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* @file LPC17xx.h
* @brief CMSIS Cortex-M3 Core Peripheral Access Layer Header File for
* NXP LPC17xx Device Series
* @version: V1.09
* @date: 17. March 2010
* @note
* Copyright (C) 2009 ARM Limited. All rights reserved.
* @par
* ARM Limited (ARM) is supplying this software for use with Cortex-M
* processor based microcontrollers. This file can be freely distributed
* within development tools that are supporting such ARM based processors.
* @par
#ifndef __LPC17xx_H__
#define __LPC17xx_H__
* ==========================================================================
* ---------- Interrupt Number Definition -----------------------------------
* ==========================================================================
typedef enum IRQn
/****** Cortex-M3 Processor Exceptions Numbers ***************************************************/
NonMaskableInt_IRQn = -14, /*!< 2 Non Maskable Interrupt */
MemoryManagement_IRQn = -12, /*!< 4 Cortex-M3 Memory Management Interrupt */
BusFault_IRQn = -11, /*!< 5 Cortex-M3 Bus Fault Interrupt */
UsageFault_IRQn = -10, /*!< 6 Cortex-M3 Usage Fault Interrupt */
SVCall_IRQn = -5, /*!< 11 Cortex-M3 SV Call Interrupt */
DebugMonitor_IRQn = -4, /*!< 12 Cortex-M3 Debug Monitor Interrupt */
PendSV_IRQn = -2, /*!< 14 Cortex-M3 Pend SV Interrupt */
SysTick_IRQn = -1, /*!< 15 Cortex-M3 System Tick Interrupt */
/****** LPC17xx Specific Interrupt Numbers *******************************************************/
WDT_IRQn = 0, /*!< Watchdog Timer Interrupt */
TIMER0_IRQn = 1, /*!< Timer0 Interrupt */
TIMER1_IRQn = 2, /*!< Timer1 Interrupt */
TIMER2_IRQn = 3, /*!< Timer2 Interrupt */
TIMER3_IRQn = 4, /*!< Timer3 Interrupt */
UART0_IRQn = 5, /*!< UART0 Interrupt */
UART1_IRQn = 6, /*!< UART1 Interrupt */
UART2_IRQn = 7, /*!< UART2 Interrupt */
UART3_IRQn = 8, /*!< UART3 Interrupt */
PWM1_IRQn = 9, /*!< PWM1 Interrupt */
I2C0_IRQn = 10, /*!< I2C0 Interrupt */
I2C1_IRQn = 11, /*!< I2C1 Interrupt */
I2C2_IRQn = 12, /*!< I2C2 Interrupt */
SPI_IRQn = 13, /*!< SPI Interrupt */
SSP0_IRQn = 14, /*!< SSP0 Interrupt */
SSP1_IRQn = 15, /*!< SSP1 Interrupt */
PLL0_IRQn = 16, /*!< PLL0 Lock (Main PLL) Interrupt */
RTC_IRQn = 17, /*!< Real Time Clock Interrupt */
EINT0_IRQn = 18, /*!< External Interrupt 0 Interrupt */
EINT1_IRQn = 19, /*!< External Interrupt 1 Interrupt */
EINT2_IRQn = 20, /*!< External Interrupt 2 Interrupt */
EINT3_IRQn = 21, /*!< External Interrupt 3 Interrupt */
ADC_IRQn = 22, /*!< A/D Converter Interrupt */
BOD_IRQn = 23, /*!< Brown-Out Detect Interrupt */
USB_IRQn = 24, /*!< USB Interrupt */
CAN_IRQn = 25, /*!< CAN Interrupt */
DMA_IRQn = 26, /*!< General Purpose DMA Interrupt */
I2S_IRQn = 27, /*!< I2S Interrupt */
ENET_IRQn = 28, /*!< Ethernet Interrupt */
RIT_IRQn = 29, /*!< Repetitive Interrupt Timer Interrupt */
MCPWM_IRQn = 30, /*!< Motor Control PWM Interrupt */
QEI_IRQn = 31, /*!< Quadrature Encoder Interface Interrupt */
PLL1_IRQn = 32, /*!< PLL1 Lock (USB PLL) Interrupt */
