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Noteworthy changes in release ?.?? (????-??-??)
Noteworthy changes in release 4.13 (2016-07-26)
* Improvements
* Implemented a general netlink socket parser.
* Enhanced decoding of socket addresses.
* Enhanced decoding of cmsghdr, msghdr, and mmsghdr structures.
* Enhanced decoding of accept, accept4, bind, getpeername, getsockname,
ipc, recvfrom, recvmsg, recvmmsg, sendto, sendmmsg, and socketcall syscalls.
* Updated lists of AF_*, BPF_MAP_TYPE_*, KEY_*, KEYCTL_*, RWF_*, SS_*,
and *_MAGIC constants.
* Updated lists of ioctl commands from Linux 4.7.
* Bug fixes
* Fixed decoding of pid_t argument of prlimit64 syscall.
* Fixed sign extension issues in the parser of struct rusage.
* Fixed race condition in decoding of timeout argument of recvmmsg and
rt_sigtimedwait syscalls.
* Fixed build with fresh linux kernel headers.
Noteworthy changes in release 4.12 (2016-05-31)
* Improvements
* Implemented simultaneous use of -p option and tracing of a command.
(addresses Debian bug #549942).
* Implemented caching of netlink conversations to reduce amount of time
spent in decoding socket details in -yy mode.
* Implemented -yy mode decoding of protocol:portid pairs associated with
netlink socket descriptors.
* Implemented decoding of copy_file_range, preadv2, and pwritev2 syscalls.
* Implemented dumping of preadv, preadv2, pwritev, pwritev2, and vmsplice
* Implemented decoding of BTRFS_* and UFFDIO_* ioctl commands.
* Enhanced decoding of BLK*, EVIOC*, RTC_*, and VIDIOC_* ioctl commands.
* Enhanced decoding of fstatfs, fstatfs64, get_mempolicy, getdents,
getdents64, getgroups, getpriority, kill, mbind, migrate_pages, mknod,
mknodat, personality, poll, ppoll, quotactl, rt_sigpending,
rt_sigqueueinfo, rt_sigtimedwait, rt_tgsigqueueinfo, sched_getaffinity,
sched_setaffinity, seccomp, set_mempolicy, setgroups, setpriority, statfs,
statfs64, tgkill, waitid, and xattr family syscalls.
* Enhanced decoding of getxpid, getxuid, and getxgid syscalls on alpha.
* Enhanced decoding of pipe syscall on alpha, ia64, mips, sh, and sparc.
* Added decoding of bind, listen, and setsockopt direct syscalls on sparc.
* Added decoding of osf_statfs64 and osf_fstatfs64 syscalls on alpha.
* Added decoding of fadvise64 and fadvise64_64 on s390.
* Updated lists of AF_*, BPF_MAP_TYPE_*, CLONE_*, EPOLL*, IPV6_*, MADV_*,
MSG_*, PTRACE_*, SEGV_*, SO_*, SOL_*, *_MAGIC, and quotactl constants.
* Updated lists of ioctl commands from Linux 4.6.
* Bug fixes
* Fixed build on arc, metag, nios2, or1k, and tile architectures.
* Fixed decoding of 32-bit times syscall return value on 64-bit architectures.
* Fixed decoding of mlock2 syscall on sparc.
* Fixed decoding of osf_shmat syscall on alpha.
* Fixed decoding of syscalls unknown to the kernel on s390/s390x.
(addresses Debian bug #485979 and Fedora bug #1298294).
* Fixed decoding of preadv syscall in case of short read.
* Fixed decoding and dumping of readv syscall in case of short read.
* Fixed dumping of recvmsg and recvmmsg syscalls in case of short read.
* Fixed decoding of mincore syscall's last argument.
* Fixed remaining errors in mapping between syscall numbers and numbers
of syscall arguments.
* Applied various fixes to strace-graph script.
Noteworthy changes in release 4.11 (2015-12-21)
* Changes in behavior
* Some syscalls have different names depending on architecture and
personality. In these cases, syscall filtering and printing now
consistently uses the names that match corresponding __NR_* kernel
macros of the tracee's architecture and personality.
* Added strace prefix to all diagnostic messages.
* Improvements
* Enhanced and extended test suite.
