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YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (14):
ninfod: Use unsigned int for digest.
ninfod: nanosleep(3) needs <time.h>.
ninfod: Too many arguments for syslog(3)/fprintf(3) via DEBUG().
ninfod: Fix several warnings on ununsed variables.
ping6: Print unknown ICMP type.
ping6: Fix flowlabel switch (-F option).
arping: Fix sysfs decimal/hexadecimal parser for libsysfs support.
ping6: Use GNU TLS by default.
ninfod: Fix memory leakage in error path.
ninfod: Fix off-by-one error to check possible programming error (again).
ninfod: Do not expose freed buffer to caller.
ping6: Ensure to initialize msghdr.
ninfod: Support GNU TLS.
ninfod: Allow printing usage without permission errors.
YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (2):
ping,ping6: Check outgoing device only if specified.
Jan Synacek (1):
ping,tracepath doc: Fix missing end tags.
YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (35):
tracepath6: packet length option (-l) did not have any effect.
tracepath,tracepath6: Fix pktlen message.
tracepath,tracepath6: Use calloc(3) instead of using stack.
tracepath6: Ignore families other than IPv4 and IPv6.
ping6: Improve randomness of NI Nonce.
tracepath,tracepath6 doc: Fix default pktlen.
ping,rdisc: Optimize checksumming.
makefile: Static link support for crypto, resolv, cap and sysfs.
doc: Ajdust spaces around sqare brackets.
ping,rdisc: Use macro to get odd byte when checksumming.
ping6: Do not try to free memory pointed by uninitialized variable on error path.
arping: Allow building without default interface.
arping: No default interface by default.
arping: Allow printing usage without permission errors.
ping,ping6: Allow printing usage without permission errors.
ping,ping6: Fix cap_t leakage.
arping,ping,ping6: Do not ideologically check return value from cap_free,cap_{set,get}_flag().
arping: Fix sysfs_class leakage on error path.
arping: Some comments for new functions for finding devices support.
arping: Typo in type declaration.
makefile: Use call function for external libraries.
makefile: Add more comments.
arping: Ensure to fail if no appropriate device found with sysfs.
arping: Enforce user to specify device (-I) if multiple devices found.
Makefile: parameterize options for linking libraries.
Makefile: Use shell function instead if backquotes.
Makefile: Ensure to have same date when making snapshot.
spec: Maintainer does not use ipsec.spec.
spec: partially sync with fedora.
Makefile: Bump date in iputils.spec as well.
spec: Add exmple lines for suid-root installation
spec: Sort changelog.
ping: Exit on SO_BINDTODEVICE failure.
ping: Warn if kernel has selected source address from other interface.
ping: Clarify difference between -I device and -I addr.
YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (5):
tracepath: Repair tracepath without -p option.
tracepath,tracepath6: -p option in usage.
ping,ping6: Use MAX_DUP_CHK directly, not using mx_dup_chk variable.
ping,ping6: Abstract received bitmap macros/definitions.
ping,ping6: Use __u64 or __u32 for bitmap.
YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (30):
ping6: Use IN6_IS_ADDR_UNSPECIFIED() instead of our own helper function.
ping6 doc: Explicitly describe ping6 is IPv6 version if ping.
ping6: Deprecate source routing by default (RFC5095).
ping6: Use RFC3542 functions and definition for source routing.
ping6: Introduce niquery_is_enabled() for readability.
arping doc: interface is optional (-I option).
ping: Eliminate dirty hack to cope with ancient egcs bug.
Makefile: Fix missing right parenthes in comment.
arping: Fix build failure with USE_SYSFS=yes and/or WITHOUT_IFADDRS=yes
arping: Unify source files.
arping: Reorder functions and comment out unsued code.
arping,ping,ping6,tracepath,traceroute6 Makefile: Support static link of libidn by USE_IDN=static.