USBActivity_IRQn = 33, /* USB Activity interrupt */
CANActivity_IRQn = 34, /* CAN Activity interrupt */
} IRQn_Type;
* ==========================================================================
* ----------- Processor and Core Peripheral Section ------------------------
* ==========================================================================
/* Configuration of the Cortex-M3 Processor and Core Peripherals */
#define __MPU_PRESENT 1 /*!< MPU present or not */
#define __NVIC_PRIO_BITS 5 /*!< Number of Bits used for Priority Levels */
#define __Vendor_SysTickConfig 0 /*!< Set to 1 if different SysTick Config is used */
#include "core_cm3.h" /* Cortex-M3 processor and core peripherals */
#include "system_LPC17xx.h" /* System Header */
/* Device Specific Peripheral registers structures */
#if defined ( __CC_ARM )
#pragma anon_unions
/*------------- System Control (SC) ------------------------------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint32_t FLASHCFG; /* Flash Accelerator Module */
uint32_t RESERVED0[31];
__IO uint32_t PLL0CON; /* Clocking and Power Control */
__IO uint32_t PLL0CFG;
__I uint32_t PLL0STAT;
__O uint32_t PLL0FEED;
uint32_t RESERVED1[4];
__IO uint32_t PLL1CON;
__IO uint32_t PLL1CFG;
__I uint32_t PLL1STAT;
__O uint32_t PLL1FEED;
uint32_t RESERVED2[4];
__IO uint32_t PCON;
__IO uint32_t PCONP;
uint32_t RESERVED3[15];
__IO uint32_t CCLKCFG;
__IO uint32_t USBCLKCFG;
__IO uint32_t CLKSRCSEL;
__IO uint32_t CANSLEEPCLR;
uint32_t RESERVED4[10];
__IO uint32_t EXTINT; /* External Interrupts */
uint32_t RESERVED5;
__IO uint32_t EXTMODE;
__IO uint32_t EXTPOLAR;
uint32_t RESERVED6[12];
__IO uint32_t RSID; /* Reset */
uint32_t RESERVED7[7];
__IO uint32_t SCS; /* Syscon Miscellaneous Registers */
__IO uint32_t IRCTRIM; /* Clock Dividers */
__IO uint32_t PCLKSEL0;
__IO uint32_t PCLKSEL1;
uint32_t RESERVED8[4];
__IO uint32_t USBIntSt; /* USB Device/OTG Interrupt Register */
__IO uint32_t DMAREQSEL;
__IO uint32_t CLKOUTCFG; /* Clock Output Configuration */
} LPC_SC_TypeDef;
/*------------- Pin Connect Block (PINCON) -----------------------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint32_t PINSEL0;
__IO uint32_t PINSEL1;
__IO uint32_t PINSEL2;
__IO uint32_t PINSEL3;
__IO uint32_t PINSEL4;
__IO uint32_t PINSEL5;
__IO uint32_t PINSEL6;
__IO uint32_t PINSEL7;
__IO uint32_t PINSEL8;
__IO uint32_t PINSEL9;
__IO uint32_t PINSEL10;
uint32_t RESERVED0[5];
__IO uint32_t PINMODE0;
__IO uint32_t PINMODE1;
__IO uint32_t PINMODE2;
__IO uint32_t PINMODE3;
__IO uint32_t PINMODE4;
__IO uint32_t PINMODE5;
__IO uint32_t PINMODE6;
__IO uint32_t PINMODE7;
__IO uint32_t PINMODE8;
__IO uint32_t PINMODE9;
__IO uint32_t PINMODE_OD0;
__IO uint32_t PINMODE_OD1;
__IO uint32_t PINMODE_OD2;
__IO uint32_t PINMODE_OD3;
__IO uint32_t PINMODE_OD4;
__IO uint32_t I2CPADCFG;
/*------------- General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) --------------------------*/
typedef struct
union {
__IO uint32_t FIODIR;
struct {
