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/*! \page roadmap JsonCpp roadmap
\section ms_release Makes JsonCpp ready for release
- Build system clean-up:
- Fix build on Windows (shared-library build is broken)
- Add enable/disable flag for static and shared library build
- Enhance help
- Platform portability check: (Notes: was ok on last check)
- linux/gcc,
- solaris/cc,
- windows/msvc678,
- aix/vacpp
- Add JsonCpp version to header as numeric for use in preprocessor test
- Remove buggy experimental hash stuff
\section ms_strict Adds a strict mode to reader/parser
Strict JSON support as specific in RFC 4627 (
- Enforce only object or array as root element
- Disable comment support
- Get jsonchecker failing tests to pass in strict mode
\section ms_writer Writter control
Provides more control to determine how specific items are serialized when JSON allow choice:
- Optionally allow escaping of non-ASCII characters using unicode escape sequence "\\u".
- Optionally allow escaping of "/" using "\/".
\section ms_separation Expose json reader/writer API that do not impose using Json::Value.
Some typical use-case involve an application specific structure to/from a JSON document.
- Event base parser to allow unserializing a Json document directly in datastructure instead of
using the intermediate Json::Value.
- Stream based parser to serialized a Json document without using Json::Value as input.
- Performance oriented parser/writer:
- Provides an event based parser. Should allow pulling & skipping events for ease of use.
- Provides a JSON document builder: fast only.
\section ms_perfo Performance tuning
- Provides support for static property name definition avoiding allocation
- Static property dictionnary can be provided to JSON reader
- Performance scenario & benchmarking
\section testing Testing
- Adds more tests for unicode parsing (e.g. including surrogate and error detection).