Makefile: Minimize statically linked libraries.
ping6: Do not clear seq check array twice for NI.
ping6: Use MD5_DIGEST_LENGTH instead of magic value 16.
ping6: Introduce helper functions for nonce in NI.
ping6: Introduce NI_NONCE_SIZE macro instead of magic value 8.
ping6: Ensure to call srand() to get some randomness in NI Nonce.
ping6: Generate different NI Nonce in each NI Query (Memory version).
ping6: Generate different NI Nonce in each NI Query (MD5 version).
ping6: Cache NI Nonce.
ping6: Print 'sequence number' embedded in NI Nonce.
ninfod: Do noy try to memcpy to self.
ninfod Makefile: More precise dependencies.
ninfod: Discard multicat packet outside linklocal scope.
ninfod: Apply default policy to refuse queries from global addresses.
ninfod: Normalize timespec for delay.
ninfod: Fix double-free without pthreads.
ninfod: Do not mix output from multiple threads.
ninfod: Employ internal buffer in stderrlog() for common case.
Jan Synacek (2):
ping,ping6: Add newline to error message.
ping: Don't free an unintialized value.
YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (31):
arping,clockdiff,ping,rarpd,rdisc,traceroute6 doc: s/CAP_NET_RAWIO/CAP_NET_RAW/.
ping,ping6: Do not assume radix point is denoted by '.' (-i option).
arping,ping,ping6,rdisc,traceroute6: Fix version string.
makefile: Give -fno-strict-aliasing to compiler by default.
Makefile: Remove -lm from ADDLIB.
rdisc_srv,Makefile: Fix build.
rdisc_srv,Makefile: Build rdisc_srv with make all.
arping: set_device_broadcast() does not need to store return value of sub-functions.
arping,Makefile: Make default interface configurable.
arping: Do not allow empty device name (-I option).
arping: Introduce check_ifflags() helper function.
arping: Introduce device structure to hold output device information.
arping: ALlow no default interface and select one by getifaddrs().
arping: Introduce 2nd (legacy) method to select interface by ioctls.
arping,Makefile: Allow build without getifaddrs() with WITHOUT_IFADDRS=yes.
Makefile: Use $< instead of $^ to complile C source code.
ping,ping6: Reorder command-line options in alphabetical order.
ping6: Show suboptions for Node Information Queries if -N suboption is invalid.
ping,ping6 doc: Readability for TOS (-Q) option.
rdisc: Missing new line after usage.
rdisc: Make rdisc with responder support if configured.
Makefile: distclean depends on clean.
Makefile: Default to -O3.
Makefile: Minimize options to gcc.
Makefile: Add rule to build assembly files.
arping,Makefile: 3rd legacy implementation to check network devices.
arping: Less ifdefs.
rdisc doc: Document -r, -p and -T options.
ping6: NI Subjecet address did not work (-N subject-{ipv6,ipv4] suboptions).
ping6: Ensure to detect subject type conflicts.
Jan Synacek (2):
clockdiff: remove unused variable
ping: Wrap SO_BINDTODEVICE with the correct capability.
YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (13):
ping: IP_MULTICAST_IF does not need CAP_NET_RAW.
ping6: Check ranges of flowlabel (-F option) and tclass (-Q option) arguments.
ping6: Accept 0x-notation for flowlabel (-F option) and tclass (-Q option) arguments.
ping,ping6: Manual update regarding -F, -Q and -N option.
arping,ping,ping6: Defer exitting to allow users to see usage.
arping,ping,ping6,ninfod: Change euid to uid (non-root) even if capabiliy is enabled.
ninfod: Add configure.
ninfod: libcap support to drop capabilities.
ninfod: Add run as user (-u user) option.
ninfod: Fix usage message.
arping,clockdiff,rarpd,rdisc,tftpd: Change RFC source to
ninfod: Add ninfod(8) manpage.
makefile: Add ninfod, distclean targets.