__IO uint16_t FIODIRL;
__IO uint16_t FIODIRH;
struct {
__IO uint8_t FIODIR0;
__IO uint8_t FIODIR1;
__IO uint8_t FIODIR2;
__IO uint8_t FIODIR3;
uint32_t RESERVED0[3];
union {
__IO uint32_t FIOMASK;
struct {
__IO uint16_t FIOMASKL;
__IO uint16_t FIOMASKH;
struct {
__IO uint8_t FIOMASK0;
__IO uint8_t FIOMASK1;
__IO uint8_t FIOMASK2;
__IO uint8_t FIOMASK3;
union {
__IO uint32_t FIOPIN;
struct {
__IO uint16_t FIOPINL;
__IO uint16_t FIOPINH;
struct {
__IO uint8_t FIOPIN0;
__IO uint8_t FIOPIN1;
__IO uint8_t FIOPIN2;
__IO uint8_t FIOPIN3;
union {
__IO uint32_t FIOSET;
struct {
__IO uint16_t FIOSETL;
__IO uint16_t FIOSETH;
struct {
__IO uint8_t FIOSET0;
__IO uint8_t FIOSET1;
__IO uint8_t FIOSET2;
__IO uint8_t FIOSET3;
union {
__O uint32_t FIOCLR;
struct {
__O uint16_t FIOCLRL;
__O uint16_t FIOCLRH;
struct {
__O uint8_t FIOCLR0;
__O uint8_t FIOCLR1;
__O uint8_t FIOCLR2;
__O uint8_t FIOCLR3;
} LPC_GPIO_TypeDef;
typedef struct
__I uint32_t IntStatus;
__I uint32_t IO0IntStatR;
__I uint32_t IO0IntStatF;
__O uint32_t IO0IntClr;
__IO uint32_t IO0IntEnR;
__IO uint32_t IO0IntEnF;
uint32_t RESERVED0[3];
__I uint32_t IO2IntStatR;
__I uint32_t IO2IntStatF;
__O uint32_t IO2IntClr;
__IO uint32_t IO2IntEnR;
__IO uint32_t IO2IntEnF;
/*------------- Timer (TIM) --------------------------------------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint32_t IR;
__IO uint32_t TCR;
__IO uint32_t TC;
__IO uint32_t PR;
__IO uint32_t PC;
__IO uint32_t MCR;
__IO uint32_t MR0;
__IO uint32_t MR1;
__IO uint32_t MR2;
__IO uint32_t MR3;
__IO uint32_t CCR;
__I uint32_t CR0;
__I uint32_t CR1;
uint32_t RESERVED0[2];
__IO uint32_t EMR;
uint32_t RESERVED1[12];
__IO uint32_t CTCR;
} LPC_TIM_TypeDef;
/*------------- Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) ---------------------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint32_t IR;
__IO uint32_t TCR;
__IO uint32_t TC;
__IO uint32_t PR;
__IO uint32_t PC;
__IO uint32_t MCR;
__IO uint32_t MR0;
__IO uint32_t MR1;
__IO uint32_t MR2;
__IO uint32_t MR3;
__IO uint32_t CCR;
__I uint32_t CR0;
__I uint32_t CR1;
__I uint32_t CR2;
__I uint32_t CR3;
uint32_t RESERVED0;
__IO uint32_t MR4;
__IO uint32_t MR5;
__IO uint32_t MR6;
__IO uint32_t PCR;
__IO uint32_t LER;
uint32_t RESERVED1[7];
__IO uint32_t CTCR;
} LPC_PWM_TypeDef;
/*------------- Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) -----------*/
typedef struct
union {
__I uint8_t RBR;
__O uint8_t THR;
__IO uint8_t DLL;
uint32_t RESERVED0;
union {
__IO uint8_t DLM;
__IO uint32_t IER;
union {
__I uint32_t IIR;
__O uint8_t FCR;
__IO uint8_t LCR;
uint8_t RESERVED1[7];
__I uint8_t LSR;
uint8_t RESERVED2[7];
__IO uint8_t SCR;
uint8_t RESERVED3[3];
__IO uint32_t ACR;
__IO uint8_t ICR;
uint8_t RESERVED4[3];
__IO uint8_t FDR;
uint8_t RESERVED5[7];
__IO uint8_t TER;
uint8_t RESERVED6[39];
__IO uint32_t FIFOLVL;
} LPC_UART_TypeDef;
typedef struct
union {
__I uint8_t RBR;
__O uint8_t THR;
__IO uint8_t DLL;
uint32_t RESERVED0;
union {
__IO uint8_t DLM;
__IO uint32_t IER;
union {
