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XZ for Java
This aims to be a complete implementation of XZ data compression
in pure Java. Features:
- Full support for the .xz file format specification version 1.0.4
- Single-threaded streamed compression and decompression
- Single-threaded decompression with limited random access support
- Raw streams (no .xz headers) for advanced users, including LZMA2
with preset dictionary
Threading is planned but it is unknown when it will be implemented.
For the latest source code, see the project home page:
The source code is compatible with Java 1.4 and later.
It is recommended to use Apache Ant. Type "ant" to compile the
classes and create the .jar files. Type "ant doc" to build the
javadoc HTML documentation. Note that building the documentation
will download a small file named "package-list" from Oracle to
enable linking to the documentation of the standard Java classes.
If you cannot or don't want to use Ant, just compile all .java
files under the "src" directory.
Demo programs
You can test compression with XZEncDemo, which compresses from
standard input to standard output:
java -jar build/jar/XZEncDemo.jar < foo.txt > foo.txt.xz
You can test decompression with XZDecDemo, which decompresses to
standard output:
java -jar build/jar/XZDecDemo.jar foo.txt.xz
Reporting bugs
Report bugs to <> or visit the IRC channel
#tukaani on Freenode and talk to Larhzu.