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// <copyright file="dsetid.h" company="Atheros">
// Copyright (c) 2004-2010 Atheros Corporation. All rights reserved.
// The software source and binaries included in this development package are
// licensed, not sold. You, or your company, received the package under one
// or more license agreements. The rights granted to you are specifically
// listed in these license agreement(s). All other rights remain with Atheros
// Communications, Inc., its subsidiaries, or the respective owner including
// those listed on the included copyright notices. Distribution of any
// portion of this package must be in strict compliance with the license
// agreement(s) terms.
// </copyright>
// <summary>
// Wifi driver for AR6003
// </summary>
// Author(s): ="Atheros"
#ifndef __DSETID_H__
#define __DSETID_H__
#ifndef ATH_TARGET
#include "athstartpack.h"
/* Well-known DataSet IDs */
#define DSETID_UNUSED 0x00000000
#define DSETID_BOARD_DATA 0x00000001 /* Cal and board data */
#define DSETID_REGDB 0x00000002 /* Regulatory Database */
#define DSETID_POWER_CONTROL 0x00000003 /* TX Pwr Lim & Ant Gain */
#define DSETID_USER_CONFIG 0x00000004 /* User Configuration */
* Get DSETID for various reference clock speeds.
* For each speed there are three DataSets that correspond
* to the three columns of bank6 data (addr, 11a, 11b/g).
* This macro returns the dsetid of the first of those
* three DataSets.
* There are TWO STARTUP_PATCH DataSets.
* DSETID_STARTUP_PATCH is historical, and was applied before BMI on
* earlier systems. On AR6002, it is applied after BMI, just like
#define DSETID_STARTUP_PATCH 0x00000026
#define DSETID_GPIO_CONFIG_PATCH 0x00000027
#define DSETID_WLANREGS 0x00000028 /* override wlan regs */
#define DSETID_STARTUP_PATCH2 0x00000029
#define DSETID_WOW_CONFIG 0x00000090 /* WoW Configuration */
/* Add WHAL_INI_DATA_ID to DSETID_INI_DATA for a specific WHAL INI table. */
#define DSETID_INI_DATA 0x00000100
/* Reserved for WHAL INI Tables: 0x100..0x11f */
#define DSETID_INI_DATA_END 0x0000011f
#define DSETID_VENDOR_START 0x00010000 /* Vendor-defined DataSets */
#define DSETID_INDEX_END 0xfffffffe /* Reserved to indicate the
end of a memory-based
DataSet Index */
#define DSETID_INDEX_FREE 0xffffffff /* An unused index entry */
* PATCH DataSet format:
* A list of patches, terminated by a patch with
* address=PATCH_END.
* This allows for patches to be stored in flash.
PREPACK struct patch_s {
A_UINT32 *address;
A_UINT32 data;
* Skip some patches. Can be used to erase a single patch in a
* patch DataSet without having to re-write the DataSet. May
* also be used to embed information for use by subsequent
* patch code. The "data" in a PATCH_SKIP tells how many
* bytes of length "patch_s" to skip.
#define PATCH_SKIP ((A_UINT32 *)0x00000000)
* Execute code at the address specified by "data".
* The address of the patch structure is passed as
* the one parameter.
#define PATCH_CODE_ABS ((A_UINT32 *)0x00000001)
* Same as PATCH_CODE_ABS, but treat "data" as an
* offset from the start of the patch word.
#define PATCH_CODE_REL ((A_UINT32 *)0x00000002)
/* Mark the end of this patch DataSet. */
#define PATCH_END ((A_UINT32 *)0xffffffff)
* A DataSet which contains a Binary Patch to some other DataSet
* uses the original dsetid with the DSETID_BPATCH_FLAG bit set.
* Such a BPatch DataSet consists of BPatch metadata followed by
* the bdiff bytes. BPatch metadata consists of a single 32-bit
* word that contains the size of the BPatched final image.
* To create a suitable bdiff DataSet, use bdiff in host/tools/bdiff
* to create "diffs":
* bdiff -q -O -nooldmd5 -nonewmd5 -d ORIGfile NEWfile diffs
* Then add BPatch metadata to the start of "diffs".
* NB: There are some implementation-induced restrictions
* on which DataSets can be BPatched.
#define DSETID_BPATCH_FLAG 0x80000000
#ifndef ATH_TARGET
#include "athendpack.h"
#endif /* __DSETID_H__ */