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<h2><span class="refentrytitle">glib-compile-schemas</span></h2>
<p>glib-compile-schemas — GSettings schema compiler</p>
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<div class="cmdsynopsis"><p><code class="command">glib-compile-schemas</code> [OPTION...] {DIRECTORY}</p></div>
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<a name="id-"></a><h2>Description</h2>
<p><span class="command"><strong>glib-compile-schemas</strong></span> compiles all the GSettings XML
schema files in <em class="replaceable"><code>DIRECTORY</code></em> into a binary file
with the name <code class="filename">gschemas.compiled</code> that can be used
by <a class="link" href="GSettings.html" title="GSettings"><span class="type">GSettings</span></a>. The XML schema
files must have the filename extension <code class="filename">.gschema.xml</code>.
For a detailed description of the XML file format, see the
<a class="link" href="GSettings.html" title="GSettings"><span class="type">GSettings</span></a> documentation.
At runtime, GSettings looks for schemas in the
<code class="filename">glib-2.0/schemas</code> subdirectories of all directories
specified in the <code class="envar">XDG_DATA_DIRS</code> environment variable. The
usual location to install schema files is
<code class="filename">/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas</code>.
In addition to schema files, glib-compile-schemas reads 'vendor override'
files, which are key files that can override default values for keys in
the schemas. The group names in the key files are the schema id, and the
values are written in serialized GVariant form.
Vendor override files must have the filename extension
<code class="filename">.gschema.override</code>.
By convention, vendor override files begin with <code class="filename">nn_</code>
where <code class="filename">nn</code> is a number from 00 to 99. Higher
numbered files have higher priority (eg: if the same override is made in
a file numbered 10 and then again in a file numbered 20, the override
from 20 will take precedence).
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<a name="id-"></a><h2>Options</h2>
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<td><p><span class="term"><code class="option">-h</code>, <code class="option">--help</code></span></p></td>
Print help and exit
<td><p><span class="term"><code class="option">--targetdir=<em class="replaceable"><code>TARGET</code></em></code></span></p></td>
Store <code class="filename">gschemas.compiled</code> in the <em class="replaceable"><code>TARGET</code></em> directory instead of <em class="replaceable"><code>DIRECTORY</code></em>.
<td><p><span class="term"><code class="option">--strict</code></span></p></td>
Abort on any errors in schemas. Without this option, faulty schema files are
simply omitted from the resulting compiled schema.
<td><p><span class="term"><code class="option">--dry-run</code></span></p></td>
Don't write <code class="filename">gschemas.compiled</code>. This option can be used
to check <code class="filename">.gschema.xml</code> sources for errors.
<td><p><span class="term"><code class="option">--allow-any-name</code></span></p></td>
Do not enforce restrictions on key names. Note that this option is purely
to facility the transition from GConf, and will be removed at some time
in the future.
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