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ConnMan backtraces
ConnMan dumps backtraces upon segmentation faults, bus errors and other
crashing signals. Regardless of the debug level you started connmand with, the
backtrace will be dumped to syslog.
The ConnMan backtraces start with the following line:
-------- backtrace --------
and will try to display function names if those can be resolved from the stack
addresses. All static functions name will not appear for example.
For a more complete and useful stack frame output you can use the
test/backtrace script. It takes the actual binary that crashed and the
connmand logs. The logs can contain any connman debug strings on top of the
Here is an example of the backtrace script usage:
me@localhost:[~]$ backtrace /sbin/connmand connman.log
-------- backtrace --------
[0]: __connman_debug_list_available() [log.c:117]
[1]: connman_driver_register() [element.c:515]
[2]: __connman_driver_rescan() [element.c:490]
[3]: disable_technology() [manager.c:391]
[4]: generic_message() [object.c:262]