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News about PCRE2 releases
Version 10.21 12-January-2016
1. Many bugs have been fixed. A large number of them were provoked only by very
strange pattern input, and were discovered by fuzzers. Some others were
discovered by code auditing. See ChangeLog for details.
2. The Unicode tables have been updated to Unicode version 8.0.0.
3. For Perl compatibility in EBCDIC environments, ranges such as a-z in a
class, where both values are literal letters in the same case, omit the
non-letter EBCDIC code points within the range.
4. There have been a number of enhancements to the pcre2_substitute() function,
giving more flexibility to replacement facilities. It is now also possible to
cause the function to return the needed buffer size if the one given is too
5. The PCRE2_ALT_VERBNAMES option causes the "name" parts of special verbs such
as (*THEN:name) to be processed for backslashes and to take note of
6. PCRE2_INFO_HASBACKSLASHC makes it possible for a client to find out if a
pattern uses \C, and --never-backslash-C makes it possible to compile a version
PCRE2 in which the use of \C is always forbidden.
7. A limit to the length of pattern that can be handled can now be set by
calling pcre2_set_max_pattern_length().
8. When matching an unanchored pattern, a match can be required to begin within
a given number of code units after the start of the subject by calling
9. The pcre2test program has been extended to test new facilities, and it can
now run the tests when LF on its own is not a valid newline sequence.
10. The RunTest script has also been updated to enable more tests to be run.
11. There have been some minor performance enhancements.
Version 10.20 30-June-2015
1. Callouts with string arguments and the pcre2_callout_enumerate() function
have been implemented.
2. The PCRE2_NEVER_BACKSLASH_C option, which locks out the use of \C, is added.
3. The PCRE2_ALT_CIRCUMFLEX option lets ^ match after a newline at the end of a
subject in multiline mode.
4. The way named subpatterns are handled has been refactored. The previous
approach had several bugs.
5. The handling of \c in EBCDIC environments has been changed to conform to the
perlebcdic document. This is an incompatible change.
6. Bugs have been mended, many of them discovered by fuzzers.
Version 10.10 06-March-2015
1. Serialization and de-serialization functions have been added to the API,
making it possible to save and restore sets of compiled patterns, though
restoration must be done in the same environment that was used for compilation.
2. The (*NO_JIT) feature has been added; this makes it possible for a pattern
creator to specify that JIT is not to be used.
3. A number of bugs have been fixed. In particular, bugs that caused building
on Windows using CMake to fail have been mended.
Version 10.00 05-January-2015
Version 10.00 is the first release of PCRE2, a revised API for the PCRE
library. Changes prior to 10.00 are logged in the ChangeLog file for the old
API, up to item 20 for release 8.36. New programs are recommended to use the
new library. Programs that use the original (PCRE1) API will need changing
before linking with the new library.