* Implemented reliable tracing of processes whose personality differs
from the personality of strace, fixed decoding of 32-bit personality
syscalls on 64-bit architectures.
* When some data referenced by syscall arguments is irrelevant or cannot
be read from tracee's memory, strace now prints its address consistently.
* When a syscall is restarted using restart_syscall mechanism, strace now
shows the syscall name on architectures that expose this information.
* Print values returned by epoll_create1, eventfd, eventfd2, fanotify_init,
inotify_init1, perf_event_open, pipe, pipe2, signalfd, signalfd4, socket,
socketpair, timerfd, and timerfd_create syscalls, as well as F_DUPFD and
F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC fcntl commands, as file descriptors.
* Optimized decoding of indirect socket syscalls.
* Implemented decoding of nanoseconds along with seconds in stat family
syscalls (addresses Fedora bug #1251176).
* Implemented decoding of struct statfs.f_flags in statfs syscall.
* Implemented decoding of siginfo_t.si_syscall and siginfo_t.si_arch
in SIGSYS signal.
* Implemented decoding of indirect syscall on mips o32.
* Implemented decoding of IPPROTO_IP control messages.
* Implemented decoding of setsockopt syscall multicast arguments.
* Enhanced decoding of struct sigevent.
* Enhanced decoding of block, loop, mtd, ptp, rtc, SG_IO, socket, tty,
and v4l2 ioctl syscall arguments.
* Enhanced decoding of epoll_create, fcntl, fcntl64, futex, getdents,
getdents64, getsockopt, io_*, mount, msgctl, prctl, quotactl, recvfrom,
sendfile, setsockopt, and shmctl syscalls.
* Implemented decoding of bpf, execveat, ioperm, iopl, kcmp, kexec_file_load,
lookup_dcookie, membarrier, memfd_create, mlock2, name_to_handle_at,
open_by_handle_at, sched_getattr, sched_setattr, and userfaultfd syscalls.
* Updated lists of AF_*, EPOLL_*, FALLOC_FL_*, F_*, INPUT_PROP_*, IPPROTO_*,
IPV6_*, IP_*, KEY_*, LOCK_*, MNT_*, MS_*, PACKET_*, PERF_FLAG_*, PF_*,
PR_*, PTRACE_O_*, RENAME_*, SCTP_*, SECBIT_*, SO_*, TCP_*, and siginfo_t
* Added Nios II architecture support.
* Added new syscall entries to match Linux 4.4.
* Bug fixes
* Fixed potential short read of strings from tracee's memory.
* Fixed -qq option in conjunction with -o option.
* Fixed filtering of <unavailable> syscalls.
* Fixed decoding of ioctl syscall command on aarch64 and 32-bit architectures
with 64-bit aligned structures.
* Fixed decoding of eventfd2, epoll_create1, signalfd4, and sync_file_range2
syscall flags arguments.
* Fixed decoding of 4th argument of clock_nanosleep syscall.
* Fixed decoding of getpagesize syscall on m68k.
* Fixed decoding of getrandom and seccomp syscalls on aarch64.
* Fixed decoding of timezone argument of gettimeofday and settimeofday
* syscalls.
* Fixed decoding of offset argument of mmap2 syscall on arm, sparc,
and sparc64.
* Fixed decoding of pipe syscall on alpha and mips.
* Fixed decoding of pipe2 syscall on ia64, sh, sparc, and sparc64.
* Fixed decoding of signal mask argument of pselect6 syscall on x32.
* Fixed decoding of signal mask of rt_sigreturn syscall on aarch64, m68k,
and x32.
* Fixed decoding of 4th argument of semctl indirect syscall.
* Fixed decoding of sa_restorer and sa_mask of sigaction syscall on m68k.
* Fixed decoding of statfs64 and fstatfs64 syscalls on arm eabi.
* Fixed decoding of struct dirent on x32.
* Fixed decoding of times syscall return value on mips n32 and x32.
* Fixed decoding of path argument of umount2 syscall
(addresses Debian bug #785050).
* Worked around a kernel bug in tracing privileged executables.
* Fixed various errors in mapping between syscall numbers and associated
information like the number of syscall arguments, the name of syscall,
and syscall decoder.
Noteworthy changes in release 4.10 (2015-03-06)
* Improvements
* Added -yy option to print protocol and address information associated with
socket descriptors.
