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# Filesystem types
type labeledfs, fs_type;
type pipefs, fs_type;
type sockfs, fs_type;
type rootfs, fs_type;
type proc, fs_type;
# Security-sensitive proc nodes that should not be writable to most.
type proc_security, fs_type;
type proc_drop_caches, fs_type;
type proc_overcommit_memory, fs_type;
# proc, sysfs, or other nodes that permit configuration of kernel usermodehelpers.
type usermodehelper, fs_type, sysfs_type;
type qtaguid_proc, fs_type, mlstrustedobject;
type proc_bluetooth_writable, fs_type;
type proc_cpuinfo, fs_type;
type proc_interrupts, fs_type;
type proc_iomem, fs_type;
type proc_meminfo, fs_type;
type proc_net, fs_type;
type proc_stat, fs_type;
type proc_sysrq, fs_type;
type proc_timer, fs_type;
type proc_uid_cputime_showstat, fs_type;
type proc_uid_cputime_removeuid, fs_type;
type proc_zoneinfo, fs_type;
type selinuxfs, fs_type, mlstrustedobject;
type cgroup, fs_type, mlstrustedobject;
type sysfs, fs_type, sysfs_type, mlstrustedobject;
type sysfs_uio, sysfs_type, fs_type;
type sysfs_batteryinfo, fs_type, sysfs_type;
type sysfs_bluetooth_writable, fs_type, sysfs_type, mlstrustedobject;
type sysfs_hwrandom, fs_type, sysfs_type;
type sysfs_nfc_power_writable, fs_type, sysfs_type, mlstrustedobject;
type sysfs_wake_lock, fs_type, sysfs_type;
type sysfs_mac_address, fs_type, sysfs_type;
type configfs, fs_type;
# /sys/devices/system/cpu
type sysfs_devices_system_cpu, fs_type, sysfs_type;
# /sys/module/lowmemorykiller
type sysfs_lowmemorykiller, fs_type, sysfs_type;
type sysfs_thermal, sysfs_type, fs_type;
type sysfs_zram, fs_type, sysfs_type;
type sysfs_zram_uevent, fs_type, sysfs_type;
type inotify, fs_type, mlstrustedobject;
type devpts, fs_type, mlstrustedobject;
type tmpfs, fs_type;
type shm, fs_type;
type mqueue, fs_type;
type fuse, sdcard_type, fs_type, mlstrustedobject;
type sdcardfs, sdcard_type, fs_type, mlstrustedobject;
type vfat, sdcard_type, fs_type, mlstrustedobject;
typealias fuse alias sdcard_internal;
typealias vfat alias sdcard_external;
type debugfs, fs_type;
type debugfs_trace_marker, fs_type, debugfs_type, mlstrustedobject;
type debugfs_tracing, fs_type, debugfs_type;
type pstorefs, fs_type;
type functionfs, fs_type;
type oemfs, fs_type, contextmount_type;
type usbfs, fs_type;
type binfmt_miscfs, fs_type;
type app_fusefs, fs_type, contextmount_type;
# File types
type unlabeled, file_type;
# Default type for anything under /system.
type system_file, file_type;
# Type for /system/bin/logcat.
type logcat_exec, exec_type, file_type;
# /cores for coredumps on userdebug / eng builds
type coredump_file, file_type;
# Default type for anything under /data.
type system_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# Unencrypted data
type unencrypted_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# /data/.layout_version or other installd-created files that
# are created in a system_data_file directory.
type install_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# /data/drm - DRM plugin data
type drm_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# /data/adb - adb debugging files
type adb_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# /data/anr - ANR traces
type anr_data_file, file_type, data_file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# /data/tombstones - core dumps
type tombstone_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# /data/app - user-installed apps
type apk_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type apk_tmp_file, file_type, data_file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# /data/app-private - forward-locked apps
type apk_private_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type apk_private_tmp_file, file_type, data_file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# /data/dalvik-cache
type dalvikcache_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# /data/resource-cache
type resourcecache_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# /data/local - writable by shell
type shell_data_file, file_type, data_file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# /data/property
type property_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# /data/bootchart
type bootchart_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# /data/system/heapdump
type heapdump_data_file, file_type, data_file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# /data/nativetest
type nativetest_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# Mount locations managed by vold
type mnt_media_rw_file, file_type;
type mnt_user_file, file_type;
type mnt_expand_file, file_type;
type storage_file, file_type;
# Label for storage dirs which are just mount stubs
type mnt_media_rw_stub_file, file_type;
type storage_stub_file, file_type;
