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This directory contains a number of tools related to policy, some of
which are used in building and validating the policy and others are
available for help in auditing and analyzing policy. The tools are
described further below.
A utility for checking the validity of a file_contexts or a
property_contexts configuration file. Used as part of the policy
build to validate both files. Requires the sepolicy file as an
argument in order to check the validity of the security contexts
in the file_contexts or property_contexts file.
checkfc sepolicy file_contexts
checkfc -p sepolicy property_contexts
Also used to compare two file_contexts or file_contexts.bin files.
Displays one of subset, equal, superset, or incomparable.
checkfc -c file_contexts1 file_contexts2
$ checkfc -c out/target/product/shamu/system/etc/general_file_contexts out/target/product/shamu/root/file_contexts.bin
A utility for merging together the main seapp_contexts
configuration and the device-specific one, and simultaneously
checking the validity of the configurations. Used as part of the
policy build process to merge and validate the configuration.
checkseapp -p sepolicy input_seapp_contexts0 [input_seapp_contexts1...] -o seapp_contexts
A helper script for mapping tags in the signature stanzas of
mac_permissions.xml to public keys found in pem files. This
script is described further in the top-level sepolicy/README.
A tool to help modify an existing mac_permissions.xml with additional app
certs not already found in that policy. This becomes useful when a directory
containing apps is searched and the certs from those apps are added to the
policy not already explicitly listed.
post_process_mac_perms [-h] -s SEINFO -d DIR -f POLICY
-s SEINFO, --seinfo SEINFO seinfo tag for each generated stanza
-d DIR, --dir DIR Directory to search for apks
-f POLICY, --file POLICY mac_permissions.xml policy file
A tool for auditing a sepolicy file for any allow rule that grants
a given permission.
sepolicy-check -s <domain> -t <type> -c <class> -p <permission> -P out/target/product/<board>/root/sepolicy
A tool for performing various kinds of analysis on a sepolicy