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#include <bench/spbench/spbenchsolver.h>
void bench_printhelp()
cout<< " \nbenchsolver : performs a benchmark of all the solvers available in Eigen \n\n";
cout<< " MATRIX FOLDER : \n";
cout<< " The matrices for the benchmark should be collected in a folder specified with an environment variable EIGEN_MATRIXDIR \n";
cout<< " The matrices are stored using the matrix market coordinate format \n";
cout<< " The matrix and associated right-hand side (rhs) files are named respectively \n";
cout<< " as MatrixName.mtx and MatrixName_b.mtx. If the rhs does not exist, a random one is generated. \n";
cout<< " If a matrix is SPD, the matrix should be named as MatrixName_SPD.mtx \n";
cout<< " If a true solution exists, it should be named as MatrixName_x.mtx; \n" ;
cout<< " it will be used to compute the norm of the error relative to the computed solutions\n\n";
cout<< " OPTIONS : \n";
cout<< " -h or --help \n print this help and return\n\n";
cout<< " -d matrixdir \n Use matrixdir as the matrix folder instead of the one specified in the environment variable EIGEN_MATRIXDIR\n\n";
cout<< " -o outputfile.xml \n Output the statistics to a xml file \n\n";
cout<< " --eps <RelErr> Sets the relative tolerance for iterative solvers (default 1e-08) \n\n";
cout<< " --maxits <MaxIts> Sets the maximum number of iterations (default 1000) \n\n";
int main(int argc, char ** args)
bool help = ( get_options(argc, args, "-h") || get_options(argc, args, "--help") );
if(help) {
return 0;
// Get the location of the test matrices
string matrix_dir;
if (!get_options(argc, args, "-d", &matrix_dir))
if(getenv("EIGEN_MATRIXDIR") == NULL){
std::cerr << "Please, specify the location of the matrices with -d mat_folder or the environment variable EIGEN_MATRIXDIR \n";
std::cerr << " Run with --help to see the list of all the available options \n";
return -1;
matrix_dir = getenv("EIGEN_MATRIXDIR");
std::ofstream statbuf;
string statFile ;
// Get the file to write the statistics
bool statFileExists = get_options(argc, args, "-o", &statFile);
{, std::ios::out);
statFileExists = true;
std::cerr << "Unable to open the provided file for writing... \n";
// Get the maximum number of iterations and the tolerance
int maxiters = 1000;
double tol = 1e-08;
string inval;
if (get_options(argc, args, "--eps", &inval))
tol = atof(inval.c_str());
if(get_options(argc, args, "--maxits", &inval))
maxiters = atoi(inval.c_str());
string current_dir;
// Test the real-arithmetics matrices
Browse_Matrices<double>(matrix_dir, statFileExists, statFile,maxiters, tol);
// Test the complex-arithmetics matrices
Browse_Matrices<std::complex<double> >(matrix_dir, statFileExists, statFile, maxiters, tol);
{, std::ios::app);
statbuf << "</BENCH> \n";
cout << "\n Output written in " << statFile << " ...\n";
return 0;