* Extended "-e read=set" and "-e write=set" options to cover sendmsg,
recvmsg, sendmmsg, and recvmmsg syscalls.
* Implemented full 32-bit decoding of ioctl commands
(addresses Debian bug #692913 and Fedora bug #902788).
* Implemented PTRACE_GETREGS API support on ia64.
* Implemented PTRACE_GETREGS API support on mips.
* Implemented PTRACE_GETREGSET API support on s390/s390x.
* Implemented decoding of getrandom and seccomp syscalls.
* Implemented full decoding of 64-bit capability sets.
* Implemented decoding of all prctl commands.
* Implemented decoding of parametrized ioctl commands.
* Implemented decoding of evdev ioctl commands.
* Implemented decoding of v4l ioctl commands.
* Implemented decoding of SG_IO v4 ioctl commands.
* Implemented decoding of FIFREEZE/FITHAW/FITRIM ioctl commands.
* Implemented decoding of FALLOC_FL_* fallocate flags.
* Implemented decoding of rt_sigreturn signal mask on aarch64,
x32, and x86_64.
* Enhanced socket decoder to support bluetooth sockets.
* Enhanced decoding of unlisted ioctl commands.
* Enhanced decoding of getsockopt and setsockopt syscall.
* Enhanced decoding of sysinfo syscall.
* Enhanced decoding of struct cmsghdr.
* Enhanced decoding of wait status.
* Enhanced aio support on non-x86 architectures by using external libaio.h.
* Added O_TMPFILE to the list of recognized open mode flags.
* Updated the list of filesystem type constants that is used in decoding
statfs family syscalls.
* Updated lists of CAP_*, PR_*, PTRACE_*, SCHED_*, SO_*, SOL_*, SWAP_FLAG_*,
and TFD_* constants.
* Updated lists of signal constants from Linux 3.19.
* Updated lists of errno constants from Linux 3.19.
* Updated lists of ioctl commands from Linux 3.9.
* Added new syscall entries to match Linux 3.19.
* Bug fixes
* Fixed various errors in mapping between syscall numbers and associated
information like the number of syscall arguments, the name of syscall,
and syscall decoder.
* Fixed quoting issues in printing descriptors, filenames, network interface
names, struct utsname members, device/volume names of BLK* ioctl commands.
* Fixed uid_t/git_t decoding.
* Fixed potential out-of-bounds read issues in getdents/getdents64 decoders.
* Fixed potential open flags truncation on some architectures.
* Fixed decoding of struct ifreq.ifr_name.
* Fixed decoding of SIOCSIFNAME ioctl command.
* Fixed decoding of RENAME_* renameat2 flags.
* Fixed decoding of UTIME_NOW/UTIME_OMIT timeval structures.
* Fixed decoding of indirect ipc subcalls on some architectures.
* Fixed decoding of fanotify_mark syscall on 32-bit architectures.
* Fixed decoding of 32-bit stat structures on 64-bit architectures.
* Fixed decoding of 32-bit struct cmsghdr on 64-bit architectures.
* Fixed decoding of 32-bit preadv/pwritev offset on 64-bit architectures.
* Fixed decoding of sigreturn/rt_sigreturn signal mask on ia64, ppc, ppc64,
sparc, sparc64, mips, and s390.
* Fixed instruction pointer output (-i option) on architectures that support
several personalities.
* Fixed behaviour of "-e read=set" and "-e write=set" when read and write
sets intersect.
* Fixed build on systems where struct sigaction has no sa_restorer member.
* Fixed build with uclibc and musl libc.
* Portability
* Linux kernel >= 2.5.46 is required.
Older versions without a decent PTRACE_SETOPTIONS support will not work.
* On mips, linux kernel >= 2.6.15 is required.
Older versions without a decent PTRACE_GETREGS support will not work.
* On s390 and s390x, linux kernel >= 2.6.27 is required.
Older versions without a decent PTRACE_GETREGSET support will not work.
Noteworthy changes in release 4.9 (2014-08-15)
* Changes in behavior
* Disabled OABI support on ARM EABI systems by default,
added --enable-arm-oabi option to enable it at configure time.
* Improvements
* Added experimental -k option to print stack trace after each traced syscall.
* Added -w option to produce stats on syscall latency.
(addresses Debian bug #457497).
