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Cycling Speed and Cadence API description
Cycling Speed and Cadence Manager hierarchy
Service org.bluez
Interface org.bluez.CyclingSpeedManager1
Object path [variable prefix]/{hci0,hci1,...}
Methods RegisterWatcher(object agent)
Registers a watcher to monitor cycling speed and
cadence measurements.
Possible Errors: org.bluez.Error.InvalidArguments
UnregisterWatcher(object agent)
Unregisters a watcher.
Cycling Speed and Cadence Profile hierarchy
Service org.bluez
Interface org.bluez.CyclingSpeed1
Object path [variable prefix]/{hci0,hci1,...}/dev_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX
Methods SetCumulativeWheelRevolutions(uint32 value)
Sets cumulative wheel revolutions value if
Cumulative Wheel Revolutions feature is supported.
Possible Errors: org.bluez.Error.NotSupported
Properties string Location (optional) [readwrite]
Current sensor location, if supported.
If Multiple Sensor Locations feature is supported,
this property can be set to one of values read from
SupportedLocations property.
Possible values: "other", "top-of-shoe", "in-shoe",
"hip", "front-wheel", "left-crank",
"right-crank", "left-pedal",
"right-pedal", "front-hub",
"rear-dropout", "chainstay",
"rear-wheel", "rear-hub"
array{string} SupportedLocations (optional) [readonly]
List of locations supported by sensor, only present
if Multiple Sensor Locations feature is supported.
boolean WheelRevolutionDataSupported [readonly]
true if sensor can read and set Cumulative Wheel
Revolutions value, false otherwise.
boolean MultipleLocationsSupported [readonly]
true if sensor supports Multiple Sensor Locations
feature and can set Location, false otherwise.
Cycling Speed and Cadence Watcher hierarchy
Service unique name
Interface org.bluez.CyclingSpeedWatcher1
Object path freely definable
Methods void MeasurementReceived(object device, dict measurement)
This callback is called whenever wheel and/or crank
revolutions measurement is received from sensor.
uint32 WheelRevolutions (optional):
Cumulative number of wheel revolutions.
uint16 LastWheelEventTime (optional):
Time of last event from wheel sensor.
Value is expressed in 1/1024 second
units and can roll over during a ride.
uint16 CrankRevolutions (optional):
Cumulative number of crank revolutions.
This value can occasionally roll over.
uint16 LastCrankEventTime (optional):
Time of last event from crank sensor.
Value is expressed in 1/1024 second
units and can roll over during a ride.