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Advanced configuration interface
Configuration basics
The default configuration method for all servers is automatic or something
like DHCP. In almost every case that should be just good enough, but if it
is not, Connection Manager supports manual configuration for Ethernet and
IP settings.
Configuration interface
Every service contains two properties. One represents the current active
configuration and the other one allows manual configuration via the user.
For IPv4 they are named "IPv4" and IPv4.Configuration".
[ /profile/default/wifi_001122334455_42696720696e204a6170616e_managed_psk ]
Type = wifi
Name = Big in Japan
Mode = managed
Strength = 82
Security = rsn
Favorite = true
State = ready
IPv4.Configuration = { Method=dhcp }
IPv4 = { Netmask= Method=dhcp Address= }
The above WiFi network shows how the default configuration would look like
with a connected service. The configuration method is DHCP and the current
IP address is
The "IPv4" property is read-only and will emit PropertyChanged signals in
case the IP address of this interface changes. The "IPv4.Configuration"
property is read-write and allows changes. For example to use a static IP
configuration this call could be used:
service.SetProperty("IPv4.Configuration", { "Method": "manual",
"Address": "",
"Netmask": "" })
The configuration itself is a dictionary with various fields. Not all of
them need to present. A lot of combinations are valid.
For example the "Method" field has valid settings of "off", "fixed", "manual"
and "dhcp". The "fixed" value however can not be set by any user program. It
is an internal value that some 3G cards require. Switching to "off" will
remove and IP configuration from the interface. The "manual" method allows
for static address configuration. And "dhcp" will use DHCP to retrieve all
required information automatically.
With a manual configuration, the fields "Address" and "Netmask" should be
given. In case "Netmask" is left out, the best netmask will be calculated.
The "Gateway" field can be used to indicate the default route/gateway for
this interface.