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This package contains the reference documentation
for GLib. For more information about Glib,
For information about contributing to the
GLib/GTK+ reference documentation project, see:
The GLib reference documentation is freely redistributable,
see the file COPYING for details.
To build the documentation, you must have the gtk-doc
package installed. To rebuild the template files,
you must have the current version of the GLib
header files installed.
First, run configure to generate the makefiles for this
module. There is one option specific to this package
--with-html-dir=DIR top of installed HTML documentation tree
The Makefiles for this module define three targets:
Scan the headers and merge the results with the current
template files
Generate SGML files using the DocBook DTD from
the template files
Generate HTML from the SGML files.
To build the documentation, do:
make sgml
make html
You should only run the 'make templates' step if you
need to regenerate the templates for a more recent
version of the GLib sources.
make install