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What: /sys/devices
Date: February 2006
Contact: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
The /sys/devices tree contains a snapshot of the
internal state of the kernel device tree. Devices will
be added and removed dynamically as the machine runs,
and between different kernel versions, the layout of the
devices within this tree will change.
Please do not rely on the format of this tree because of
this. If a program wishes to find different things in
the tree, please use the /sys/class structure and rely
on the symlinks there to point to the proper location
within the /sys/devices tree of the individual devices.
Or rely on the uevent messages to notify programs of
devices being added and removed from this tree to find
the location of those devices.
Note that sometimes not all devices along the directory
chain will have emitted uevent messages, so userspace
programs must be able to handle such occurrences.
udev <>