__I uint32_t IIR;
__O uint8_t FCR;
__IO uint8_t LCR;
uint8_t RESERVED1[7];
__I uint8_t LSR;
uint8_t RESERVED2[7];
__IO uint8_t SCR;
uint8_t RESERVED3[3];
__IO uint32_t ACR;
__IO uint8_t ICR;
uint8_t RESERVED4[3];
__IO uint8_t FDR;
uint8_t RESERVED5[7];
__IO uint8_t TER;
uint8_t RESERVED6[39];
__IO uint32_t FIFOLVL;
} LPC_UART0_TypeDef;
typedef struct
union {
__I uint8_t RBR;
__O uint8_t THR;
__IO uint8_t DLL;
uint32_t RESERVED0;
union {
__IO uint8_t DLM;
__IO uint32_t IER;
union {
__I uint32_t IIR;
__O uint8_t FCR;
__IO uint8_t LCR;
uint8_t RESERVED1[3];
__IO uint8_t MCR;
uint8_t RESERVED2[3];
__I uint8_t LSR;
uint8_t RESERVED3[3];
__I uint8_t MSR;
uint8_t RESERVED4[3];
__IO uint8_t SCR;
uint8_t RESERVED5[3];
__IO uint32_t ACR;
uint32_t RESERVED6;
__IO uint32_t FDR;
uint32_t RESERVED7;
__IO uint8_t TER;
uint8_t RESERVED8[27];
__IO uint8_t RS485CTRL;
uint8_t RESERVED9[3];
__IO uint8_t ADRMATCH;
uint8_t RESERVED10[3];
__IO uint8_t RS485DLY;
uint8_t RESERVED11[3];
__IO uint32_t FIFOLVL;
} LPC_UART1_TypeDef;
/*------------- Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) ----------------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint32_t SPCR;
__I uint32_t SPSR;
__IO uint32_t SPDR;
__IO uint32_t SPCCR;
uint32_t RESERVED0[3];
__IO uint32_t SPINT;
} LPC_SPI_TypeDef;
/*------------- Synchronous Serial Communication (SSP) -----------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint32_t CR0;
__IO uint32_t CR1;
__IO uint32_t DR;
__I uint32_t SR;
__IO uint32_t CPSR;
__IO uint32_t IMSC;
__IO uint32_t RIS;
__IO uint32_t MIS;
__IO uint32_t ICR;
__IO uint32_t DMACR;
} LPC_SSP_TypeDef;
/*------------- Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) -------------------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint32_t I2CONSET;
__I uint32_t I2STAT;
__IO uint32_t I2DAT;
__IO uint32_t I2ADR0;
__IO uint32_t I2SCLH;
__IO uint32_t I2SCLL;
__O uint32_t I2CONCLR;
__IO uint32_t MMCTRL;
__IO uint32_t I2ADR1;
__IO uint32_t I2ADR2;
__IO uint32_t I2ADR3;
__I uint32_t I2DATA_BUFFER;
__IO uint32_t I2MASK0;
__IO uint32_t I2MASK1;
__IO uint32_t I2MASK2;
__IO uint32_t I2MASK3;
} LPC_I2C_TypeDef;
/*------------- Inter IC Sound (I2S) -----------------------------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint32_t I2SDAO;
__IO uint32_t I2SDAI;
__O uint32_t I2STXFIFO;
__I uint32_t I2SRXFIFO;
__I uint32_t I2SSTATE;
__IO uint32_t I2SDMA1;
__IO uint32_t I2SDMA2;
__IO uint32_t I2SIRQ;
__IO uint32_t I2STXRATE;
__IO uint32_t I2SRXRATE;
__IO uint32_t I2STXBITRATE;
__IO uint32_t I2SRXBITRATE;
__IO uint32_t I2STXMODE;
__IO uint32_t I2SRXMODE;
} LPC_I2S_TypeDef;
/*------------- Repetitive Interrupt Timer (RIT) -----------------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint32_t RICOMPVAL;
__IO uint32_t RIMASK;
__IO uint8_t RICTRL;
uint8_t RESERVED0[3];
__IO uint32_t RICOUNTER;
} LPC_RIT_TypeDef;
/*------------- Real-Time Clock (RTC) ----------------------------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint8_t ILR;
