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# Copyright (C) 1991-2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2008,2009
# Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This file is part of the GNU C Library.
# The GNU C Library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
# License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
# version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
# The GNU C Library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# Lesser General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
# License along with the GNU C Library; if not, write to the Free
# Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA
# 02111-1307 USA.
# Master Makefile for the GNU C library
ifneq (,)
This makefile requires GNU Make.
include Makeconfig
# This is the default target; it makes everything except the tests.
.PHONY: all
all: lib others
ifneq ($(AUTOCONF),no)
ifeq ($(with-cvs),yes)
define autoconf-it-cvs
test ! -d CVS || cvs $(CVSOPTS) commit -m'Regenerated: autoconf $(ACFLAGS) $<' $@
autoconf-it-cvs =
define autoconf-it
@-rm -f $
chmod a-w$(patsubst %,$(comma)a+x,$(filter .,$(@D))) $
mv -f $ $@
configure: aclocal.m4; $(autoconf-it)
%/configure: %/ aclocal.m4; $(autoconf-it)
%/preconfigure: %/ aclocal.m4; $(autoconf-it)
endif # $(AUTOCONF) = no
# We don't want to run anything here in parallel.
# These are the targets that are made by making them in each subdirectory.
+subdir_targets := subdir_lib objects objs others subdir_mostlyclean \
subdir_clean subdir_distclean subdir_realclean \
tests xtests subdir_lint.out \
subdir_update-abi subdir_check-abi \
subdir_echo-headers \
subdir_install \
subdir_objs subdir_stubs subdir_testclean \
$(addprefix install-, no-libc.a bin lib data headers others)
headers := limits.h values.h features.h gnu-versions.h bits/libc-lock.h \
bits/xopen_lim.h gnu/libc-version.h
echo-headers: subdir_echo-headers
# The headers are in the include directory.
subdir-dirs = include
vpath %.h $(subdir-dirs)
# What to install.
install-others = $(inst_includedir)/gnu/stubs.h
install-bin-script =
ifeq (yes,$(build-shared))
headers += gnu/lib-names.h
include Makerules
ifeq ($(build-programs),yes)
others: $(addprefix $(objpfx),$(install-bin-script))
# Install from subdirectories too.
install: subdir_install
# Explicit dependency so that `make install-headers' works
install-headers: install-headers-nosubdir
# Make sure that the dynamic linker is installed before libc.
$(inst_slibdir)/libc-$(version).so: elf/ldso_install
.PHONY: elf/ldso_install
$(MAKE) -C $(@D) $(@F)
# Create links for shared libraries using the `ldconfig' program if possible.
# Ignore the error if we cannot update /etc/
ifeq (no,$(cross-compiling))
ifeq (yes,$(build-shared))
install: install-symbolic-link
.PHONY: install-symbolic-link
install-symbolic-link: subdir_install
$(symbolic-link-prog) $(symbolic-link-list)
rm -f $(symbolic-link-list)
-test ! -x $(common-objpfx)elf/ldconfig || LC_ALL=C LANGUAGE=C \
$(common-objpfx)elf/ldconfig $(addprefix -r ,$(install_root)) \
$(slibdir) $(libdir)
ifneq (no,$(PERL))
ifeq (/usr,$(prefix))
ifeq (,$(install_root))
CC="$(CC)" $(PERL) scripts/ $(common-objpfx)
# Build subdirectory lib objects.
lib-noranlib: subdir_lib
ifeq (yes,$(build-shared))
# Build the shared object from the PIC object library.
lib: $(common-objpfx)
# This is a handy script for running any dynamically linked program against
# the current libc build for testing.
$(common-objpfx) $(common-objpfx)config.make \
$(..)Makeconfig $(..)Makefile
(echo '#!/bin/sh'; \
echo "GCONV_PATH='$(common-objpfx)iconvdata' \\"; \
echo 'exec $(run-program-prefix) $${1+"$$@"}'; \
) > $@T
chmod a+x $@T
mv -f $@T $@
postclean-generated +=
others: $(common-objpfx)
