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#ifndef _ASM_X86_PLATFORM_H
#define _ASM_X86_PLATFORM_H
#include <asm/pgtable_types.h>
#include <asm/bootparam.h>
struct mpc_bus;
struct mpc_cpu;
struct mpc_table;
* struct x86_init_mpparse - platform specific mpparse ops
* @mpc_record: platform specific mpc record accounting
* @setup_ioapic_ids: platform specific ioapic id override
* @mpc_apic_id: platform specific mpc apic id assignment
* @smp_read_mpc_oem: platform specific oem mpc table setup
* @mpc_oem_pci_bus: platform specific pci bus setup (default NULL)
* @mpc_oem_bus_info: platform specific mpc bus info
* @find_smp_config: find the smp configuration
* @get_smp_config: get the smp configuration
struct x86_init_mpparse {
void (*mpc_record)(unsigned int mode);
void (*setup_ioapic_ids)(void);
int (*mpc_apic_id)(struct mpc_cpu *m);
void (*smp_read_mpc_oem)(struct mpc_table *mpc);
void (*mpc_oem_pci_bus)(struct mpc_bus *m);
void (*mpc_oem_bus_info)(struct mpc_bus *m, char *name);
void (*find_smp_config)(void);
void (*get_smp_config)(unsigned int early);
* struct x86_init_resources - platform specific resource related ops
* @probe_roms: probe BIOS roms
* @reserve_resources: reserve the standard resources for the
* platform
* @memory_setup: platform specific memory setup
struct x86_init_resources {
void (*probe_roms)(void);
void (*reserve_resources)(void);
char *(*memory_setup)(void);
* struct x86_init_irqs - platform specific interrupt setup
* @pre_vector_init: init code to run before interrupt vectors
* are set up.
* @intr_init: interrupt init code
* @trap_init: platform specific trap setup
struct x86_init_irqs {
void (*pre_vector_init)(void);
void (*intr_init)(void);
void (*trap_init)(void);
* struct x86_init_oem - oem platform specific customizing functions
* @arch_setup: platform specific architecure setup
* @banner: print a platform specific banner
struct x86_init_oem {
void (*arch_setup)(void);
void (*banner)(void);
* struct x86_init_paging - platform specific paging functions
* @pagetable_setup_start: platform specific pre paging_init() call
* @pagetable_setup_done: platform specific post paging_init() call
struct x86_init_paging {
void (*pagetable_setup_start)(pgd_t *base);
void (*pagetable_setup_done)(pgd_t *base);
* struct x86_init_timers - platform specific timer setup
* @setup_perpcu_clockev: set up the per cpu clock event device for the
* boot cpu
* @tsc_pre_init: platform function called before TSC init
* @timer_init: initialize the platform timer (default PIT/HPET)
struct x86_init_timers {
void (*setup_percpu_clockev)(void);
void (*tsc_pre_init)(void);
void (*timer_init)(void);
* struct x86_init_iommu - platform specific iommu setup
* @iommu_init: platform specific iommu setup
struct x86_init_iommu {
int (*iommu_init)(void);
* struct x86_init_pci - platform specific pci init functions
* @arch_init: platform specific pci arch init call
* @init: platform specific pci subsystem init
* @init_irq: platform specific pci irq init
* @fixup_irqs: platform specific pci irq fixup
struct x86_init_pci {
int (*arch_init)(void);
int (*init)(void);
void (*init_irq)(void);
void (*fixup_irqs)(void);
* struct x86_init_ops - functions for platform specific setup
struct x86_init_ops {
struct x86_init_resources resources;
struct x86_init_mpparse mpparse;
struct x86_init_irqs irqs;
struct x86_init_oem oem;
struct x86_init_paging paging;
struct x86_init_timers timers;
struct x86_init_iommu iommu;
struct x86_init_pci pci;
* struct x86_cpuinit_ops - platform specific cpu hotplug setups
* @setup_percpu_clockev: set up the per cpu clock event device
struct x86_cpuinit_ops {
void (*setup_percpu_clockev)(void);
* struct x86_platform_ops - platform specific runtime functions
* @calibrate_tsc: calibrate TSC
* @get_wallclock: get time from HW clock like RTC etc.
* @set_wallclock: set time back to HW clock
* @is_untracked_pat_range exclude from PAT logic
* @nmi_init enable NMI on cpus
* @i8042_detect pre-detect if i8042 controller exists
struct x86_platform_ops {
unsigned long (*calibrate_tsc)(void);
unsigned long (*get_wallclock)(void);
int (*set_wallclock)(unsigned long nowtime);
void (*iommu_shutdown)(void);
bool (*is_untracked_pat_range)(u64 start, u64 end);
void (*nmi_init)(void);
int (*i8042_detect)(void);
struct pci_dev;
struct x86_msi_ops {
int (*setup_msi_irqs)(struct pci_dev *dev, int nvec, int type);
void (*teardown_msi_irq)(unsigned int irq);
void (*teardown_msi_irqs)(struct pci_dev *dev);
extern struct x86_init_ops x86_init;
extern struct x86_cpuinit_ops x86_cpuinit;
extern struct x86_platform_ops x86_platform;
extern struct x86_msi_ops x86_msi;
extern void x86_init_noop(void);
extern void x86_init_uint_noop(unsigned int unused);