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// <copyright file="regdump.h" company="Atheros">
// Copyright (c) 2004-2010 Atheros Corporation. All rights reserved.
// The software source and binaries included in this development package are
// licensed, not sold. You, or your company, received the package under one
// or more license agreements. The rights granted to you are specifically
// listed in these license agreement(s). All other rights remain with Atheros
// Communications, Inc., its subsidiaries, or the respective owner including
// those listed on the included copyright notices. Distribution of any
// portion of this package must be in strict compliance with the license
// agreement(s) terms.
// </copyright>
// <summary>
// Wifi driver for AR6003
// </summary>
// Author(s): ="Atheros"
#ifndef __REGDUMP_H__
#define __REGDUMP_H__
#ifndef ATH_TARGET
#include "athstartpack.h"
#if defined(AR6001)
#include "AR6001/AR6001_regdump.h"
#if defined(AR6002)
#include "AR6002/AR6002_regdump.h"
#if !defined(__ASSEMBLER__)
* Target CPU state at the time of failure is reflected
* in a register dump, which the Host can fetch through
* the diagnostic window.
PREPACK struct register_dump_s {
A_UINT32 target_id; /* Target ID */
A_UINT32 assline; /* Line number (if assertion failure) */
A_UINT32 pc; /* Program Counter at time of exception */
A_UINT32 badvaddr; /* Virtual address causing exception */
CPU_exception_frame_t exc_frame; /* CPU-specific exception info */
/* Could copy top of stack here, too.... */
#endif /* __ASSEMBLER__ */
#ifndef ATH_TARGET
#include "athendpack.h"
#endif /* __REGDUMP_H__ */