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* Copyright 2010-2012, The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <fstream>
#include <iostream>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "llvm/ADT/StringExtras.h"
#include "slang_assert.h"
#include "slang_rs_export_type.h"
#include "slang_rs_reflect_utils.h"
namespace slang {
class RSContext;
class RSExportVar;
class RSExportFunc;
class RSExportForEach;
class RSReflectionJava {
const RSContext *mRSContext;
// The name of the Java package name we're creating this file for,
// e.g.
std::string mPackageName;
// The name of the Java Renderscript package we'll be using,
// e.g. android.renderscript
// e.g.
std::string mRSPackageName;
// The directory under which we'll create the Java files, in appropriate subdirectories,
// e.g. /tmp/myout
std::string mOutputBaseDirectory;
// The output directory for the specfied package (mPackageName),
// e.g. /tmp/myout/com/example/android/rs/flashlight/
// TODO This includes the terminating separator. Needed?
std::string mOutputDirectory;
// The full path of the .rs file that we are reflecting.
std::string mRSSourceFileName;
// The full path where the generated bit code can be read.
std::string mBitCodeFileName;
// The name of the resource we pass to the RenderScript constructor
// e.g. flashlight
std::string mResourceId;
// The name of the Java class we are generating for this script.
// e.g. ScriptC_flashlight
std::string mScriptClassName;
// This is set by startClass() and will change for the multiple classes generated.
std::string mClassName;
// This is the token used for determining the size of a given ScriptField.Item.
std::string mItemSizeof;
bool mEmbedBitcodeInJava;
int mNextExportVarSlot;
int mNextExportFuncSlot;
int mNextExportForEachSlot;
int mNextExportReduceSlot;
GeneratedFile mOut;
std::string mLastError;
std::vector<std::string> *mGeneratedFileNames;
// A mapping from a field in a record type to its index in the rsType
// instance. Only used when generates TypeClass (ScriptField_*).
typedef std::map<const RSExportRecordType::Field *, unsigned> FieldIndexMapTy;
FieldIndexMapTy mFieldIndexMap;
// Field index of current processing TypeClass.
unsigned mFieldIndex;
inline void setError(const std::string &Error) { mLastError = Error; }
inline void clear() {
mClassName = "";
mNextExportVarSlot = 0;
mNextExportFuncSlot = 0;
mNextExportForEachSlot = 0;
mNextExportReduceSlot = 0;
typedef enum {
} AccessModifier;
// Generated RS Elements for type-checking code.
std::set<std::string> mTypesToCheck;
// Generated FieldPackers for unsigned setters/validation.
std::set<std::string> mFieldPackerTypes;
bool addTypeNameForElement(const std::string &TypeName);
bool addTypeNameForFieldPacker(const std::string &TypeName);
static const char *AccessModifierStr(AccessModifier AM);
inline bool getEmbedBitcodeInJava() const { return mEmbedBitcodeInJava; }
inline int getNextExportVarSlot() { return mNextExportVarSlot++; }
inline int getNextExportFuncSlot() { return mNextExportFuncSlot++; }
inline int getNextExportForEachSlot() { return mNextExportForEachSlot++; }
inline int getNextExportReduceSlot() { return mNextExportReduceSlot++; }
bool startClass(AccessModifier AM, bool IsStatic,
const std::string &ClassName, const char *SuperClassName,
std::string &ErrorMsg);
void endClass();
void startFunction(AccessModifier AM, bool IsStatic, const char *ReturnType,
const std::string &FunctionName, int Argc, ...);
typedef std::vector<std::pair<std::string, std::string>> ArgTy;
void startFunction(AccessModifier AM, bool IsStatic, const char *ReturnType,
const std::string &FunctionName, const ArgTy &Args);
void endFunction();
inline const std::string &getPackageName() const { return mPackageName; }
inline const std::string &getRSPackageName() const { return mRSPackageName; }
inline const std::string &getClassName() const { return mClassName; }
inline const std::string &getResourceId() const { return mResourceId; }
void startTypeClass(const std::string &ClassName);
void endTypeClass();
inline void incFieldIndex() { mFieldIndex++; }
inline void resetFieldIndex() { mFieldIndex = 0; }
inline void addFieldIndexMapping(const RSExportRecordType::Field *F) {
