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Kernel driver adt7411
Supported chips:
* Analog Devices ADT7411
Prefix: 'adt7411'
Addresses scanned: 0x48, 0x4a, 0x4b
Datasheet: Publicly available at the Analog Devices website
Author: Wolfram Sang (based on adt7470 by Darrick J. Wong)
This driver implements support for the Analog Devices ADT7411 chip. There may
be other chips that implement this interface.
The ADT7411 can use an I2C/SMBus compatible 2-wire interface or an
SPI-compatible 4-wire interface. It provides a 10-bit analog to digital
converter which measures 1 temperature, vdd and 8 input voltages. It has an
internal temperature sensor, but an external one can also be connected (one
loses 2 inputs then). There are high- and low-limit registers for all inputs.
Check the datasheet for details.
in0_input - vdd voltage input
in[1-8]_input - analog 1-8 input
temp1_input - temperature input
Besides standard interfaces, this driver adds (0 = off, 1 = on):
adc_ref_vdd - Use vdd as reference instead of 2.25 V
fast_sampling - Sample at 22.5 kHz instead of 1.4 kHz, but drop filters
no_average - Turn off averaging over 16 samples
SPI, external temperature sensor and limit registers are not supported yet.