* Added ARC architecture support.
* Added PTRACE_GETREGS API support on PowerPC.
* Enhanced Bionic libc and musl libc support.
* Enhanced tracing of x86 personality processes on x86_64 and x32.
* Enhanced tracing of ARM personality processes on AArch64.
* Enhanced 32/64bit personality detection on PowerPC.
* Implemented decoding of add_key, ioprio_get, ioprio_set, kexec_load, keyctl,
renameat2, and request_key syscalls.
* Robustified decoding of select, pselect, and io_submit syscalls.
* Enhanced decoding of delete_module, fanotify_init, fanotify_mark, fcntl,
setdomainname, sethostname, setns, and sync_file_range syscalls.
* Enhanced decoding of signal bitmasks.
* Enhanced decoding of file descriptors.
* Enhanced siginfo_t decoding.
* Enhanced PF_NETLINK decoding.
* Updated CLOCK_* constants
(addresses Fedora bug #1088455).
* Added new syscall entries to match Linux 3.16.
* Bug fixes
* Added shmat and shmdt to the set of memory mapping related syscalls.
* Fixed detaching from stopped processes.
* Fixed fanotify_mark decoding on 32bit architectures.
* Fixed offset decoding in preadv and pwritev syscalls.
* Fixed select decoding for glibc in _FORTIFY_SOURCE mode.
* Fixed decoding of epoll_ctl syscall with EPOLL_CTL_DEL argument.
* Fixed build when <sys/ptrace.h> and <linux/ptrace.h> conflict
(addresses Fedora bug #993384).
* Miscellaneous corrections in the manual page.
(Addresses Debian bug #725987).
Noteworthy changes in release 4.8 (2013-06-03)
* Changes in behavior
* In case of normal strace termination, when the trace output is
redirected to a pipe, strace now closes it and waits for the pipe
process termination before exit.
* Improvements
* Implemented tracing using PTRACE_SEIZE API (when available).
* Implemented more reliable PTRACE_GETREGSET-based process personality
detection on x86-64 and x32 (when available).
* Added -e trace=memory option for tracing memory mapping related syscalls.
* Documented -b option.
* Allowed exit status messages to be suppressed by giving -q option twice.
* Added AArch64 architecture support
(addresses Debian bug #693074 and Fedora bug #969858).
* Added support for OpenRISC 1000, Meta, and Xtensa architectures.
* Added tilegx personality support for Tile.
* Enhanced support of NOMMU architectures.
* Enhanced decoding of getdents, mmap, perf_event_open, ptrace, and
quotactl syscalls.
* Added new syscall entries to match Linux 3.9.
* Regenerated the list of common ioctl names from Linux 3.9.
* Updated the list of errno constants.
* Updated lists of AF_*, MADV_*, MAP_*, MSG_*, MS_*, PF_*, PR_*,
PTRACE_O_*, and TCP_* constants.
* Implemented decoding of UBI ioctls.
* Removed redundant "*32" ioctl names.
* Bug fixes
* Fixed ERESTARTNOINTR leaking to userspace on ancient kernels
(addresses Fedora bug #659382).
* Fixed kernel release string parsing
(addresses Debian bug #702309).
* Fixed decoding of *xattr syscalls
(addresses Fedora bug #885233).
* Fixed handling of files with 64-bit inode numbers by 32-bit strace
(addresses Fedora bug #912790).
* Fixed tracing forks on SPARC.
* Fixed decoding of fadvise64, fallocate, ftruncate64, io_submit, pread,
preadv, pwrite, pwritev, readahead, sigaltstack, sync_file_range, sysctl,
and truncate64 syscalls.
* Fixed categories of multiple syscalls on most of supported architectures.
* Fixed decoding of non-native 32-bit personality recv[m]msg syscalls.
* Fixed decoding of multiple 32-bit personality syscalls on x32.
* Fixed decoding of long long syscall arguments on ARM, MIPS/o32, PowerPC,
S390x, and Tile architectures.
* Fixed semtimedop decoding on S390x.
* Fixed sram_alloc decoding on Blackfin.
* Fixed build when process_vm_readv is a stab.
* Fixed build with older versions of libaio.h.
Noteworthy changes in release 4.7 (2012-05-02)
* Changes in behavior
* strace no longer suspends waitpid until there is a child
for waitpid'ing process to collect status from.