uint8_t RESERVED0[7];
__IO uint8_t CCR;
uint8_t RESERVED1[3];
__IO uint8_t CIIR;
uint8_t RESERVED2[3];
__IO uint8_t AMR;
uint8_t RESERVED3[3];
__I uint32_t CTIME0;
__I uint32_t CTIME1;
__I uint32_t CTIME2;
__IO uint8_t SEC;
uint8_t RESERVED4[3];
__IO uint8_t MIN;
uint8_t RESERVED5[3];
__IO uint8_t HOUR;
uint8_t RESERVED6[3];
__IO uint8_t DOM;
uint8_t RESERVED7[3];
__IO uint8_t DOW;
uint8_t RESERVED8[3];
__IO uint16_t DOY;
uint16_t RESERVED9;
__IO uint8_t MONTH;
uint8_t RESERVED10[3];
__IO uint16_t YEAR;
uint16_t RESERVED11;
__IO uint32_t CALIBRATION;
__IO uint32_t GPREG0;
__IO uint32_t GPREG1;
__IO uint32_t GPREG2;
__IO uint32_t GPREG3;
__IO uint32_t GPREG4;
__IO uint8_t RTC_AUXEN;
uint8_t RESERVED12[3];
__IO uint8_t RTC_AUX;
uint8_t RESERVED13[3];
__IO uint8_t ALSEC;
uint8_t RESERVED14[3];
__IO uint8_t ALMIN;
uint8_t RESERVED15[3];
__IO uint8_t ALHOUR;
uint8_t RESERVED16[3];
__IO uint8_t ALDOM;
uint8_t RESERVED17[3];
__IO uint8_t ALDOW;
uint8_t RESERVED18[3];
__IO uint16_t ALDOY;
uint16_t RESERVED19;
__IO uint8_t ALMON;
uint8_t RESERVED20[3];
__IO uint16_t ALYEAR;
uint16_t RESERVED21;
} LPC_RTC_TypeDef;
/*------------- Watchdog Timer (WDT) -----------------------------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint8_t WDMOD;
uint8_t RESERVED0[3];
__IO uint32_t WDTC;
__O uint8_t WDFEED;
uint8_t RESERVED1[3];
__I uint32_t WDTV;
__IO uint32_t WDCLKSEL;
} LPC_WDT_TypeDef;
/*------------- Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) ----------------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint32_t ADCR;
__IO uint32_t ADGDR;
uint32_t RESERVED0;
__IO uint32_t ADINTEN;
__I uint32_t ADDR0;
__I uint32_t ADDR1;
__I uint32_t ADDR2;
__I uint32_t ADDR3;
__I uint32_t ADDR4;
__I uint32_t ADDR5;
__I uint32_t ADDR6;
__I uint32_t ADDR7;
__I uint32_t ADSTAT;
__IO uint32_t ADTRM;
} LPC_ADC_TypeDef;
/*------------- Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) ----------------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint32_t DACR;
__IO uint32_t DACCTRL;
__IO uint16_t DACCNTVAL;
} LPC_DAC_TypeDef;
/*------------- Motor Control Pulse-Width Modulation (MCPWM) -----------------*/
typedef struct
__I uint32_t MCCON;
__O uint32_t MCCON_SET;
__O uint32_t MCCON_CLR;
__I uint32_t MCCAPCON;
__O uint32_t MCCAPCON_SET;
__O uint32_t MCCAPCON_CLR;
__IO uint32_t MCTIM0;
__IO uint32_t MCTIM1;
__IO uint32_t MCTIM2;
__IO uint32_t MCPER0;
__IO uint32_t MCPER1;
__IO uint32_t MCPER2;
__IO uint32_t MCPW0;
__IO uint32_t MCPW1;
__IO uint32_t MCPW2;
__IO uint32_t MCDEADTIME;
__IO uint32_t MCCCP;
__IO uint32_t MCCR0;
__IO uint32_t MCCR1;
__IO uint32_t MCCR2;
__I uint32_t MCINTEN;
__O uint32_t MCINTEN_SET;
__O uint32_t MCINTEN_CLR;
__I uint32_t MCCNTCON;
__O uint32_t MCCNTCON_SET;
__O uint32_t MCCNTCON_CLR;
__I uint32_t MCINTFLAG;
__O uint32_t MCINTFLAG_SET;
__O uint32_t MCINTFLAG_CLR;
__O uint32_t MCCAP_CLR;
} LPC_MCPWM_TypeDef;
/*------------- Quadrature Encoder Interface (QEI) ---------------------------*/
typedef struct
