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#ifdef __KERNEL__
* Common bits between 4K and 64K pages in a linux-style PTE.
* These match the bits in the (hardware-defined) PowerPC PTE as closely
* as possible. Additional bits may be defined in pgtable-hash64-*.h
* Note: We only support user read/write permissions. Supervisor always
* have full read/write to pages above PAGE_OFFSET (pages below that
* always use the user access permissions).
* We could create separate kernel read-only if we used the 3 PP bits
* combinations that newer processors provide but we currently don't.
#define _PAGE_PRESENT 0x0001 /* software: pte contains a translation */
#define _PAGE_USER 0x0002 /* matches one of the PP bits */
#define _PAGE_FILE 0x0002 /* (!present only) software: pte holds file offset */
#define _PAGE_EXEC 0x0004 /* No execute on POWER4 and newer (we invert) */
#define _PAGE_GUARDED 0x0008
#define _PAGE_COHERENT 0x0010 /* M: enforce memory coherence (SMP systems) */
#define _PAGE_NO_CACHE 0x0020 /* I: cache inhibit */
#define _PAGE_WRITETHRU 0x0040 /* W: cache write-through */
#define _PAGE_DIRTY 0x0080 /* C: page changed */
#define _PAGE_ACCESSED 0x0100 /* R: page referenced */
#define _PAGE_RW 0x0200 /* software: user write access allowed */
#define _PAGE_BUSY 0x0800 /* software: PTE & hash are busy */
/* No separate kernel read-only */
#define _PAGE_KERNEL_RW (_PAGE_RW | _PAGE_DIRTY) /* user access blocked by key */
/* Strong Access Ordering */
/* No page size encoding in the linux PTE */
#define _PAGE_PSIZE 0
/* PTEIDX nibble */
#define _PTEIDX_GROUP_IX 0x7
/* Hash table based platforms need atomic updates of the linux PTE */
#include <asm/pte-hash64-64k.h>
#include <asm/pte-hash64-4k.h>
#endif /* __KERNEL__ */
#endif /* _ASM_POWERPC_PTE_HASH64_H */