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* Copyright 2011 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "sfntly/table/table.h"
#include "sfntly/table/table_based_table_builder.h"
namespace sfntly {
struct IndexToLocFormat {
enum {
kShortOffset = 0,
kLongOffset = 1
struct FontDirectionHint {
enum {
kFullyMixed = 0,
kOnlyStrongLTR = 1,
kStrongLTRAndNeutral = 2,
kOnlyStrongRTL = -1,
kStrongRTLAndNeutral = -2
class FontHeaderTable : public Table, public RefCounted<FontHeaderTable> {
class Builder : public TableBasedTableBuilder, public RefCounted<Builder> {
// Constructor scope altered to public because C++ does not allow base
// class to instantiate derived class with protected constructors.
Builder(Header* header, WritableFontData* data);
Builder(Header* header, ReadableFontData* data);
virtual ~Builder();
virtual CALLER_ATTACH FontDataTable* SubBuildTable(ReadableFontData* data);
virtual int32_t TableVersion();
virtual void SetTableVersion(int32_t version);
virtual int32_t FontRevision();
virtual void SetFontRevision(int32_t revision);
virtual int64_t ChecksumAdjustment();
virtual void SetChecksumAdjustment(int64_t adjustment);
virtual int64_t MagicNumber();
virtual void SetMagicNumber(int64_t magic_number);
virtual int32_t FlagsAsInt();
virtual void SetFlagsAsInt(int32_t flags);
// TODO(arthurhsu): IMPLEMENT EnumSet<Flags> Flags()
// TODO(arthurhsu): IMPLEMENT setFlags(EnumSet<Flags> flags)
virtual int32_t UnitsPerEm();
virtual void SetUnitsPerEm(int32_t units);
virtual int64_t Created();
virtual void SetCreated(int64_t date);
virtual int64_t Modified();
virtual void SetModified(int64_t date);
virtual int32_t XMin();
virtual void SetXMin(int32_t xmin);
virtual int32_t YMin();
virtual void SetYMin(int32_t ymin);
virtual int32_t XMax();
virtual void SetXMax(int32_t xmax);
virtual int32_t YMax();
virtual void SetYMax(int32_t ymax);
virtual int32_t MacStyleAsInt();
virtual void SetMacStyleAsInt(int32_t style);
// TODO(arthurhsu): IMPLEMENT EnumSet<MacStyle> macStyle()
// TODO(arthurhsu): IMPLEMENT setMacStyle(EnumSet<MacStyle> style)
virtual int32_t LowestRecPPEM();
virtual void SetLowestRecPPEM(int32_t size);
virtual int32_t FontDirectionHint();
virtual void SetFontDirectionHint(int32_t hint);
virtual int32_t IndexToLocFormat();
virtual void SetIndexToLocFormat(int32_t format);
virtual int32_t GlyphDataFormat();
virtual void SetGlyphDataFormat(int32_t format);
static CALLER_ATTACH Builder* CreateBuilder(Header* header,
WritableFontData* data);
virtual ~FontHeaderTable();
int32_t TableVersion();
int32_t FontRevision();
// Get the checksum adjustment. To compute: set it to 0, sum the entire font
// as ULONG, then store 0xB1B0AFBA - sum.
int64_t ChecksumAdjustment();
// Get the magic number. Set to 0x5F0F3CF5.
int64_t MagicNumber();
// TODO(arthurhsu): IMPLEMENT: EnumSet<Flags>
int32_t FlagsAsInt();
// TODO(arthurhsu): IMPLEMENT: Flags() returning EnumSet<Flags>
int32_t UnitsPerEm();
// Get the created date. Number of seconds since 12:00 midnight, January 1,
// 1904. 64-bit integer.
int64_t Created();
// Get the modified date. Number of seconds since 12:00 midnight, January 1,
// 1904. 64-bit integer.
int64_t Modified();
// Get the x min. For all glyph bounding boxes.
int32_t XMin();
// Get the y min. For all glyph bounding boxes.
int32_t YMin();
// Get the x max. For all glyph bounding boxes.
int32_t XMax();
// Get the y max. For all glyph bounding boxes.
int32_t YMax();
// TODO(arthurhsu): IMPLEMENT: EnumSet<MacStyle>
int32_t MacStyleAsInt();
// TODO(arthurhsu): IMPLEMENT: macStyle() returning EnumSet<MacStyle>
int32_t LowestRecPPEM();
int32_t FontDirectionHint(); // Note: no AsInt() form, already int
int32_t IndexToLocFormat(); // Note: no AsInt() form, already int
int32_t GlyphDataFormat();
struct Offset {
enum {
kTableVersion = 0,
kFontRevision = 4,
kCheckSumAdjustment = 8,
kMagicNumber = 12,
kFlags = 16,
kUnitsPerEm = 18,
kCreated = 20,
kModified = 28,
kXMin = 36,
kYMin = 38,
kXMax = 40,
kYMax = 42,
kMacStyle = 44,
kLowestRecPPEM = 46,
kFontDirectionHint = 48,
kIndexToLocFormat = 50,
kGlyphDataFormat = 52
FontHeaderTable(Header* header, ReadableFontData* data);
typedef Ptr<FontHeaderTable> FontHeaderTablePtr;
typedef Ptr<FontHeaderTable::Builder> FontHeaderTableBuilderPtr;
} // namespace sfntly