* strace no longer detaches from a tracee which is supposed
to be going to die.
* strace now issues a new message: "+++ exited with EXITCODE +++"
which shows exact moment strace got exit notification,
analogous to existing "+++ killed by SIG +++" message.
* Improvements
* Added x32 personality support (x86_64 architecture).
* Added -y and -P options to print file descriptor paths and
filter by those paths.
* Added -I option to control strace interactivity.
* Allowed -p option to take comma or whitespace-separated list of PIDs.
* Added strace_log_merge script helper to merge timestamped "strace -ff"
log files.
* Implemented decoding of clock_adjtime, get_robust_list, migrate_pages,
preadv, prlimit64, process_vm_readv, process_vm_writev, pwritev,
recvmmsg, recvmsg, rt_tgsigqueueinfo, sendmmsg, setns, set_robust_list,
sched_rr_get_interval, splice, syslog, tee and vmsplice syscalls.
* Enhanced decoding of capget, capset, getrlimit, flistxattr, io_submit,
listxattr, setrlimit and swapon syscalls.
* Implemented decoding of loop and mtd ioctls.
* Added syscall entries for new linux syscalls.
* Added syscall entries for direct socket system calls on powerpc.
* Updated the list of errno constants.
* Updated lists of MSG_*, STA_*, and TCP_* constants.
* Regenerated the list of ioctl names from Linux 3.3.
* Enhanced switching between processes with different personalities.
* Enhanced signals reporting by using short signal names.
* Made ERESTART* messages more descriptive.
* Made parsing of numbers from strings more robust.
* Added support for compat_statfs64 and statfs64.f_flags.
* Changed read of data blocks to use single process_vm_readv syscall
(when available) instead of several PTRACE_PEEKDATA operations.
* Changed read of registers on x86 and x86-64 to use single PTRACE_GETREGS
operation instead of several PTRACE_PEEKUSER operations.
* Applied various optimizations to make strace work faster.
* Bug fixes
* Implemented proper handling of real SIGTRAPs on kernels supporting
(Addresses Fedora bug #162774).
* Fixed sockaddr_un.sun_path name in decoded output.
(Addresses Debian bug #554946).
* Fixed to avoid potential core file clobbering on exit.
(Addresses Debian bug #656398).
* Fixed a typo in documentation.
(Addresses Debian bug #653309).
* Fixed decoding of timer id returned by timer_create.
* Fixed epoll_create1, epoll_wait and epoll_pwait decoding.
* Fixed *at syscalls flags decoding.
* Fixed ARM EABI 64-bit syscall's arguments decoding.
* Fixed semtimedop decoding on s390.
* Fixed osf_sigprocmask decoding on alpha.
* Fixed ipc and socket subcall decoding on several architectures.
* Corrected syscall entries for epoll_pwait, epoll_create, epoll_ctl,
epoll_wait, mincore, mlockall, prctl, reboot, sendfile, sendfile64,
sendmsg, sgetmask, ssetmask, swapon, tgkill and tkill syscalls.
* Corrected io_* syscall entries on ARM.
* Fixed PID prefix printing in "strace -oLOG -ff -p1 -p2 -p3" case.
* Fixed logging of unfinished lines in "strace -oLOG -ff" case.
* Fixed build when libaio-devel is not available.
* Fixed configure checks for PTRACE_* constants.
* Fixed compilation warnings remained on several architectures.
* Portability
* Removed all non-Linux code. After years of neglect, that dead code
just hampered further strace development.
* Linux kernel >= 2.6.18 is recommended. Older versions might still
work but they haven't been thoroughly tested with this release.
Noteworthy changes in release 4.6 (2011-03-15)
* Changes in behavior
* Print diagnostic information about changes in personality mode to
standard error instead of standard output.
* Improvements
* Implemented a new method of following clone, fork, and vfork
syscalls using the Linux kernel's explicit facilities for tracing
creation of threads and child processes.
* Implemented CLONE_PARENT and CLONE_UNTRACED flags handling.
* Implemented decoding of TLS syscalls on m68k.
* Implemented biarch support on powerpc64.
* Implemented biarch support for getrlimit() and setrlimit().
* Implemented decoding of struct ucred in getsockopt SO_PEERCRED.