__O uint32_t QEICON;
__I uint32_t QEISTAT;
__IO uint32_t QEICONF;
__I uint32_t QEIPOS;
__IO uint32_t QEIMAXPOS;
__IO uint32_t CMPOS0;
__IO uint32_t CMPOS1;
__IO uint32_t CMPOS2;
__I uint32_t INXCNT;
__IO uint32_t INXCMP;
__IO uint32_t QEILOAD;
__I uint32_t QEITIME;
__I uint32_t QEIVEL;
__I uint32_t QEICAP;
__IO uint32_t VELCOMP;
__IO uint32_t FILTER;
uint32_t RESERVED0[998];
__O uint32_t QEIIEC;
__O uint32_t QEIIES;
__I uint32_t QEIINTSTAT;
__I uint32_t QEIIE;
__O uint32_t QEICLR;
__O uint32_t QEISET;
} LPC_QEI_TypeDef;
/*------------- Controller Area Network (CAN) --------------------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint32_t mask[512]; /* ID Masks */
typedef struct /* Acceptance Filter Registers */
__IO uint32_t AFMR;
__IO uint32_t SFF_sa;
__IO uint32_t SFF_GRP_sa;
__IO uint32_t EFF_sa;
__IO uint32_t EFF_GRP_sa;
__IO uint32_t ENDofTable;
__I uint32_t LUTerrAd;
__I uint32_t LUTerr;
__IO uint32_t FCANIE;
__IO uint32_t FCANIC0;
__IO uint32_t FCANIC1;
} LPC_CANAF_TypeDef;
typedef struct /* Central Registers */
__I uint32_t CANTxSR;
__I uint32_t CANRxSR;
__I uint32_t CANMSR;
} LPC_CANCR_TypeDef;
typedef struct /* Controller Registers */
__IO uint32_t MOD;
__O uint32_t CMR;
__IO uint32_t GSR;
__I uint32_t ICR;
__IO uint32_t IER;
__IO uint32_t BTR;
__IO uint32_t EWL;
__I uint32_t SR;
__IO uint32_t RFS;
__IO uint32_t RID;
__IO uint32_t RDA;
__IO uint32_t RDB;
__IO uint32_t TFI1;
__IO uint32_t TID1;
__IO uint32_t TDA1;
__IO uint32_t TDB1;
__IO uint32_t TFI2;
__IO uint32_t TID2;
__IO uint32_t TDA2;
__IO uint32_t TDB2;
__IO uint32_t TFI3;
__IO uint32_t TID3;
__IO uint32_t TDA3;
__IO uint32_t TDB3;
} LPC_CAN_TypeDef;
/*------------- General Purpose Direct Memory Access (GPDMA) -----------------*/
typedef struct /* Common Registers */
__I uint32_t DMACIntStat;
__I uint32_t DMACIntTCStat;
__O uint32_t DMACIntTCClear;
__I uint32_t DMACIntErrStat;
__O uint32_t DMACIntErrClr;
__I uint32_t DMACRawIntTCStat;
__I uint32_t DMACRawIntErrStat;
__I uint32_t DMACEnbldChns;
__IO uint32_t DMACSoftBReq;
__IO uint32_t DMACSoftSReq;
__IO uint32_t DMACSoftLBReq;
__IO uint32_t DMACSoftLSReq;
__IO uint32_t DMACConfig;
__IO uint32_t DMACSync;
} LPC_GPDMA_TypeDef;
typedef struct /* Channel Registers */
__IO uint32_t DMACCSrcAddr;
__IO uint32_t DMACCDestAddr;
__IO uint32_t DMACCLLI;
__IO uint32_t DMACCControl;
__IO uint32_t DMACCConfig;
/*------------- Universal Serial Bus (USB) -----------------------------------*/
typedef struct
__I uint32_t HcRevision; /* USB Host Registers */
__IO uint32_t HcControl;
__IO uint32_t HcCommandStatus;
__IO uint32_t HcInterruptStatus;
__IO uint32_t HcInterruptEnable;
__IO uint32_t HcInterruptDisable;
__IO uint32_t HcHCCA;
__I uint32_t HcPeriodCurrentED;
__IO uint32_t HcControlHeadED;
__IO uint32_t HcControlCurrentED;
__IO uint32_t HcBulkHeadED;
__IO uint32_t HcBulkCurrentED;
__I uint32_t HcDoneHead;
__IO uint32_t HcFmInterval;
__I uint32_t HcFmRemaining;
__I uint32_t HcFmNumber;
__IO uint32_t HcPeriodicStart;
__IO uint32_t HcLSTreshold;
__IO uint32_t HcRhDescriptorA;
__IO uint32_t HcRhDescriptorB;
__IO uint32_t HcRhStatus;
__IO uint32_t HcRhPortStatus1;
__IO uint32_t HcRhPortStatus2;
uint32_t RESERVED0[40];