# Makerules creates a file `stubs' in each subdirectory, which
# contains `#define __stub_FUNCTION' for each function defined in that
# directory which is a stub.
# Here we paste all of these together into <gnu/stubs.h>.
subdir-stubs := $(foreach dir,$(subdirs),$(common-objpfx)$(dir)/stubs)
ifeq ($(biarch),no)
installed-stubs = $(inst_includedir)/gnu/stubs.h
installed-stubs = $(inst_includedir)/gnu/stubs-$(biarch).h
$(inst_includedir)/gnu/stubs.h: include/stubs-biarch.h $(+force)
install-others-nosubdir: $(installed-stubs)
# Since stubs.h is never needed when building the library, we simplify the
# hairy installation process by producing it in place only as the last part
# of the top-level `make install'. It depends on subdir_install, which
# iterates over all the subdirs; subdir_install in each subdir depends on
# the subdir's stubs file. Having more direct dependencies would result in
# extra iterations over the list for subdirs and many recursive makes.
$(installed-stubs): include/stubs-prologue.h subdir_install
@rm -f $(objpfx)stubs.h
(sed '/^@/d' $<; LC_ALL=C sort $(subdir-stubs)) > $(objpfx)stubs.h
if test -r $@ && cmp -s $(objpfx)stubs.h $@; \
then echo 'stubs.h unchanged'; \
else $(INSTALL_DATA) $(objpfx)stubs.h $@; fi
rm -f $(objpfx)stubs.h
# This makes the Info or DVI file of the documentation from the Texinfo source.
.PHONY: info dvi pdf html
info dvi pdf html:
$(MAKE) $(PARALLELMFLAGS) -C manual $@
# This makes all the subdirectory targets.
# For each target, make it depend on DIR/target for each subdirectory DIR.
$(+subdir_targets): %: $(addsuffix /%,$(subdirs))
# Compute a list of all those targets.
all-subdirs-targets := $(foreach dir,$(subdirs),\
$(addprefix $(dir)/,$(+subdir_targets)))
# The action for each of those is to cd into the directory and make the
# target there.
$(MAKE) $(PARALLELMFLAGS) $(subdir-target-args) $(@F)
define subdir-target-args
subdir=$(@D)$(if $($(@D)-srcdir),\
-C $($(@D)-srcdir) ..=`pwd`/,\
-C $(@D) ..=../)
.PHONY: $(+subdir_targets) $(all-subdirs-targets)
# Targets to clean things up to various degrees.
.PHONY: clean realclean distclean distclean-1 parent-clean parent-mostlyclean \
# Subroutines of all cleaning targets.
parent-mostlyclean: common-mostlyclean # common-mostlyclean is in Makerules.
-rm -f $(foreach o,$(object-suffixes-for-libc),\
$(common-objpfx)$(patsubst %,$(libtype$o),c)) \
$(addprefix $(objpfx),$(install-lib))
parent-clean: parent-mostlyclean common-clean
postclean = $(addprefix $(common-objpfx),$(postclean-generated)) \
$(addprefix $(objpfx),sysd-dirs sysd-rules) \
$(addprefix $(objpfx),sysd-sorted soversions.i)