* Implemented SOL_SCTP socket options decoding.
* Added HDIO_* ioctl names.
(Addresses Debian bug #450953).
* Added LOOP_* ioctl names.
* Updated lists of CLOCK_*, CLONE_*, MS_*, and SOL_* constants
to match Linux 2.6.37.
* Updated the list of IPPROTO_* constants to match netinet/in.h.
* Implemented decoding of HDIO_* and BLK* ioctls.
* Added MicroBlaze architecture support.
* Added new syscall entries to match Linux 2.6.37.
* Regenerated list of ioctl names from Linux 2.6.37.
* Enhanced signal notification decoding.
* Documented -C and -D options.
* Bug fixes
* Fixed fetching syscall arguments on m68k.
* Fixed an error when judging whether a process has children.
* Fixed get/set_robust_list syscall numbers for powerpc.
* Fixed a corner case in printing clone flags.
* Fixed cross-compiling issues.
* Fixed build issues on powerpc64, SH and SPARC.
* Fixed syscall flags of fstatat*, mmap, mmap2, fadvise64*, swapoff,
fgetxattr, flistxattr, fremovexattr, epoll_create, fallocate,
fanotify_init, and fanotify_mark syscalls.
* Fixed decoding of get[ug]id, gete[ug]id and setfs[ug]id return values.
* Fixed biarch support in IO dumping.
* Fixed raw exit_group decoding.
* Fixed decoding of file descriptors on 64-bit architectures.
* Fixed a corner case in waitpid handling.
(Addresses Red Hat bug #663547).
* Fixed stat64 decoding on mips
(Addresses Debian bug #599028).
* Fixed misleading italics in the manual page.
(Addresses Debian bug #589323).
Noteworthy changes in release 4.5.20 (2010-04-13)
* Improvements
* Implemented decoding of new linux syscalls: inotify_init1, recvmmsg.
* Implemented basic decoding of new linux syscalls: preadv, pwritev,
rt_tgsigqueueinfo, perf_event_open.
* Enhanced decoding of recently added syscalls on non-x86 architectures
by replacing a bare decoder with elaborate parsers enabled earlier
for x86/x86-64.
* Implemented -C option to combine regular and -c output.
(Addresses Debian bug #466196)
* Enhanced decoding of mbind and mremap syscalls.
* Enhanced SOL_PACKET socket options decoding.
* Regenerated list of ioctl names from linux 2.6.33.
* Added TILE architecture support.
* Bug fixes
* Fixed build with Linux kernel headers 2.6.32-rc5+.
(Addresses Debian bug #560516 and Fedora bug #539044)
* Fixed build on mips.
* Fixed handling of Linux systems without struct statfs64.
* Fixed reporting signal mask by sigreturn on powerpc.
* Fixed potential stack buffer overflow in select decoder.
(Addresses Fedora bug #556678)
* Corrected msgsnd indirect ipccall decoding.
* Corrected decoding of 64bit syscalls.
(Addresses Debian bug #570603)
* Corrected getsockopt decoding on architectures where
sizeof(long) > sizeof(int).
(Addresses Debian bug #494844)
* Corrected decoding of epoll_pwait.
(Addresses Debian bug #513014)
* Corrected handling of killed threads.
Noteworthy changes in release 4.5.19 (2009-10-21)
* Changes in behavior
* When command exits, strace now exits with the same exit status.
If command is terminated by a signal, strace terminates itself
with the same signal, so that strace can be used as a wrapper
process transparent to the invoking parent process.
When using -p option, the exit status of strace is zero unless
there was an unexpected error in doing the tracing.
(Addresses Fedora bug #105371 and Debian bug #37665)
* Improvements
* Implemented decoding of new Linux syscalls: accept4, dup3,
epoll_create1, eventfd2, inotify_init1, pipe2, signalfd4.
* Implemented decoding of socket type flags introduced in Linux 2.6.27.
* Implemented decoding of accept4 socketcall.
* Enhanced prctl decoding.
* Enhanced nanosleep decoding.
* Enhanced ptrace decoding.
* Enhanced futex decoding.
* Enhanced CAP_* decoding.
* Enhanced SIOCS* ioctls decoding.
* Enhanced fcntl F_* flags decoding.
* Enhanced semop/semtimedop decoding.
* Updated ARM architecture support.