__I uint32_t Module_ID;
__I uint32_t OTGIntSt; /* USB On-The-Go Registers */
__IO uint32_t OTGIntEn;
__O uint32_t OTGIntSet;
__O uint32_t OTGIntClr;
__IO uint32_t OTGStCtrl;
__IO uint32_t OTGTmr;
uint32_t RESERVED1[58];
__I uint32_t USBDevIntSt; /* USB Device Interrupt Registers */
__IO uint32_t USBDevIntEn;
__O uint32_t USBDevIntClr;
__O uint32_t USBDevIntSet;
__O uint32_t USBCmdCode; /* USB Device SIE Command Registers */
__I uint32_t USBCmdData;
__I uint32_t USBRxData; /* USB Device Transfer Registers */
__O uint32_t USBTxData;
__I uint32_t USBRxPLen;
__O uint32_t USBTxPLen;
__IO uint32_t USBCtrl;
__O uint32_t USBDevIntPri;
__I uint32_t USBEpIntSt; /* USB Device Endpoint Interrupt Regs */
__IO uint32_t USBEpIntEn;
__O uint32_t USBEpIntClr;
__O uint32_t USBEpIntSet;
__O uint32_t USBEpIntPri;
__IO uint32_t USBReEp; /* USB Device Endpoint Realization Reg*/
__O uint32_t USBEpInd;
__IO uint32_t USBMaxPSize;
__I uint32_t USBDMARSt; /* USB Device DMA Registers */
__O uint32_t USBDMARClr;
__O uint32_t USBDMARSet;
uint32_t RESERVED2[9];
__IO uint32_t USBUDCAH;
__I uint32_t USBEpDMASt;
__O uint32_t USBEpDMAEn;
__O uint32_t USBEpDMADis;
__I uint32_t USBDMAIntSt;
__IO uint32_t USBDMAIntEn;
uint32_t RESERVED3[2];
__I uint32_t USBEoTIntSt;
__O uint32_t USBEoTIntClr;
__O uint32_t USBEoTIntSet;
__I uint32_t USBNDDRIntSt;
__O uint32_t USBNDDRIntClr;
__O uint32_t USBNDDRIntSet;
__I uint32_t USBSysErrIntSt;
__O uint32_t USBSysErrIntClr;
__O uint32_t USBSysErrIntSet;
uint32_t RESERVED4[15];
union {
__I uint32_t I2C_RX; /* USB OTG I2C Registers */
__O uint32_t I2C_TX;
__I uint32_t I2C_STS;
__IO uint32_t I2C_CTL;
__IO uint32_t I2C_CLKHI;
__O uint32_t I2C_CLKLO;
uint32_t RESERVED5[824];
union {
__IO uint32_t USBClkCtrl; /* USB Clock Control Registers */
__IO uint32_t OTGClkCtrl;
union {
__I uint32_t USBClkSt;
__I uint32_t OTGClkSt;
} LPC_USB_TypeDef;
/*------------- Ethernet Media Access Controller (EMAC) ----------------------*/
typedef struct
__IO uint32_t MAC1; /* MAC Registers */
__IO uint32_t MAC2;
__IO uint32_t IPGT;
__IO uint32_t IPGR;
__IO uint32_t CLRT;
__IO uint32_t MAXF;
__IO uint32_t SUPP;
__IO uint32_t TEST;
__IO uint32_t MCFG;
__IO uint32_t MCMD;
__IO uint32_t MADR;
__O uint32_t MWTD;
__I uint32_t MRDD;
__I uint32_t MIND;
uint32_t RESERVED0[2];
__IO uint32_t SA0;
__IO uint32_t SA1;
__IO uint32_t SA2;
uint32_t RESERVED1[45];
__IO uint32_t Command; /* Control Registers */
__I uint32_t Status;
__IO uint32_t RxDescriptor;
__IO uint32_t RxStatus;
__IO uint32_t RxDescriptorNumber;
__I uint32_t RxProduceIndex;
__IO uint32_t RxConsumeIndex;
__IO uint32_t TxDescriptor;
__IO uint32_t TxStatus;
__IO uint32_t TxDescriptorNumber;
__IO uint32_t TxProduceIndex;
__I uint32_t TxConsumeIndex;
uint32_t RESERVED2[10];
__I uint32_t TSV0;
__I uint32_t TSV1;
__I uint32_t RSV;
uint32_t RESERVED3[3];
