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<title>Part V. Related Tools: GObject Reference Manual</title>
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Several useful developer tools have been build around GObject
technology. The next sections briefly introduce them and link to
the respective project pages.
For example, writing GObjects is often seen as a tedious task. It
requires a lot of typing and just doing a copy/paste requires a
great deal of care. A lot of projects and scripts have been
written to generate GObject skeleton form boilerplate code, or
even translating higher-level language into plain C.
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<dt><span class="chapter"><a href="tools-vala.html">Vala</a></span></dt>
<dt><span class="chapter"><a href="tools-gob.html">GObject builder</a></span></dt>
<dt><span class="chapter"><a href="tools-ginspector.html">Graphical inspection of GObjects</a></span></dt>
<dt><span class="chapter"><a href="tools-refdb.html">Debugging reference count problems</a></span></dt>
<dt><span class="chapter"><a href="tools-gtkdoc.html">Writing API docs</a></span></dt>
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