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# Simple Makefile.w32 for stunnel.exe by Michal Trojnara 1998-2007
# Modified by Brian Hatch (
# 20101030 pdelaage:
# + multi-HOST management (if used on Windows host or Linux Host)
# + lack of gnu-win32 (rm) detection
# note: rm is used INTERNALLY by gcc for deletion if intermediate files.
# This makefile is only tested on the mingw compiler. Mingw can successfully
# compile both openssl and stunnel. If you want to use another compiler, give
# it a shot, and tell us how it went.
# pdelaage : THIS makefile can be used with mingw-make on Windows or gnu make
# on Linux, to produce the Win32 version of stunnel (target is win32). It
# requires, on Windows, the use of gnu-win32 tools: rm, mkdir, rmdir that
# manages files and dirs BOTH on linux and Windows with / as path separator.
# Note: Native windows equivalent, del and mkdir/rmdir, badly manage / and \,
# so they cannot be used here.
# On Windows host, download:
# if you have forgotten this, this makefile will remind you...
# Modify this to point to your actual openssl compile directory
# (You did already compile openssl, didn't you???)
# c:\, backslash is not correctly recognized by mingw32-make, produces some
# "missing separator" issue.
# pdelaage: simple trick to detect if we are using mingw-gcc on a Windows host,
# or on a linux host. windir is a system environment variable on windows NT
# and above, and then redefine some macros.
# note: ifdef is !IFDEF in MS nmake or Borland make.
# $(info is !MESSAGE in MS nmake or Borland make.
ifdef windir
$(info host machine is a Windows machine )
MKDIR="C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin\mkdir.exe"
DELFILES="C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin\rm.exe" -f
DELDIR="C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin\rm.exe" -rf
$(info host machine is a linux machine )
DELDIR=rm -rf
OBJS=$(OBJ)/stunnel.o $(OBJ)/ssl.o $(OBJ)/ctx.o $(OBJ)/verify.o \
$(OBJ)/file.o $(OBJ)/client.o $(OBJ)/protocol.o $(OBJ)/sthreads.o \
$(OBJ)/log.o $(OBJ)/options.o $(OBJ)/network.o $(OBJ)/resolver.o \
$(OBJ)/ui_win_gui.o $(OBJ)/resources.o $(OBJ)/str.o $(OBJ)\tls.obj \
$(OBJ)/fd.o $(OBJ)/dhparam.o $(OBJ)/cron.o
# pdelaage note: as a workaround for windres bug on resources.rc, equivalent to
# "use a temp file instead of popen" option between cpp and windres!
RCP=gcc -E -xc-header -DRC_INVOKED
# some preprocessing debug : $(info DEFINES is $(DEFINES) )
#CFLAGS=-g -O2 -Wall $(DEFINES) -I$(SSLDIR)/outinc
#pdelaage : outinc not correct, it is inc32!
CFLAGS=-g -O2 -Wall $(DEFINES) -I$(SSLDIR)/inc32
# RFLAGS, note of pdelaage: windres accepts -fo for compatibility with ms tools
# default options : -J rc -O coff, input rc file, output coff file.
RFLAGS=-v --use-temp-file $(DEFINES)
# following RFLAGS2 useful if one day use-temp-file does not exist anymore
# LIBS=-L$(SSLDIR)/out -lssl -lcrypto -lwsock32 -lgdi32 -lcrypt32
#20101030 pdelaage fix winsock2 and BAD sslpath ! LIBS=-L$(SSLDIR)/out -lzdll -leay32 -lssl32 -lwsock32 -lgdi32 -lcrypt32
# added libeay instead of eay, ssleay instead of ssl32, suppressed zdll useless.
LIBS=-L$(SSLDIR)/out32dll -lssleay32 -llibeay32 -lws2_32 -lpsapi -lgdi32 -lcrypt32
# IMPORTANT pdelaage : restore this if you need (but I do not see why) -lzdll
$(OBJ)/%.o: $(SRC)/%.c
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o$@ -c $<
$(OBJ)/%.o: $(SRC)/%.cpp
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o$@ -c $<
$(OBJ)/%.o: $(SRC)/%.rc
$(RC) $(RFLAGS) -o$@ $<
# pdelaage : trick for windres preprocessing popen bug on Windows, in case the windres option
# use_temp_file disappear one day...
# comment out the $(RC) rule above to activate the following
$(OBJ)/%.rcp: $(SRC)/%.rc
$(RCP) $(DEFINES) -o$@ $<
$(OBJ)/%.o: $(OBJ)/%.rcp
$(RC) $(RFLAGS2) -o$@ $<
# Note : gnu-make will automatically RM the intermediate "rcp" file
# BUT it will ABSOLUTELY NEED the "rm" command available : not a problem on linux
# but on a windows dev host machine, one will need to install gnu-win32/rm command
# in the system...
# for debug of the preprocessed rcp file, because it is automatically deleted by gnu-make: cp $< $<.2
all: testenv makedirs $(BIN)/stunnel.exe
#pdelaage : testenv purpose is to detect, on windows, whether Gnu-win32 has been properly installed...
# a first call to "true" is made to detect availability, a second is made to stop the make process.
ifdef windir
-@ echo OFF
-@ true >$(NULLDEV) 2>&1 || echo You MUST install Gnu-Win32 coreutils \
from \
and set PATH to include C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin
@true >$(NULLDEV) 2>&1
-@ true >$(NULLDEV) 2>&1 || echo Your system lacks Gnu coreutils tools !!!
@true >$(NULLDEV) 2>&1
-@ $(DELFILES) $(OBJ)/*.o
-@ $(DELFILES) $(BIN)/stunnel.exe >$(NULLDEV) 2>&1
-@ $(DELDIR) $(OBJ) >$(NULLDEV) 2>&1
-@ $(DELDIR) $(BIN) >$(NULLDEV) 2>&1
-@ $(MKDIR) $(OBJROOT) >$(NULLDEV) 2>&1
-@ $(MKDIR) $(OBJ) >$(NULLDEV) 2>&1
-@ $(MKDIR) $(BINROOT) >$(NULLDEV) 2>&1
-@ $(MKDIR) $(BIN) >$(NULLDEV) 2>&1
# pseudo-target for RC-preprocessor debugging
# result appears OK, as a text file
gcc -E -xc-header -DRC_INVOKED $(DEFINES) -o $(SRC)/resources.rcp $(SRC)/resources.rc
$(OBJS): *.h mingw.mak
$(BIN)/stunnel.exe: $(OBJS)
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o $(BIN)/stunnel.exe $(OBJS) $(LIBS) -mwindows
# "missing separator" issue with mingw32-make: tabs MUST BE TABS in your text
# editor, and not set of spaces even if your development host is windows.
# Some \ are badly tolerated by mingw32-make "!" directives, eg as !IF,
# accepted in MS nmake and Borland make ARE NOT supported by gnu make but they
# all have their equivalents.
# Gnu-make is case sensitive, while ms nmake or borland make are not. Anyway,
# on reference to env vars nmake convert env vars to UPPERCASE macro names...