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.\" Process this file with
.\" groff -man -Tascii foo.1
.TH TLSDATED 8 "OCTOBER 2012" Linux "User Manuals"
tlsdated \- secure parasitic rdate replacement daemon
.B tlsdated [\-wprlsvh] \
[\-t <n>] \
[\-d <n>] \
[\-T <n>] \
[\-D <n>] \
[\-c /path/to ] \
[\-a seconds ] \
[\-\-] \
[commands to be passed to tlsdate]
.B tlsdated
is a daemon that runs tlsdate. It must be run as root or otherwise have the
proper caps; it will not be able to set the system time without running as root
or another privileged user.
.IP "\-w"
don't set hwclock
.IP "\-p"
dry run (don't really set time)
.IP "\-r"
use stdin instead of netlink for routes
.IP "\-t [n]"
try up to n times if unsuccessful to synchronize the time
.IP "\-d [n]"
delay n seconds between tries
.IP "\-T [n]"
give subprocess n chances to exit
.IP "\-D [n]"
delay n seconds between wait attempts
.IP "\-c [/path/to/cache/directory/]"
set the cache directory
.IP "\-a [n]"
run at most every n seconds in steady state
.IP "\-l"
don't load disk timestamps
.IP "\-s"
don't save disk timestamp
.IP "\-j [n]"
add up to n seconds of jitter to steady-state fetches
.IP "\-v"
be verbose
.IP "\-b"
be extra verbose (debugging)
.IP "\-U"
do not use DBus if supported
.IP "\-h"
print help message
.IP "\-f [/path/to/config/file]"
use alternate config file
.IP "\-x [proxy]"
override the proxy supplied to sources in the config file
.IP "[tlsdate command arguments]"
arguments to be passed to tlsdate at launch time
It's likely! Let us know by contacting
Note that
.B tlsdate(8)
is in Beta, and may not work as expected.
Jacob Appelbaum <jacob at appelbaum dot net>
.B tlsdate(1),
.B tlsdate-helper(1),
.B tlsdated.conf(5)