "Get the next block relocation entry",
brel_next, bnext;
request do_brel_dump, "Dump the block relocation table",
brel_dump, bdump;
request do_brel_move, "Move an entry in the block relocation table",
brel_move, bmove;
request do_brel_delete, "Delete an entry in the block relocation table",
brel_delete, bdelete, bdel;
# Inode relocation table commands
request do_irel_ma_create, "Open a memory array inode relocation table",
irel_ma_create, ima_create;
request do_irel_free, "Free an inode relocation table",
irel_free, ifree;
request do_irel_put, "Add or modify an inode relocation entry",
irel_put, iput;
request do_irel_get, "Get an inode relocation entry",
irel_get, iget;
request do_irel_get_by_orig,
"Get an inode relocation entry by its original number",
irel_get_by_orig, igetorig, igeto;
request do_irel_start_iter, "Start iterating over the inode table",
irel_start_iter, istart;
request do_irel_next, "Get the next block relocation entry",
irel_next, inext;
request do_irel_dump, "Dump the inode relocation table",
irel_dump, idump;
request do_irel_add_ref, "Add a reference to an inode entry",
irel_add_ref, iaddref, iaddr;
request do_irel_start_iter_ref, "Start iterating over references to an inode",
irel_start_iter_ref, istartref, istartr;
request do_irel_next_ref, "Get the next reference for an inode entry",
irel_next_ref, inextref, inextr;
request do_irel_move, "Move an entry in the inode relocation table",
irel_move, imove;
request do_irel_delete, "Delete an entry in the inode relocation table",
irel_delete, idelete, idel;