* Added Blackfin architecture support.
* Added AVR32 architecture support.
* Added CRIS architecture support.
* Made strace detect when traced process suddenly disappeared.
* Bug fixes
* Fixed syscall numbers for tee and sync_file_range.
(Addresses Debian bug #503124)
* Fixed several bugs in strings decoder, including potential heap
memory corruption.
(Addresses Fedora bugs #470529, #478324 and #511035)
* Marked sendfile(2) as a network syscall.
(Addresses Debian bug #509499)
* Fixed accept(2) decoding.
(Addresses Debian bug #507573)
* Fixed sigtimedwait(2) decoding.
* Fixed build on ARM EABI.
(Addresses Debian bugs #520084 and #535564, and Fedora bug #507576)
* Fixed display of 32-bit fcntl(F_SETLK) on 64-bit architectures.
(Addresses Red Hat bug #471169)
* Fixed display of 32-bit argv array on 64-bit architectures.
(Addresses Fedora bug #519480)
* Fixed display of 32-bit struct sigaction on 64-bit architectures.
* Fixed HPPA architecture support.
(Addresses Debian bugs #437928 and #546619)
Changes in 4.5.18
* Bug fixes.
* Support new Linux/PPC system call subpage_prot and PROT_SAO flag.
* In sigaction system call, display sa_flags value along with SIG_DFL/SIG_IGN.
Changes in 4.5.17
* Many bug fixes.
* -F is now deprecated, -f has traced vfork too on Linux for a long time now.
* Print O_CLOEXEC, MSG_CMSG_CLOEXEC flag bits.
* Improved output for prctl system call on Linux.
* Improved support for Linux/ARM.
* SA_NOMASK is now spelled SA_NODEFER, and SA_ONESHOT is spelled SA_RESETHAND.
Changes in 4.5.16
* Bug fixes.
* Improved output for delete_module, futex, and mbind system calls on Linux.
* Improved output for SG_IO ioctls on Linux.
* Support new Linux system calls move_pages, utimensat, signalfd, timerfd,
eventfd, getcpu, epoll_pwait.
Changes in 4.5.15
* Bug fixes.
* Several biarch improvements.
* Improved output for adjtimex, sysctl, quotactl, mount, umount.
* Support new Linux system calls *at, inotify*, pselect6, ppoll and unshare.
Changes in 4.5.14
* Bug fixes.
* Accept numeric system calls in -e.
Changes in 4.5.13
* Bug fixes.
* Introduce "-e trace=desc".
Changes in 4.5.12
* Bug fixes.
* Better x86-64 support for IA32 processes.
* Update PowerPC system calls.
* Better printing for Linux aio system calls.
Changes in 4.5.11
* Quick fix release for build issues.
* One fix for Linux/ARM system call table.
Changes in 4.5.10
* Bug fixes.
* Print fault address for SIGSEGV/SIGBUS signals when available.
Changes in 4.5.9
* Bug fixes.
* Improve socket ioctl printing.
* Update Linux/IA64 syscall list.
* Fix Linux/x86-64 syscall argument extraction for 32-bit processes.
* Improve mount flags printing.
* Support symbolic printing of x86_64 arch_prctl parameters.
Changes in 4.5.8
* Bug fixes.
* Update syscall tables for Alpha, ARM, HPPA.
* Support new Linux syscalls mbind, set_mempolicy, get_mempolicy, waitid.
* Support Linux syscalls fadvise64, fadvise64_64, and epoll_*.
* Improve ioctl command name matching.
* Print RTC_* ioctl structure contents.
* Support newer RLIMIT_* values.
* Print struct cmsghdr details in sendmsg.
Changes in 4.5.7
* Bug fixes.
* Print attribute values in *xattr system calls on Linux.
* Include pread and pwrite calls in -e read and -e write tracing.
* Update SO_* and IP_* value lists and add IPV6_* values for socket options.
* Print clock_t values symbolically in Linux clock_* system calls.
Changes in 4.5.6
* Bug fixes, Linux ioctl updates.
* David Miller contributed support for Linux/SPARC64.
Changes in 4.5.5
* Just bug fixes.
Changes in 4.5.4
* Update Linux ioctl lists.
* Update PF_* and AF_* value lists.
* The 4.5.3 -p behavior for NPTL threads applies only under -f, and got fixed.
