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// This file is part of Eigen, a lightweight C++ template library
// for linear algebra.
// Copyright (C) 2010 Gael Guennebaud <>
// This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla
// Public License v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed
// with this file, You can obtain one at
#include "../InternalHeaderCheck.h"
namespace Eigen {
namespace internal {
/** \internal */
inline void manage_multi_threading(Action action, int* v)
static int m_maxThreads = -1;
m_maxThreads = *v;
else if(action==GetAction)
*v = m_maxThreads;
*v = omp_get_max_threads();
*v = 1;
/** Must be call first when calling Eigen from multiple threads */
inline void initParallel()
int nbt;
internal::manage_multi_threading(GetAction, &nbt);
std::ptrdiff_t l1, l2, l3;
internal::manage_caching_sizes(GetAction, &l1, &l2, &l3);
/** \returns the max number of threads reserved for Eigen
* \sa setNbThreads */
inline int nbThreads()
int ret;
internal::manage_multi_threading(GetAction, &ret);
return ret;
/** Sets the max number of threads reserved for Eigen
* \sa nbThreads */
inline void setNbThreads(int v)
internal::manage_multi_threading(SetAction, &v);
namespace internal {
template<typename Index> struct GemmParallelInfo
GemmParallelInfo() : sync(-1), users(0), lhs_start(0), lhs_length(0) {}
std::atomic<Index> sync;
std::atomic<int> users;
GemmParallelInfo() : lhs_start(0), lhs_length(0) {}
Index lhs_start;
Index lhs_length;
template<bool Condition, typename Functor, typename Index>
void parallelize_gemm(const Functor& func, Index rows, Index cols, Index depth, bool transpose)
// TODO when EIGEN_USE_BLAS is defined,
// we should still enable OMP for other scalar types
// Without C++11, we have to disable GEMM's parallelization on
// non x86 architectures because there volatile is not enough for our purpose.
// See bug 1572.
#if (! defined(EIGEN_HAS_OPENMP)) || defined(EIGEN_USE_BLAS)
// FIXME the transpose variable is only needed to properly split
// the matrix product when multithreading is enabled. This is a temporary
// fix to support row-major destination matrices. This whole
// parallelizer mechanism has to be redesigned anyway.
func(0,rows, 0,cols);
// Dynamically check whether we should enable or disable OpenMP.
// The conditions are:
// - the max number of threads we can create is greater than 1
// - we are not already in a parallel code
// - the sizes are large enough
// compute the maximal number of threads from the size of the product:
// This first heuristic takes into account that the product kernel is fully optimized when working with nr columns at once.
Index size = transpose ? rows : cols;
Index pb_max_threads = std::max<Index>(1,size / Functor::Traits::nr);
// compute the maximal number of threads from the total amount of work:
double work = static_cast<double>(rows) * static_cast<double>(cols) *
double kMinTaskSize = 50000; // FIXME improve this heuristic.
pb_max_threads = std::max<Index>(1, std::min<Index>(pb_max_threads, static_cast<Index>( work / kMinTaskSize ) ));
// compute the number of threads we are going to use
Index threads = std::min<Index>(nbThreads(), pb_max_threads);
// if multi-threading is explicitly disabled, not useful, or if we already are in a parallel session,
// then abort multi-threading
// FIXME omp_get_num_threads()>1 only works for openmp, what if the user does not use openmp?
if((!Condition) || (threads==1) || (omp_get_num_threads()>1))
return func(0,rows, 0,cols);
#pragma omp parallel num_threads(threads)
Index i = omp_get_thread_num();
// Note that the actual number of threads might be lower than the number of request ones.
Index actual_threads = omp_get_num_threads();
Index blockCols = (cols / actual_threads) & ~Index(0x3);
Index blockRows = (rows / actual_threads);
blockRows = (blockRows/Functor::Traits::mr)*Functor::Traits::mr;
Index r0 = i*blockRows;
Index actualBlockRows = (i+1==actual_threads) ? rows-r0 : blockRows;
Index c0 = i*blockCols;
Index actualBlockCols = (i+1==actual_threads) ? cols-c0 : blockCols;
info[i].lhs_start = r0;
info[i].lhs_length = actualBlockRows;
if(transpose) func(c0, actualBlockCols, 0, rows, info);
else func(0, rows, c0, actualBlockCols, info);
} // end namespace internal
} // end namespace Eigen