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// <copyright file="dset_internal.h" company="Atheros">
// Copyright (c) 2004-2010 Atheros Corporation. All rights reserved.
// The software source and binaries included in this development package are
// licensed, not sold. You, or your company, received the package under one
// or more license agreements. The rights granted to you are specifically
// listed in these license agreement(s). All other rights remain with Atheros
// Communications, Inc., its subsidiaries, or the respective owner including
// those listed on the included copyright notices. Distribution of any
// portion of this package must be in strict compliance with the license
// agreement(s) terms.
// </copyright>
// <summary>
// Wifi driver for AR6003
// </summary>
// Author(s): ="Atheros"
#ifndef __DSET_INTERNAL_H__
#define __DSET_INTERNAL_H__
#ifndef ATH_TARGET
#include "athstartpack.h"
* Internal dset definitions, common for DataSet layer.
/* Dataset descriptor */
typedef PREPACK struct dset_descriptor_s {
struct dset_descriptor_s *next; /* List link. NULL only at the last
descriptor */
A_UINT16 id; /* Dset ID */
A_UINT16 size; /* Dset size. */
void *DataPtr; /* Pointer to raw data for standard
DataSet or pointer to original
dset_descriptor for patched
DataSet */
A_UINT32 data_type; /* DSET_TYPE_*, above */
void *AuxPtr; /* Additional data that might
needed for data_type. For
example, pointer to patch
Dataset descriptor for BPatch. */
} POSTPACK dset_descriptor_t;
#ifndef ATH_TARGET
#include "athendpack.h"
#endif /* __DSET_INTERNAL_H__ */