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// Windows/FileName.h
#include "../Common/MyString.h"
namespace NWindows {
namespace NFile {
namespace NName {
void NormalizeDirPathPrefix(FString &dirPath); // ensures that it ended with '\\', if dirPath is not epmty
void NormalizeDirPathPrefix(UString &dirPath);
#ifdef _WIN32
extern const wchar_t *kSuperPathPrefix; /* \\?\ */
const unsigned kDevicePathPrefixSize = 4;
const unsigned kSuperPathPrefixSize = 4;
const unsigned kSuperUncPathPrefixSize = kSuperPathPrefixSize + 4;
bool IsDevicePath(CFSTR s) throw(); /* \\.\ */
bool IsSuperUncPath(CFSTR s) throw();
bool IsDrivePath(const wchar_t *s) throw();
bool IsSuperPath(const wchar_t *s) throw();
bool IsSuperOrDevicePath(const wchar_t *s) throw();
bool IsDrivePath(CFSTR s) throw();
bool IsSuperPath(CFSTR s) throw();
bool IsSuperOrDevicePath(CFSTR s) throw();
#endif // _WIN32
bool IsAbsolutePath(const wchar_t *s) throw();
unsigned GetRootPrefixSize(const wchar_t *s) throw();
const int kSuperPathType_UseOnlyMain = 0;
const int kSuperPathType_UseOnlySuper = 1;
const int kSuperPathType_UseMainAndSuper = 2;
int GetUseSuperPathType(CFSTR s) throw();
bool GetSuperPath(CFSTR path, UString &longPath, bool onlyIfNew);
bool GetSuperPaths(CFSTR s1, CFSTR s2, UString &d1, UString &d2, bool onlyIfNew);
#define USE_MAIN_PATH (__useSuperPathType != kSuperPathType_UseOnlySuper)
#define USE_MAIN_PATH_2 (__useSuperPathType1 != kSuperPathType_UseOnlySuper && __useSuperPathType2 != kSuperPathType_UseOnlySuper)
#define USE_SUPER_PATH (__useSuperPathType != kSuperPathType_UseOnlyMain)
#define USE_SUPER_PATH_2 (__useSuperPathType1 != kSuperPathType_UseOnlyMain || __useSuperPathType2 != kSuperPathType_UseOnlyMain)
#define IF_USE_MAIN_PATH int __useSuperPathType = GetUseSuperPathType(path); if (USE_MAIN_PATH)
#define IF_USE_MAIN_PATH_2(x1, x2) \
int __useSuperPathType1 = GetUseSuperPathType(x1); \
int __useSuperPathType2 = GetUseSuperPathType(x2); \
#define IF_USE_MAIN_PATH_2(x1, x2)
#endif // WIN_LONG_PATH
bool GetFullPath(CFSTR dirPrefix, CFSTR path, FString &fullPath);
bool GetFullPath(CFSTR path, FString &fullPath);