clean: parent-clean
# This is done this way rather than having `subdir_clean' be a
# dependency of this target so that libc.a will be removed before the
# subdirectories are dealt with and so they won't try to remove object
# files from it when it's going to be removed anyway.
@$(MAKE) subdir_clean no_deps=t
-rm -f $(postclean)
mostlyclean: parent-mostlyclean
@$(MAKE) subdir_mostlyclean no_deps=t
-rm -f $(postclean)
@$(MAKE) subdir_testclean no_deps=t
tests: $(objpfx)c++-types-check.out $(objpfx)check-local-headers.out
ifneq ($(CXX),no)
check-data := $(firstword $(wildcard \
$(foreach D,$(add-ons) scripts,\
$(patsubst %,$D/data/,\
$(abi-name) \
$(addsuffix -$(config-os),\
$(config-machine) \
ifneq (,$(check-data))
$(objpfx)c++-types-check.out: $(check-data) scripts/
scripts/ $< $(CXX) $(filter-out -std=gnu99 -Wstrict-prototypes,$(CFLAGS)) $(CPPFLAGS) > $@
@echo 'WARNING C++ tests not run; create a c++-types-XXX file'
@echo "not run" > $@
$(objpfx)check-local-headers.out: scripts/
scripts/ "$(includedir)" "$(objpfx)" > $@
ifneq ($(PERL),no)
