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BlueZ settings storage
The purpose of this document is to describe the directory structure of
BlueZ settings storage. In effect, this document will serve as the primary,
up to date source of BlueZ storage information.
It is intended as reference for developers. Direct access to the storage
outside from bluetoothd is highly discouraged.
Adapter and remote device info are read form the storage during object
initialization. Write to storage is performed immediately on every value
Default storage directory is /var/lib/bluetooth. This can be adjusted
by the --localstatedir configure switch. Default is --localstatedir=/var.
All files are in ini-file format.
Storage directory structure
There is one directory per adapter, named by its Bluetooth address, which
- a settings file for the local adapter
- an attributes file containing attributes of supported LE services
- a cache directory containing:
- one file per device, named by remote device address, which contains
device name
- one directory per remote device, named by remote device address, which
- an info file
- an attributes file containing attributes of remote LE services
- a ccc file containing persistent Client Characteristic Configuration
(CCC) descriptor information for GATT characteristics
So the directory structure is:
/var/lib/bluetooth/<adapter address>/
./<remote device address>
./<remote device address>
./<remote device address>/
./<remote device address>/
Settings file format
Settings file contains one [General] group with adapter info like:
Alias String Friendly user provided name advertised
for this adapter
This value overwrites the system
name (pretty hostname)
Discoverable Boolean Discoverability of the adapter
PairableTimeout Integer How long to stay in pairable mode
before going back to non-pairable.
The value is in seconds.
0 = disable timer, i.e. stay
pairable forever
DiscoverableTimeout Integer How long to stay in discoverable mode
before going back to non-discoverable.
The value is in seconds.
0 = disable timer, i.e. stay
discoverable forever
Name=My PC
Attributes file format
The attributes file lists all attributes supported by the local adapter or
remote device.
Attributes are stored using their handle as group name (decimal format).
Each group contains:
UUID String 128-bit UUID of the attribute
Value String Value of the attribute as hexadecimal encoded
EndGroupHandle Integer End group handle in decimal format
CCC file format
The ccc file stores the current CCC descriptor values for GATT characteristics
which have notification/indication enabled by the remote device.
Information is stored using CCC attribute handle as group name (in decimal
Each group contains:
Value String CCC descriptor value encoded in
Cache directory file format
Each file, named by remote device address, may includes multiple groups
(General and ServiceRecords).
In ServiceRecords, SDP records are stored using their handle as key
(hexadecimal format).
[General] group contains:
Name String Remote device friendly name
ShortName String Remote device shortened name
[ServiceRecords] group contains
<0x...> String SDP record as hexadecimal encoded
Info file format
Info file may includes multiple groups (General, Device ID, Link key and
Long term key) related to a remote device.
[General] group contains:
Name String Remote device friendly name
Alias String Alias name
Class String Device class in hexadecimal,
i.e. 0x000000
Appearance String Device appearance in hexadecimal,
i.e. 0x0000
SupportedTechnologies List of List of technologies supported by
strings device, separated by ";"
Technologies can be BR/EDR or LE
AddressType String An address can be "static" or "public"
Trusted Boolean True if the remote device is trusted
Blocked Boolean True if the remote device is blocked
Services List of List of service UUIDs advertised by
strings remote in 128-bits UUID format,
separated by ";"
[DeviceID] group contains:
Source Integer Assigner of Device ID
Vendor Integer Device vendor
Product Integer Device product
Version Integer Device version
[LinkKey] group contains:
Key String Key in hexadecimal format
Type Integer Type of link key
PINLength Integer Length of PIN
[LongTermKey] group contains:
Key String Long term key in hexadecimal format
Authenticated Boolean True if remote device has been
EncSize Integer Encrypted size
EDiv Integer Encrypted diversifier
Rand Integer Randomizer
[SlaveLongTermKey] group contains:
Same as the [LongTermKey] group, except for slave keys.