Sergey Fionov (1):
ping,ping6: Fallback to numeric addresses while exiting
YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (18):
ping,ping6: Rework capability support and Make sure -m and -I options work.
ping,tracepath: Spelling fixes in manpages.
ping,ping6: Fix integer overflow with large interval value (-i option).
clockdiff: Make it work with large pid.
ping,ping6: Make in_pr_addr volatile.
arping: Do not quit too early with large deadline value (-w option).
arping: Maintain minimum capabilities for SO_BINDTODEVICE(-I option).
ping: Fix recorded route comparison.
arping: Use getifaddrs() to get broadcast address.
ping6: Fix typo in error message.
ping6: Generate NI Group Address and Subject Name at once.
ping,ping6: Unmask signals on start-up.
arping: Build with USE_CAP=no.
arping,ping,ping6,tracepath,tracepath6,traceroute6: Experimental IDN support.
ping6: IDN support for the Subject Name in NI Query.
tracepath,tracepath6: Introduce -p option for port.
ping6: Add missing definitions/declarations for flowlabel management (-F option).
makefile: Do not include merge commits in RELNOTES.
YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (5):
ninfod: Attatch configure and renew
makefile: clean-up
tracepath6: Print reason on getadrinfo() failure.
ping,ping6: Fix hang with -f option.
ping: Make sure to print C if checksum failed with -f option.
Jan Synacek (2):
ping,ping6: Defer the dropping if the "-m" is specified and correct capability is set.
ping: Fix typo in echo reply
Ole Bjorn Hessen (1):
ping: report outstanding packets before sending next packet
YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (32):
ping,ping6: Add -D to synopsis.
ping: More icmp code descriptions.
ping,ping6: Hide ipg/ewma info without packets received.
ping6: Remove unused variable.
ping6: Help for -N suboptions.
tracepath,tracepath6: Use argument type of int for field width specifier.
clockdiff: Call nice() before changing effective uid.
rdisc: Use fputs() instead of fprintf() to shut up gcc warning.
rarpd: Check return value of chdir().
makefile: Introduce new variable for capability support.
ping,ping6: Check return value of write(2) for stdout.
ping6,tracepath,tracepath6: Do not dereference type-punned pointer directly.
Makefile: host changed from takos to pleiades.
ping6: Provide enough buffer for dn_comp() and make NI Query with Name subject work.
ping6: Consolidate error path of niquery_option_subject_name_handler().
ninfod: Node Information Query (RFC4620) daemon from USAGI Project.
ninfod: struct in6_pktinfo requires -D_GNU_SOURCE.
ninfod: Use %zu format string for size_t variable.
ninfod: Add missing entry for ENABLE_SUPTYPES in
ninfod: Support newer environment supporting RFC3542.
ninfod: Fix format string for string returned from strerror(3).
ninfod: Check return value of fscanf(3).
ninfod: Fix off-by-one error to check possible programming error.
ninfod: Add datarootdir.
ninfod: Use __func__ instead of __FUNCTION__.
ninfod: Introduce ARRAY_SIZE macro for counting number of elements in an array.
ninfod: Delete by make distclean, not by make clean.
ping6: Do not try to use result buffer when dn_comp(3) failed.
ping,ping6: ifdef guard for inline function for capability support and fix build with USE_CAP=no.
makefile: Do not use "-llib" dependency.
arping: build without sysfs support (USE_SYSFS=no).
Ángel González (1):
iputils: Add capability dropping
Chris Caputo (1):
ping,ping6: avoid gethostbyaddr during ping flood.
Paul Martin (1):
arping: Set correct broadcast address.
YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (4):
tracepath: Fix some small typos in tracepath.sgml.
ping: Fix resource consumption triggered by specially crafted ICMP Echo Reply (CVE-2010-2529)
Makefile: migrate main machine from beatrice to takos.
Makefile: Use newer git subcommand style instead of git-subcommand.
YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (28):
ping6: Use IPV6_TCLASS to set outgoing traffic class if available.
ping: Make build_echo(), gather_statistics() more generic.
ping6: Experimental support for Node Information Queries (RFC4620).
ping: simplify usage hint.
ping: Rename constant names
Extend -N option for NI Query options.
ping6: Make length-check qtype-specific.
ping6: Remove too many spaces between names.
ping6: ping6_niquery.h needs asm/byteorder.h.
ping6: Support Qtypes for IPv6/IPv4 Addresses.
ping6: Split pr_niquery_reply().
ping6: Handle ICMPv6 code in NI Reply.
ping6: Add subject-ipv6 and subject-ipv4 NI sub-option for subject address.
ping6: Support subject name.
ping6: Free old memory when reassign pointers.
ping6: Always enable IPv6 Node Information Queries.
makefile: Do not always link libresolv and libcrypto.
ping,traceroute6,clockdiff: Enlarge hostname buffer.
ping6: do not allow too large packet size by -s option.
ping: needless space when printing usage.
rdisc: Fix typo in error message.
rdisc: Allow multiple addresses on one interface.
arping: Support link-layer type with larger link-layer address.
tracepath6: resolve target even if -n option is supplied.
tracepath,tracepath6: sync tracepath and tracepath6.
tracepath6: Make it more protocol independent.
Jamal Hadi Salim (2):
ping: ping by mark
ping: ping by mark doc update
Jamie Le Tual (1):
ping: set to network byte order
YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (11):
[PING6,TRACEROUTE6]: Ignore error in setting IPV6_CHECKSUM socket option for ICMPv6 socket.
[PING6]: Use if_nametoindex() to convert ifname to ifindex.
[PING6]: Allow to specify source address with interface in a single -I option.
ping6: Try using IPV6_PKTINFO sticky option to specify outgoing interface.
rdisc: Use FOPEN_MAX if OPEN_MAX is undefined.
ping6: Fix source routing with source interface set.
ping,ping6: Don't print extra ', ' in finish().
tracepath: Fix documentation typo.
Use sysconf(_SC_OPEN_MAX) instead of OPEN_MAX.
ping,ping6: Add -D option to print timestamp.
John Heffner (6):
[iputils] tracepath: Add length flag to set initial MTU.
[iputils] tracepath: Add documentation for the -l flag.
[iputils] tracepath: Use PMTUDISC_PROBE mode if it exists.
[iputils] tracepath: Document -n flag.
[iputils] tracepath: Fix asymm messages.
[iputils] tracepath: Re-probe at same TTL after MTU reduction.
YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (8):
[DOC]: Delete duplicated lines in RELNOTES.
Fix white space errors.
[RARPD]: Fixed several signedness issues for char strings.
[PING]: Use inet_pton() instead of sscan().
[PING6]: Use IN6_IS_ADDR_xxx() macro.
[MAKEFILE]: Change authorized host to push snapshots.
[MAKEFILE]: Use git-archive instead of git-tar-tree.
Mike Frysinger (2):
Use socklen_t in all the right places.
[IPG]: handle pktgen setup in newer kernels.
Mitsuru Chinen (2):
[CLOCKDIFF]: Fix compilation errors about labels at end of compound statements.
[PING6]: Use getaddrinfo() for the name resolution of intermediate nodes.
YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (9):
[MAKEFILE] Remove unused -I../include
[TRACEPATH] Print usage if we met incorrect option.
[PING6]: Fix compilation error with glibc-2.4 and later.
[PING6]: Use getaddrinfo() to allow scoped addresses
[PING6]: Ensure not to reverse-lookup if target is numeric address.
[BUILD] Build with standard headers.
[ARPING,PING6] Build fix for some old systems.
[TRACEROUTE6] Fix ICMPv6 type printing with -v option
[TRACEROUTE6] Mark ICMPv6 messages as known
[DOC] Maintainer / Contact change
[TRACEROUTE6] Fix source/destination address with -v option
[PING6,TRACEPATH6,TRACEROUTE6] Use new RFC3542 advanced API if available
[RDISC] Use proper type for is_directly_connected()
[PING,PING6] Use proper type for printf()
[TRACEROUTE6] Fix inet_pton() error handling
[TRACEROUTE6] Use minimum format if 0 is specified for datalen
[TRACEROUTE6] Optimize datalen sanity checking code
[TRACEPATH6] Use getaddrinfo() to allow scoped addresses
[RDISC] Use strerror(errno) instead of sys_errlist[errno]
[PING,PING6] Avoid using __constant_htons() if it is really needed
[TRACEPATH6] Fix format for subseconds
[ARPING,CLOCKDIFF,PING,PING6,TRACEROUTE6] Check return value from setuid().