slangAssert((mFieldIndexMap.find(F) == mFieldIndexMap.end()) &&
"Nested structure never occurs in C language.");
mFieldIndexMap.insert(std::make_pair(F, mFieldIndex));
inline unsigned getFieldIndex(const RSExportRecordType::Field *F) const {
FieldIndexMapTy::const_iterator I = mFieldIndexMap.find(F);
slangAssert((I != mFieldIndexMap.end()) &&
"Requesting field is out of scope.");
return I->second;
inline void clearFieldIndexMap() { mFieldIndexMap.clear(); }
static bool exportableReduce(const RSExportType *ResultType);
bool genScriptClass(const std::string &ClassName, std::string &ErrorMsg);
void genScriptClassConstructor();
void genInitBoolExportVariable(const std::string &VarName,
const clang::APValue &Val);
void genInitPrimitiveExportVariable(const std::string &VarName,
const clang::APValue &Val);
void genInitExportVariable(const RSExportType *ET, const std::string &VarName,
const clang::APValue &Val);
void genInitValue(const clang::APValue &Val, bool asBool);
void genExportVariable(const RSExportVar *EV);
void genPrimitiveTypeExportVariable(const RSExportVar *EV);
void genPointerTypeExportVariable(const RSExportVar *EV);
void genVectorTypeExportVariable(const RSExportVar *EV);
void genMatrixTypeExportVariable(const RSExportVar *EV);
void genConstantArrayTypeExportVariable(const RSExportVar *EV);
void genRecordTypeExportVariable(const RSExportVar *EV);
void genPrivateExportVariable(const std::string &TypeName,
const std::string &VarName);
void genSetExportVariable(const std::string &TypeName, const RSExportVar *EV, unsigned Dimension);
void genGetExportVariable(const std::string &TypeName,
const std::string &VarName);
void genGetFieldID(const std::string &VarName);
void genExportFunction(const RSExportFunc *EF);
void genExportForEach(const RSExportForEach *EF);
void genExportReduce(const RSExportReduce *ER);
void genExportReduceAllocationVariant(const RSExportReduce *ER);
void genExportReduceArrayVariant(const RSExportReduce *ER);
void genExportReduceResultType(const RSExportType *ResultType);
void genTypeCheck(const RSExportType *ET, const char *VarName);
void genTypeInstanceFromPointer(const RSExportType *ET);
void genTypeInstance(const RSExportType *ET);
void genFieldPackerInstance(const RSExportType *ET);
bool genTypeClass(const RSExportRecordType *ERT, std::string &ErrorMsg);
void genTypeItemClass(const RSExportRecordType *ERT);
void genTypeClassConstructor(const RSExportRecordType *ERT);
void genTypeClassCopyToArray(const RSExportRecordType *ERT);
void genTypeClassCopyToArrayLocal(const RSExportRecordType *ERT);
void genTypeClassItemSetter(const RSExportRecordType *ERT);
void genTypeClassItemGetter(const RSExportRecordType *ERT);
void genTypeClassComponentSetter(const RSExportRecordType *ERT);
void genTypeClassComponentGetter(const RSExportRecordType *ERT);
void genTypeClassCopyAll(const RSExportRecordType *ERT);
void genTypeClassResize();
void genBuildElement(const char *ElementBuilderName,
const RSExportRecordType *ERT,
const char *RenderScriptVar, bool IsInline);
void genAddElementToElementBuilder(const RSExportType *ERT,
const std::string &VarName,
const char *ElementBuilderName,
const char *RenderScriptVar,
unsigned ArraySize);
bool genCreateFieldPacker(const RSExportType *T, const char *FieldPackerName);
void genPackVarOfType(const RSExportType *T, const char *VarName,
const char *FieldPackerName);
void genAllocateVarOfType(const RSExportType *T, const std::string &VarName);
void genNewItemBufferIfNull(const char *Index);
void genNewItemBufferPackerIfNull();
void genPairwiseDimCheck(const std::string &name0, const std::string &name1);
void genVectorLengthCompatibilityCheck(const std::string &ArrayName, unsigned VecSize);
void genNullArrayCheck(const std::string &ArrayName);
RSReflectionJava(const RSContext *Context,
std::vector<std::string> *GeneratedFileNames,
const std::string &OutputBaseDirectory,
const std::string &RSSourceFilename,
const std::string &BitCodeFileName,
bool EmbedBitcodeInJava);
bool reflect();
inline const char *getLastError() const {
if (mLastError.empty())
return nullptr;
return mLastError.c_str();
}; // class RSReflectionJava
} // namespace slang