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.\" Process this file with
.\" groff -man -Tascii foo.1
.TH TLSDATED 5 "JANUARY 2013" "File Formats and Conversions"
tlsdated.conf \- tlsdated config file
\fBtlsdated.conf\fR is the configuration file for the \fBtlsdated(8)\fR daemon.
The config file is formatted as a list of key-value pairs, one per line,
separated by whitespace. Whitespace inside values is preserved, so
foo bar baz quxx
represents the key \fBfoo\fR mapping to the value \fBbar baz quxx\fR. Empty
lines and lines beginning with \fB#\fR are ignored; leading whitespace on lines
is stripped. For boolean options, the value \fByes\fR or no value at all
indicates that the option should be switched on, and all other values indicate
that the option should be switched off. \fINote that trailing whitespace is
preserved in values.\fR
.IP "base-path [string]"
Sets the path to tlsdated's cache directory.
.IP "dry-run [bool]"
If enabled, don't actually adjust the system time.
.IP "jitter [int]"
Add or subtract up to this many seconds from the steady-state interval when
checking. This helps prevent correlation between sequential checks and smooth
load on time hosts.
.IP "max-tries [int]"
How many times to try running the tlsdate subprocess.
.IP "min-steady-state-interval [int]"
Do not check more than once this many seconds when in steady state.
.IP "should-load-disk [bool]"
If enabled, try loading the current timestamp out of the cache directory.
.IP "should-netlink [bool]"
If enabled, use a netlink socket to get network events; otherwise, read network
events from stdin.
.IP "should-save-disk [bool]"
If enabled, save the current timestamp to the cache directory every so often and
at exit.
.IP "should-sync-hwclock [bool]"
If enabled, set the hwclock to the fetched time.
.IP "steady-state-interval [int]"
Check at least once this many seconds when in steady state.
.IP "subprocess-timeout [int]"
How many seconds to wait for the subprocess to exit.
.IP "verbose [bool]"
If enabled, tlsdated will be annoyingly verbose in syslog and on stdout.
.IP "wait-between-tries [int]"
How long to wait between runs of the subprocess.
You can list one or more sources to fetch time from. The format of these is:
.RS 4
.RS 4
port 443
proxy socks5://
It's likely! Let us know by contacting
Note that
.B tlsdated(8)
is in Beta, and may not work as expected.
Jacob Appelbaum <jacob at appelbaum dot net>
.B tlsdate(1),
.B tlsdate-helper(1),
.B tlsdated(8),