Changes in 4.5.3
* Bug fixes.
* On Linux using NPTL threads, -p will now attach to all threads in a process.
* Handle new mq_* system calls in Linux 2.6.6 and later.
Changes in 4.5.2
* Bug fixes.
* Report some new VM_* bit values on Linux.
* Better output for Linux sched_* system calls.
Changes in 4.5.1
* Bug fixes.
* Display multiple ioctl name matches on Linux.
Changes in 4.5
* New port to AMD's x86-64 architecture. One strace binary can
handle both new x86-64 and old i386 processes.
* Fixed support for LFS64 calls.
* New switch -E to add/remove environment variables for the command.
* Merged s390/s390x port.
* Trace an unbounded number of processes.
* Handle numerous new system calls in Linux 2.5, and new threads semantics.
* Fixed bugs with attach/detach leaving things stopped.
* Fixed traced process seeing ECHILD despite live, traced children
in waitpid calls with WNOHANG.
* Stuart Menefy contributed a port to Linux/SH.
* Stephen Thomas contributed a port to Linux/SH64.
* Many other bug fixes.
Changes in 4.4
* Fix Linux/ia64 support, looks like someone renamed a few things on us
* Fix the ioctl setup for Linux, turned out it did not really work.
Improve the ioctl extracter as well so we decode some more ones.
Changes in 4.3.1
* compile fixes for Linux/mips
Changes in 4.3
* Linux ia64 and hppa ports added
* The usual Linux syscall updates (includes 32bit uid/gid support),
* Linux ioctl list updated
* Support IPv6 scope ids
* FreeBSD/i386 port added
* UnixWare and Solaris updates
* Better support for tracing multithreaded processes in Linux
Changes in 4.2
* Compiles on glibc2.0 systems again
* Linux/S390 port added
* The usual Linux syscall updates
* we can follow fork on arm now
Changes in 4.1
* Linux/MIPS port added
* Lots of Linux updates again
* Improved IPv6 support
* Add strace-graph
Changes in 4.0.1
* Minor bugfixes
* Compiles on glibc2.0 systems again
Changes in 4.0
* Get stat structure properly on Linux 64bit archs
* Personalities work again
* Compile correctly on SunOS again
* IRIX64 updates
* Solaris updates
Changes in 3.99.1
* Linux (ultra)sparc fixes
* Linux alpha fixes
* Minor cleanups
Changes in 3.99
* New maintainer
* add support for more Linux architectures (powerpc, sparc, arm)
* support lots more Linux syscalls
* fix signal handling
* add IPX and IPIP support
* check stray syscall after execv
* fix hanging children
Changes in version 3.1
* Irix5 is supported
* Linux 68k is supported
* Linux alpha is supported
* configure is upgraded to autoconf 2.x
* using -f in combination with -e now works correctly
* output can be piped to a program
* tracing setuid programs works better
* it is now reasonable to install strace setuid to root in some circumstances
* new useful tracing names like file and process to trace whole
classes of system calls, e.g. -efile traces all system calls that
take a file name as an argument
* IPC calls on SunOS 4.1.x are decoded
* Linux program memory is reliably dereferenced
* Linux decodes at least the name of all syscalls as of pre2.0.4
* various cosmetic changes and bug fixes
Changes from versions 2.x to version 3.0
* filename arguments are neither abbreviated nor stringified
* string arguments are now true C strings using octal instead of hex by default
* preprocessor constants are never shortened (e.g. was RDONLY => now O_RDONLY)
* by default the output for multiple processes now goes into one file
* all structures, vectors, bitsets, etc. use consistent output formats
* the -c option now means count calls, -i does what the old -c used to do
New Features in version 3.0
* non-ascii strings can be optionally printed entirely in hex
* the output format is readable when mutiple processes are generating output
* exit values are printed in an alignment column
* is is possible to suppress messages about attaching and detaching
* various tracing features can be enabled on a per syscall/signal/desc basis
* selective tracing of syscalls
* selective printing of syscall structures
* selective abbreviation of long structures on a per syscall basis
* selective printing of raw syscall arguments and results
* selective tracing of signals
* selective dumping of all I/O read from file descriptors
* selective dumping of all I/O written to file descriptors
* optional counting of time, calls, and errors for each syscall