[PING,PING6] ensure to initialize msg.
[MAKEFILE] Make snapshot using git
* arping.sgml, some options were forgotten.
* send seqno in network byte order. Me.
* Mads Martin Jørgensen <> Recursive citation:
"On request of Mads Martin Jørgensen <> I've added manpages
pregenerated from the Docbook sources. One could argue it is redundant
when the Docbook sources are also there, but the argument of not having
to install Docbook on a very small system to get the man pages was
convinving enough to me. To quote Mads Martin: "How would a system
be without a man page for ping?"
As a chilidish revenge from my side enjoy with cyrillic date in these
man pages. :-)
* Ken Cox <>. Bogus definition of SOCK_DRGAM&SOCK_STREAM on mips.
* Error returned from recvmsg() resulted in a bogus printout in traceroute6. Me.
* Use IPV6_CHECKSUM on icmp socket in traceroute6. Me.
* Noah L. Meyerhans <> Fix to doc.
!* Noah L. Meyerhans <> What is the problem with "long" triptime?
! Reporter does not respond. _Malignantly_.
* Thomas 'Dent' Mirlacher <> Ping did not exit sometimes!
* Add option -W to override default 10 second linger timeout. Me.
* Mads Martin Jørgensen <>: ping should not bind to autoselected
source address, it used to work when routing changes. Return classic
behaviour, option -B is added to enforce binding.
* Pekka Savola <> Forgotten \n messing output of ping6.
* Noah L. Meyerhans <> traceroute6 -q 1 did not work.
* Pekka Savola <> various sizeof() cleanups in traceroute6.c
* "Dmitry V. Levin" <> wrote:
> ping (as well as other utilities) may open raw socket with descriptor <=2;
> In case of suid-root, it can be used by malicious user to send data to
> this raw socket.
> Yes, modern glibc and some kernels have workaround for it, but
> IMHO iputils shouldn't rely on this feature.
Taken into account, but no changes made.
* "Tilman Heinrich" <> said some scripts are broken
when word "packet" disappeared from "100% packet loss". Despite of
the inarguable fact that such scripts are truly mad and deserve breaking
(sigh... exit codes are too smart concept for script writers, I guess),
I have to recognize removing this word carrying zero information
was not enough motivated. Returned.
* ping used to retry forever when seeing ENOBUFS/ENOMEM without explicitly
given deadline. Being logically correct it is bad in practice f.e. when
pinging buggy device which locked up with some packets in queue.
So, retry for a finite time... let is be lingertime. Fair? Me.
* Two "messages" are sent to rpm maintainers to make their wrong patches
* Fix from RH iputils-20001007-deadline.patch. It was lost in the latest
rpms btw.
* Dax Kelson <>: added _unsupported_ option to comppile
* Michal Kochanowicz <> typos in tracepath.8
* Michael Wardle <>: undo silly change of ss000305
(printing rtt in some funny units). Michael noticed that "sec" is not
standard abbreviation for time units (bullshit, of course), but real concern
is that it is more difficult to interpret with a neglibible improvement
to appearance. So, do this as expected: in "ms".
* Documentation. Wow! I did it. man pages are disassembled to docbook,
audited wrt real state, edited... and promised to be maintained
in sync with the state of utilities.
* Utz Bacher <> Bitops in ping6 were wrong
on bigendian machines. Wow, luckily I forgot to acknowledge that patch
of 010805 which has gotten rid of kernel bitops and did this so wrongly.
* Michael Bakunin <> (:-))
found mud in tftpd.c, it will crash when directory supplied in argument
is longer ~512 symbols.
