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SGMLFILES=$(shell echo *.sgml)
HTMLFILES=$(subst .sgml,.html,$(SGMLFILES)) index.html
MANFILES=$(subst .sgml,.8,$(SGMLFILES))
all: html
html: $(HTMLFILES) iputils.html
man: $(MANFILES)
# docbook scripts are incredibly dirty in the sense that they leak
# lots of some strange temporary junk directories and files.
# So, scope it to a temporary dir and clean all after each run.
$(HTMLFILES): index.db
@-rm -rf tmp.db2html
@mkdir tmp.db2html
@set -e; cd tmp.db2html; docbook2html ../$< ; mv *.html ..
@-rm -rf tmp.db2html
iputils.html: iputils.db
@-rm -rf tmp.db2html
@mkdir tmp.db2html
@set -e; cd tmp.db2html; docbook2html -u -o html ../$< ; mv html/$@ ..
@-rm -rf tmp.db2html
# docbook2man produces utterly ugly output and I did not find
# any way to customize this but hacking backend perl script a little.
# Well, hence...
$(MANFILES): index.db
@-mkdir tmp.db2man
@set -e; cd tmp.db2man; nsgmls ../$< | sgmlspl ../ ; mv $@ ..
@-rm -rf tmp.db2man
@rm -rf $(MANFILES) $(HTMLFILES) iputils.html tmp.db2html tmp.db2man
@date "+%y%m%d" > snapshot.db