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intel: jmpf -> jmp, callf -> call
att: jmpf -> ljmp, callf -> lcall
opcode table
finish typing instructions
fix flag clear/set/toggle types
ix64 stuff
document output file formats in web page
features doc: register aliases, implicit operands, stack mods,
ring0 flags, eflags, cpu model/isa
ia32_handle_* implementation
fix operand 0F C2
* sysenter, sysexit as CALL types -- preceded by MSR writes
* SYSENTER/SYSEXIT stack : overwrites SS, ESP
* stos, cmps, scas, movs, ins, outs, lods -> OP_PTR
* OP_SIZE in implicit operands
* use OP_SIZE to choose reg sizes!
DONE?? :
implicit operands: provide action ?
e.g. add/inc for stach, write, etc
replace table numbers in opcodes.dat with
#defines for table names
replace 0 with INSN_INVALID [or maybe FF for imnvalid and 00 for Not Applicable */
no wait that is only for prefix tables -- n/p
if ( prefx) only use if insn != invalid
these should cover all the wacky disasm exceptions
for the rep one we can chet, match only a 0x90
todo: privilege | ring