installed-headers = argp/argp.h assert/assert.h catgets/nl_types.h \
crypt/crypt.h ctype/ctype.h debug/execinfo.h \
dirent/dirent.h dlfcn/dlfcn.h elf/elf.h elf/link.h \
gmon/sys/gmon.h gmon/sys/gmon_out.h gmon/sys/profil.h \
grp/grp.h gshadow/gshadow.h iconv/iconv.h iconv/gconv.h \
$(wildcard inet/netinet/*.h) \
$(wildcard inet/arpa/*.h inet/protocols/*.h) \
inet/aliases.h inet/ifaddrs.h inet/netinet/ip6.h \
inet/netinet/icmp6.h intl/libintl.h io/sys/stat.h \
io/sys/statfs.h io/sys/vfs.h io/sys/statvfs.h \
io/fcntl.h io/sys/fcntl.h io/poll.h io/sys/poll.h \
io/utime.h io/ftw.h io/fts.h io/sys/sendfile.h \
libio/stdio.h libio/libio.h locale/locale.h \
locale/langinfo.h locale/xlocale.h login/utmp.h \
login/lastlog.h login/pty.h malloc/malloc.h \
malloc/obstack.h malloc/mcheck.h math/math.h \
math/complex.h math/fenv.h math/tgmath.h misc/sys/uio.h \
$(wildcard nis/rpcsvc/*.h) nptl_db/thread_db.h \
nptl/sysdeps/pthread/pthread.h nptl/semaphore.h \
nss/nss.h posix/sys/utsname.h posix/sys/times.h \
posix/sys/wait.h posix/sys/types.h posix/unistd.h \
posix/glob.h posix/regex.h posix/wordexp.h posix/fnmatch.h\
posix/getopt.h posix/tar.h posix/sys/unistd.h \
posix/sched.h posix/re_comp.h posix/wait.h \
posix/cpio.h posix/spawn.h pwd/pwd.h resolv/resolv.h \
resolv/netdb.h $(wildcard resolv/arpa/*.h) \
resource/sys/resource.h resource/sys/vlimit.h \
resource/sys/vtimes.h resource/ulimit.h rt/aio.h \
rt/mqueue.h setjmp/setjmp.h shadow/shadow.h \
signal/signal.h signal/sys/signal.h socket/sys/socket.h \
socket/sys/un.h stdio-common/printf.h \
stdio-common/stdio_ext.h stdlib/stdlib.h stdlib/alloca.h \
stdlib/monetary.h stdlib/fmtmsg.h stdlib/ucontext.h \
sysdeps/generic/inttypes.h sysdeps/generic/stdint.h \
stdlib/errno.h stdlib/sys/errno.h string/string.h \
string/strings.h string/memory.h string/endian.h \
string/argz.h string/envz.h string/byteswap.h \
$(wildcard sunrpc/rpc/*.h sunrpc/rpcsvc/*.h) \
sysvipc/sys/ipc.h sysvipc/sys/msg.h sysvipc/sys/sem.h \
sysvipc/sys/shm.h termios/termios.h \
termios/sys/termios.h termios/sys/ttychars.h time/time.h \
time/sys/time.h time/sys/timeb.h wcsmbs/wchar.h \
tests: $(objpfx)begin-end-check.out
$(objpfx)begin-end-check.out: scripts/
$(PERL) scripts/ $(installed-headers) > $@
# The realclean target is just like distclean for the parent, but we want
# the subdirs to know the difference in case they care.
realclean distclean: parent-clean
# This is done this way rather than having `subdir_distclean' be a
# dependency of this target so that libc.a will be removed before the
# subdirectories are dealt with and so they won't try to remove object
# files from it when it's going to be removed anyway.
@$(MAKE) distclean-1 no_deps=t distclean-1=$@ avoid-generated=yes \
-rm -f $(postclean)
# Subroutine of distclean and realclean.
distclean-1: subdir_$(distclean-1)
-rm -f $(config-generated)
-rm -f $(addprefix $(objpfx),config.status config.cache config.log)
-rm -f $(addprefix $(objpfx),config.make config-name.h config.h)
ifdef objdir
-rm -f $(objpfx)Makefile
-rm -f $(sysdep-$(distclean-1))
# Make the TAGS file for Emacs users.
scripts/ | sed -n -e '/Makefile/p' \
$(foreach S,[chsSyl] cxx sh bash pl,\
$(subst .,\.,-e '/.$S\(.in\)*$$/p')) \
| $(ETAGS) -o $@ -
# Make the distribution tarfile.
.PHONY: dist dist-prepare
generated := $(generated) stubs.h
files-for-dist := README FAQ INSTALL NOTES configure ChangeLog NEWS
# Regenerate stuff, then error if these things are not committed yet.
dist-prepare: $(files-for-dist)
conf=`find sysdeps $(addsuffix /sysdeps,$(sysdeps-add-ons)) \
-name configure`; \
$(MAKE) $$conf && \
git diff --stat HEAD -- $^ $$conf \
| $(AWK) '{ print; rc=1 } END { exit rc }'
%.tar: FORCE
git archive --prefix=$*/ $* > $
mv -f $ $@
# Do `make dist dist-version=X.Y.Z' to make tar files of an older version.
ifneq (,$(strip $(dist-version)))
dist: $(foreach Z,.bz2 .gz .xz,$(dist-version).tar$Z)
md5sum $^
dist: dist-prepare
@if v=`git describe`; then \
echo Distribution version $$v; \
$(MAKE) dist dist-version=$$v; \
else \
false; \
define format-me
@rm -f $@
makeinfo --no-validate --plaintext --no-number-sections $< -o $@
-chmod a-w $@
INSTALL: manual/install.texi; $(format-me)
NOTES: manual/creature.texi; $(format-me)
manual/dir-add.texi manual/ FORCE
FAQ: scripts/
$(PERL) $^ > $ && rm -f $@ && mv $ $@ && chmod a-w $@
ifeq ($(with-cvs),yes)
test ! -d CVS || cvs $(CVSOPTS) commit -m'Regenerated: $(PERL) $^' $@
iconvdata/% localedata/% po/% manual/%: FORCE
# glibc 2.0 contains some header files which aren't used with glibc 2.1
# anymore.
# These rules should remove those headers
ifeq (,$(install_root))
ifeq ($(old-glibc-headers),yes)
install: remove-old-headers
headers2_0 := __math.h bytesex.h confname.h direntry.h elfclass.h \
errnos.h fcntlbits.h huge_val.h ioctl-types.h \
ioctls.h iovec.h jmp_buf.h libc-lock.h local_lim.h \
mathcalls.h mpool.h nan.h ndbm.h posix1_lim.h \
posix2_lim.h posix_opt.h resourcebits.h schedbits.h \
selectbits.h semaphorebits.h sigaction.h sigcontext.h \
signum.h sigset.h sockaddrcom.h socketbits.h stab.def \
statbuf.h statfsbuf.h stdio-lock.h stdio_lim.h \
syscall-list.h termbits.h timebits.h ustatbits.h \
utmpbits.h utsnamelen.h waitflags.h waitstatus.h \
xopen_lim.h gnu/types.h sys/ipc_buf.h \
sys/kernel_termios.h sys/msq_buf.h sys/sem_buf.h \
sys/shm_buf.h sys/socketcall.h sigstack.h
.PHONY: remove-old-headers
rm -f $(addprefix $(inst_includedir)/, $(headers2_0))