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#ifndef _ASM_X86_SIGCONTEXT32_H
#define _ASM_X86_SIGCONTEXT32_H
#include <linux/types.h>
/* signal context for 32bit programs. */
#define X86_FXSR_MAGIC 0x0000
struct _fpreg {
unsigned short significand[4];
unsigned short exponent;
struct _fpxreg {
unsigned short significand[4];
unsigned short exponent;
unsigned short padding[3];
struct _xmmreg {
__u32 element[4];
/* FSAVE frame with extensions */
struct _fpstate_ia32 {
/* Regular FPU environment */
__u32 cw;
__u32 sw;
__u32 tag; /* not compatible to 64bit twd */
__u32 ipoff;
__u32 cssel;
__u32 dataoff;
__u32 datasel;
struct _fpreg _st[8];
unsigned short status;
unsigned short magic; /* 0xffff = regular FPU data only */
/* FXSR FPU environment */
__u32 _fxsr_env[6];
__u32 mxcsr;
__u32 reserved;
struct _fpxreg _fxsr_st[8];
struct _xmmreg _xmm[8]; /* It's actually 16 */
__u32 padding[44];
union {
__u32 padding2[12];
struct _fpx_sw_bytes sw_reserved;
struct sigcontext_ia32 {
unsigned short gs, __gsh;
unsigned short fs, __fsh;
unsigned short es, __esh;
unsigned short ds, __dsh;
unsigned int di;
unsigned int si;
unsigned int bp;
unsigned int sp;
unsigned int bx;
unsigned int dx;
unsigned int cx;
unsigned int ax;
unsigned int trapno;
unsigned int err;
unsigned int ip;
unsigned short cs, __csh;
unsigned int flags;
unsigned int sp_at_signal;
unsigned short ss, __ssh;
unsigned int fpstate; /* really (struct _fpstate_ia32 *) */
unsigned int oldmask;
unsigned int cr2;
#endif /* _ASM_X86_SIGCONTEXT32_H */