# /postinstall: Mount point used by update_engine to run postinstall.
type postinstall_mnt_dir, file_type;
# Files inside the /postinstall mountpoint are all labeled as postinstall_file.
type postinstall_file, file_type;
# /data/misc subdirectories
type adb_keys_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type audio_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type bluetooth_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type bootstat_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type boottrace_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type camera_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type gatekeeper_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type keychain_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type keystore_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type media_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type media_rw_data_file, file_type, data_file_type, mlstrustedobject;
type misc_user_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type net_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type nfc_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type radio_data_file, file_type, data_file_type, mlstrustedobject;
type recovery_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type shared_relro_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type systemkeys_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type vpn_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type wifi_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type zoneinfo_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type vold_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
type perfprofd_data_file, file_type, data_file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# /data/misc/trace for method traces on userdebug / eng builds
type method_trace_data_file, file_type, data_file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# Compatibility with type names used in vanilla Android 4.3 and 4.4.
typealias audio_data_file alias audio_firmware_file;
# /data/data subdirectories - app sandboxes
type app_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# /data/data subdirectory for system UID apps.
type system_app_data_file, file_type, data_file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# Compatibility with type name used in Android 4.3 and 4.4.
typealias app_data_file alias platform_app_data_file;
typealias app_data_file alias download_file;
# Default type for anything under /cache
type cache_file, file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# Type for /cache/.*\.{data|restore} and default
# type for anything under /cache/backup
type cache_backup_file, file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# Type for anything under /cache/recovery
type cache_recovery_file, file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# Default type for anything under /efs
type efs_file, file_type;
# Type for wallpaper file.
type wallpaper_file, file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# /mnt/asec
type asec_apk_file, file_type, data_file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# Elements of asec files (/mnt/asec) that are world readable
type asec_public_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# /data/app-asec
type asec_image_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# /data/backup and /data/secure/backup
type backup_data_file, file_type, data_file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# All devices have bluetooth efs files. But they
# vary per device, so this type is used in per
# device policy
type bluetooth_efs_file, file_type;
# Type for fingerprint template file.
type fingerprintd_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
# Type for appfuse file.
type app_fuse_file, file_type, data_file_type, mlstrustedobject;
# Socket types
type adbd_socket, file_type;
type bluetooth_socket, file_type;
type dnsproxyd_socket, file_type, mlstrustedobject;
type dumpstate_socket, file_type;
type fwmarkd_socket, file_type, mlstrustedobject;
type installd_socket, file_type;
type lmkd_socket, file_type;
type logd_socket, file_type, mlstrustedobject;
type logdr_socket, file_type, mlstrustedobject;
type logdw_socket, file_type, mlstrustedobject;
type mdns_socket, file_type;
type mdnsd_socket, file_type, mlstrustedobject;
type misc_logd_file, file_type;
type mtpd_socket, file_type;
type netd_socket, file_type;
type property_socket, file_type, mlstrustedobject;
type racoon_socket, file_type;
type rild_socket, file_type;
type rild_debug_socket, file_type;
type system_wpa_socket, file_type;
type system_ndebug_socket, file_type;
type vold_socket, file_type;
type wpa_socket, file_type;
type zygote_socket, file_type;
type sap_uim_socket, file_type;
# UART (for GPS) control proc file
type gps_control, file_type;
# property_contexts file
type property_contexts, file_type;
# Allow files to be created in their appropriate filesystems.
allow fs_type self:filesystem associate;
allow sysfs_type sysfs:filesystem associate;
allow debugfs_type { debugfs debugfs_tracing }:filesystem associate;
allow file_type labeledfs:filesystem associate;
allow file_type tmpfs:filesystem associate;
allow file_type rootfs:filesystem associate;
allow dev_type tmpfs:filesystem associate;
allow app_fuse_file app_fusefs:filesystem associate;
allow postinstall_file self:filesystem associate;
# It's a bug to assign the file_type attribute and fs_type attribute
# to any type. Do not allow it.
# For example, the following is a bug:
# type apk_data_file, file_type, data_file_type, fs_type;
# Should be:
# type apk_data_file, file_type, data_file_type;
neverallow fs_type file_type:filesystem associate;