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- Priority scale: High, Medium and Low
- Complexity scale: C1, C2, C4 and C8.
The complexity scale is exponential, with complexity 1 being the
lowest complexity. Complexity is a function of both task 'complexity'
and task 'scope'.
- Session API implementation
Priority: High
Complexity: C4
Owner: Daniel Wagner <>
Owner: Patrik Flykt <>
The session API should provide a connection abstraction in order to
prioritize applications network accesses, prevent or allow network
and bearer roaming, or provide applications with a way to request
for periodic network connections. On-demand connections will be
implemented through this API as well.
- Personal firewall
Priority: Low
Complexity: C8
Owner: Tomasz Bursztyka <>
Discuss and implement a basic and safe firewalling strategy into
Connman. Provide a D-Bus API for personal firewalling.
- PACRunner extensions
Priority: Low
Complexity: C4
Support more URI schemes, support multiple connections, tighter
security integration.
- Check logging produced by connman_info()
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C1
Check that logging produced by connman_info() contains meaningful messages
and get rid of the unnecessary ones.
- Support for multiple agents
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C2
Allow to register multiple agents. Each unique system bus name owner
however is only allowed to register one agent.
The selection of which agents is used should be matched by bus name
owner if possible or first come first serve. A graceful fallback to
the next agent should be also used in case of malfunctional agents.
- Remove --nobacktrace option
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C1
When: 2.0
Remove the --nobacktrace option or change it to --backtrace depending on the
level of systemd integration or other factors.
- Clean up type definitions
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C1
Go through variable types and use the following:
* uint8_t instead of connman_uint8_t, unsigned char
* uint16_t instead of connman_uint16_t, unsigned short
* bool from <stdbool.h> instead of connman_bool_t and gboolean, in the
latter case in those places it makes sense
- Clean up data structure usage
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C4
Use hash tables, queues and lists in the code. Replace GSequences with
simpler structures. At the same time do a check on the currently used
data structures and see if something can be simplified.
- Unit tests for DHCP, DNS and HTTP
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C4
Create unit tests for these components starting with DHCP. Use gtest
from GLib for this task similarly to what has been done for OBEX in Bluez
and oFono in general.
- Clean up WiFi data structure usage
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C2
Struct wifi_data is passed as a pointer in some of the wifi plugin
callbacks. For example removing a WiFi USB stick causes RTNL and
wpa_supplicant to call the wifi plugin at the same time causing the
freeing of the wifi data structure. Fix up the code to have proper
reference counting or other handling in place for the shared wifi data
and the members in the data structure.
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C2
Owner: Samuel Ortiz <>
This EAP is needed for SIM card based network authentication.
ConnMan here plays a minor role: Once wpa_supplicant is set up for
starting and EAP-AKA/SIM authentication, it will talk to a SIM card
through its pcsc-lite API.
Priority: Low
Complexity: C1
- WiFi p2p
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C2
- Removing wpa_supplicant 0.7.x legacy support
Priority: Low
Complexity: C1
Owner: Tomasz Bursztyka <>
Removing global country property setter in gsupplicant, and removing
wifi's technology set_regdom implementation. Removing autoscan fallback.
(Note: should be done around the end 2012)
- Remove Bluez 4.x support
Priority: Low
Complexity: C1
Remove plugins/bluetooth-legacy.c support in about 6 month (July 2013) or
when Bluez 4.x usage becomes minimal.
- IPsec
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C4
Owner: Jukka Rissanen <>
- Add Agent mode to connmanctl command line tool
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C2
connmanctl should implement agent prompting when started with a suitable
command line option. Agent mode should also be enabled when in interactive
User Interface
Priority: Low
Complexity: C4
Owner: Alok Barsode <>
A GNOME3 shell user interface would make it easier for mainstream distros
users to use ConnMan.