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Version: 1.0.1m
License: Multiple BSD-style Open Source licenses.
License File: LICENSE
An adaptation of OpenSSL crypto functions for use in the Nest Protect product.
Local Modifications:
Only a small portion of the OpenSSL crypto library is included in emssl. This subset
consists of:
-- BN (big number) functions
-- EC, ECDH and ECDSA functions
-- Experimental J-PAKE functions
-- Misc support functions and header files
(Note that *no* SSL/TLS code from OpenSSL is included in emssl.)
Within this code a number of customizations have been made to accommodate the limitations
of the target environment. Where these customizations required minor modifications to the original
OpenSSL source files, the diffs for these changes have been captured in the patches directory.
In cases where the changes involved wholesale replacement of OpenSSL functions, the files
containing the new functions have been placed in the emssl-custom directory. Additionally the
configuration and makefile system provided by OpenSSL has been entirely replaced with
Pumice-compatible makefiles.