* Alexandr D. Kanevskiy <>: buffer overflow
in clockdiff. Very stupid one, the overflowed buffer even was not used. :-)
* Alexandr D. Kanevskiy <>: shit! Code recognizing
kernels with broken IP_RECVERR for raw sockets depended on race
and accused even good kernel of being buggy. :-)
* Stepan Koltsov <>, tracepath/tracepth6 segfaulted when
used without address.
* Alexandr D. Kanevskiy <>: arping printed
"permission denied" instead of showing help page to non-superuser.
* Alexandr D. Kanevskiy <>: ping compiled
for linux-2.4 forgot to send the second packet, when used with linux-2.2
* Chris Evans <>: buffer overflow in traceroute6.
datalen was messed: counting header in half of places.
Funny, looking into LBL traceroute, it is even worse :-)
* Alexandr D. Kanevskiy <>: relayed patches
by Solar_Diz. Only missing description of option -q is accepted.
* <> ping6 printed wrong mtu.
* Alexandr D. Kanevskiy <>: -Werror is removed.
Newer gcc are buggy and generates some wrong warnings about
uninitalized variables, which are evidently initialized.
* Some news from Pekka Savola <> around setting tos bits.
* arping: broadcast-only mode by Ard van Breemen <>
* ping6/traceroute6: parse ICMP errors with extension headers (me)
traceroute6 works with size > mtu now. Nice.
* ping: Erik Quanstrom <>. Serious patch.
ping interval timer was not very broken, but very unintelligible.
Though I remade the code to use leaky bucket logic, which
is the most transparent one. Anyway, contribution by Eric is
the most important one since the previous release.
Short theory of operation: option -i (interval) sets rate r=1/interval pps,
option -l (preload) sets burst size of l packets. So, ping sends
at most r*t+l packets for an arbitrary interval t.
Default values: l=1 and for non-flood case: r=1pps, for flood r=infinity.
Nice? Exact algorithm is:
Let N(t) be l/r=l*i initially and N(t) grow continuously with time as:
N(t+delta) = min{l*i, N(t) + delta}
Packet can be transmitted only at the time t_* when 1/r=i <= N(t_*)
and in this case N(t) jumps:
N(t_* + 0) = N(t_* - 0) - i.
When interval is zero, algo degenerates allowing to send any amount
of messages. In this case we modify it using l as limit on amount
of unanswered requests and waiting for 10msec, when something is not
answered. Note that the last thing (10msec) is just to be compatible with
BSD manual pages. BSD ping is simply not able to avoid delay technically,
we are able now.
In result we got some new facilities:
* "-f -l 100" becomes very aggressive, in fact on good link
it holds permanently 100 packets in flight, which is very different
of earlier bevaviour (one packet in flight).
* -f and -i are not incompatible more. In fact, "-f -i 1" is equivalent
to plain ping, only output is different (dotted). Essentially,
change of output format is the only effect. "ping -i 0" is flood
printing output in normal format.
Moved some parts of code to ping_common.c. Common part is not fully
trivial now. :-)
* ping: Ian Lynagh <>, larger and dynamic dup detector.
Also, Ian submitted two large patches, one fixing formatting, another
doing something with signedness/longness. Not now...
Later note: found not working. x + 7 / 8 :-). Sorry... dubious, withdrawn.
size of table increased to maximal value instead (8K of memory,
not a big deal).
* tftpd: an old misprint. (Igor A. Lefterov)
* clockdiff: do not fail, if reversed resolution failed.
Tommy Lacroix <>
* ping: audible ping by Patrik Schilt <>
Patrick's option renamed to -a to align to freebsd.
* ping: react to device queue overflows using IP_RECVERR. me.
* ping: option -S allows to change sndbuf
* rarpd is moved from separate package here (people asked)
* ping6: kernel style bitops are not used more.
* Option -A to adapt to network rtt.
* Use BPF, when multiple pings are detected.
* ping is able to select TOS. By Pekka Savola <>
* tracepath* DNS names. By Pawel Krawczyk <> and
Arkadiusz Miskiewicz <>
* ping6 is expected to be compiled with linux-2.2.
* RH bugid#16677: segfault, when ping is used by root and size
is large enough. Fix is to allow oversize by root (it is necessary
to check kernel side), but clamp it at some safe value.
