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# dumpstate
type dumpstate, domain, domain_deprecated, mlstrustedsubject;
type dumpstate_exec, exec_type, file_type;
# Allow setting process priority, protect from OOM killer, and dropping
# privileges by switching UID / GID
allow dumpstate self:capability { setuid setgid sys_resource };
# Allow dumpstate to scan through /proc/pid for all processes
r_dir_file(dumpstate, domain)
allow dumpstate self:capability {
# Send signals to processes
# Run iptables
# Allow executing files on system, such as:
# /system/bin/toolbox
# /system/bin/logcat
# /system/bin/dumpsys
allow dumpstate system_file:file execute_no_trans;
allow dumpstate toolbox_exec:file rx_file_perms;
# Create and write into /data/anr/
allow dumpstate self:capability { dac_override chown fowner fsetid };
allow dumpstate anr_data_file:dir rw_dir_perms;
allow dumpstate anr_data_file:file create_file_perms;
# Allow reading /data/system/uiderrors.txt
# TODO: scope this down.
allow dumpstate system_data_file:file r_file_perms;
# Read dmesg
allow dumpstate self:capability2 syslog;
allow dumpstate kernel:system syslog_read;
# Read /sys/fs/pstore/console-ramoops
allow dumpstate pstorefs:dir r_dir_perms;
allow dumpstate pstorefs:file r_file_perms;
# Get process attributes
allow dumpstate domain:process getattr;
# Signal java processes to dump their stack
allow dumpstate { appdomain system_server }:process signal;
# Signal native processes to dump their stack.
# This list comes from native_processes_to_dump in dumpstate/utils.c
allow dumpstate { drmserver mediaserver sdcardd surfaceflinger }:process signal;
# Ask debuggerd for the backtraces of these processes.
allow dumpstate { drmserver mediaserver sdcardd surfaceflinger }:debuggerd dump_backtrace;
# Execute and transition to the vdc domain
domain_auto_trans(dumpstate, vdc_exec, vdc)
# Vibrate the device after we're done collecting the bugreport
# /sys/class/timed_output/vibrator/enable
# TODO: create a new file class, instead of allowing write access to all of /sys
allow dumpstate sysfs:file w_file_perms;
# Other random bits of data we want to collect
allow dumpstate qtaguid_proc:file r_file_perms;
allow dumpstate debugfs:file r_file_perms;
# df for /storage/emulated needs search
allow dumpstate { storage_file block_device }:dir { search getattr };
allow dumpstate fuse_device:chr_file getattr;
allow dumpstate { dm_device cache_block_device }:blk_file getattr;
# Allow dumpstate to make binder calls to any binder service
binder_call(dumpstate, binderservicedomain)
binder_call(dumpstate, appdomain)
# Reading /proc/PID/maps of other processes
allow dumpstate self:capability sys_ptrace;
# Allow the bugreport service to create a file in
# /data/data/
allow dumpstate shell_data_file:dir create_dir_perms;
allow dumpstate shell_data_file:file create_file_perms;
# Run a shell.
allow dumpstate shell_exec:file rx_file_perms;
# For running am and similar framework commands.
# Run /system/bin/app_process.
allow dumpstate zygote_exec:file rx_file_perms;
# Dalvik Compiler JIT.
allow dumpstate ashmem_device:chr_file execute;
allow dumpstate dumpstate_tmpfs:file execute;
allow dumpstate self:process execmem;
# For art.
allow dumpstate dalvikcache_data_file:file execute;
allow dumpstate dalvikcache_data_file:lnk_file r_file_perms;
# Dumpstate calls screencap, which grabs a screenshot. Needs gpu access
allow dumpstate gpu_device:chr_file rw_file_perms;
# logd access
# Read network state info files.
allow dumpstate net_data_file:dir search;
allow dumpstate net_data_file:file r_file_perms;
# Access /data/tombstones.
allow dumpstate tombstone_data_file:dir r_dir_perms;
allow dumpstate tombstone_data_file:file r_file_perms;
# Access /cache/recovery
allow dumpstate cache_recovery_file:dir r_dir_perms;
allow dumpstate cache_recovery_file:file r_file_perms;
# Access /data/misc/recovery
allow dumpstate recovery_data_file:dir r_dir_perms;
allow dumpstate recovery_data_file:file r_file_perms;
# Access /data/misc/logd
allow dumpstate misc_logd_file:dir r_dir_perms;
allow dumpstate misc_logd_file:file r_file_perms;
allow dumpstate { service_manager_type -gatekeeper_service }:service_manager find;
allow dumpstate servicemanager:service_manager list;
allow dumpstate devpts:chr_file rw_file_perms;
# Set properties.
# dumpstate_prop is used to share state with the Shell app.
set_prop(dumpstate, dumpstate_prop)
# systrace support - allow atrace to run
allow dumpstate debugfs_tracing:dir r_dir_perms;
allow dumpstate debugfs_tracing:file rw_file_perms;
allow dumpstate debugfs_trace_marker:file getattr;
allow dumpstate atrace_exec:file rx_file_perms;
allow dumpstate proc_interrupts:file r_file_perms;
allow dumpstate proc_zoneinfo:file r_file_perms;