* More bug fixes from Chris Evans <>
- do not trust h_length returned by system resolver.
This value is meaningless in any case.
- ping: buffer overflow in fill()!!! Disgraceful bug.
* ping: allow not-priviledged users to use broadcasts. It was paranoia.
Multicasts were allowed. 8)
* ping: but force broadcasts&multicasts not to fragment. BSD does
not allow to do this to anyone, we still allow this for superuser.
* Option -M to control path mtu discovery.
* By Pekka Savola <>
- SIOCGSTAMP/SO_TIMESTAMP are sensitive to bug in kernel.
When get_fast_time != gettimeofday (f.e. timestampless x86),
returned stamp can be out of sync with gettimeofday.
Workaround is not to use SIOCGSTAMP/SO_TIMESTAMP on such systems.
- fixes in man pages
- compiles under rh-7.0
* Chris Evans <>
- ping: possible buffer overflow in pr_addr().
* Sorry. I have lost all the CVS with changes made since 000418.
If someone sent me a patch after this date, please, resubmit.
Restored from the last backup and mailboxes:
* ping*, SO_TIMESTAMP support.
* ping*, allow zero data length (reported by Damjan Lango <>)
* iputils man and help updates. Pekka Savola <>
* ping.8, fix to ping man page. By Dadid Eisner <>
* ping prints addresses in numeric, if destination is numeric.
Proposed by Tim Waugh <>
* ping: strncpy bug <>
* arping: improvements by Charles Howes <>
- a feature to arping: quit as soon as a reply is received.
- default to eth0.
- spelling
* llsqrt() was buggy again!
(noticed by Sam Farin <>)
* tracepath*, "NURDUnet-gw" bug workaround.
(noticed by Vitaly E.Lavrov <>)
* tracepath*, handle case of routers initializing rtt to 128.
Vitaly E.Lavrov <>
* shadowed icmp_sock in ping6. James Morris <>
* Bug in ping -f, introduced with SO_RCVTIMEO. me.
* llsqrt() (ping, ping6) was wrong yet. me.
* Print mean deviation of RTT in ping/ping6.
* Use SIOCGSTAMP in ping/ping6. Old behaviour calculating
true user-to-user latency is restored with option -U.
Reason for this stupid change is mainly political; people
wonder why freebsd has twice less latency on loopback.
If to follow along this line, we have to print rtt equal to 0. 8)
[ LATER NOTE: actually, the change is _right_ without any doubts.
Ping has another bug: nameresolver is blocking, so that
when it dies not respond, ping shows evenly increasing by 1 sec
RTT. It is very confusing (look through linux-kernel maillists
to count number of people, who were cheated by misconfigured dns). ]
* Use SO_RCVTIMEO instead of poll() with ping/ping6 -f.
* Added -V option to arping/ping/ping6/traceroute6/rdisc
to print snapshot number.
* rdisc: ugly bug in getting interface list. me.
* ping/ping6: ping -i N, N>=3 did not work. Jeff Jonson <>
* ping/ping6: microsecond rtt measurements. me.
* ping/ping6: non-zero exit code even without -w.
* Option "-i" to ping/ping6 takes fractional time now, so that
"ping -i 0.3 xxx" pings each 300 msec. The idea is by
Marc Boucher <>
* alpha/glibc-2.1 alignment problems in ping are fixed (struct timeval
was wrongly aligned).
* ping/ping6 worked only with kernels 2.3.15+ in 990824.
* tftpd is added. It uses MSG_CONFIRM to confirm arp entries.
* ping6: workaround for bug in some egcs versions.
* ping: output buffer was too small for full sized ping.
* ping: silly restriction on ping size is removed.
* short man pages (Oleg M. Shumsky <>)
* ping6: get and print hop limit of reply packets (ME)
* rdisc deletes routes before exit with -TERM
* ping/ping6: option -w TIMEOUT
* arping: exit with error, if received no replies in normal
(not DAD and not unsilicited ARP) mode.