__IO uint32_t FlowControlCounter;
__I uint32_t FlowControlStatus;
uint32_t RESERVED4[34];
__IO uint32_t RxFilterCtrl; /* Rx Filter Registers */
__IO uint32_t RxFilterWoLStatus;
__IO uint32_t RxFilterWoLClear;
uint32_t RESERVED5;
__IO uint32_t HashFilterL;
__IO uint32_t HashFilterH;
uint32_t RESERVED6[882];
__I uint32_t IntStatus; /* Module Control Registers */
__IO uint32_t IntEnable;
__O uint32_t IntClear;
__O uint32_t IntSet;
uint32_t RESERVED7;
__IO uint32_t PowerDown;
uint32_t RESERVED8;
__IO uint32_t Module_ID;
} LPC_EMAC_TypeDef;
#if defined ( __CC_ARM )
#pragma no_anon_unions
/* Peripheral memory map */
/* Base addresses */
#define LPC_FLASH_BASE (0x00000000UL)
#define LPC_RAM_BASE (0x10000000UL)
#define LPC_GPIO_BASE (0x2009C000UL)
#define LPC_APB0_BASE (0x40000000UL)
#define LPC_APB1_BASE (0x40080000UL)
#define LPC_AHB_BASE (0x50000000UL)
#define LPC_CM3_BASE (0xE0000000UL)
/* APB0 peripherals */
#define LPC_WDT_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x00000)
#define LPC_TIM0_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x04000)
#define LPC_TIM1_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x08000)
#define LPC_UART0_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x0C000)
#define LPC_UART1_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x10000)
#define LPC_PWM1_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x18000)
#define LPC_I2C0_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x1C000)
#define LPC_SPI_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x20000)
#define LPC_RTC_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x24000)
#define LPC_GPIOINT_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x28080)
#define LPC_PINCON_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x2C000)
#define LPC_SSP1_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x30000)
#define LPC_ADC_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x34000)
#define LPC_CANAF_RAM_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x38000)
#define LPC_CANAF_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x3C000)
#define LPC_CANCR_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x40000)
#define LPC_CAN1_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x44000)
#define LPC_CAN2_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x48000)
#define LPC_I2C1_BASE (LPC_APB0_BASE + 0x5C000)
/* APB1 peripherals */
#define LPC_SSP0_BASE (LPC_APB1_BASE + 0x08000)
#define LPC_DAC_BASE (LPC_APB1_BASE + 0x0C000)
#define LPC_TIM2_BASE (LPC_APB1_BASE + 0x10000)
#define LPC_TIM3_BASE (LPC_APB1_BASE + 0x14000)
#define LPC_UART2_BASE (LPC_APB1_BASE + 0x18000)
#define LPC_UART3_BASE (LPC_APB1_BASE + 0x1C000)
#define LPC_I2C2_BASE (LPC_APB1_BASE + 0x20000)
#define LPC_I2S_BASE (LPC_APB1_BASE + 0x28000)
#define LPC_RIT_BASE (LPC_APB1_BASE + 0x30000)
#define LPC_MCPWM_BASE (LPC_APB1_BASE + 0x38000)
#define LPC_QEI_BASE (LPC_APB1_BASE + 0x3C000)
#define LPC_SC_BASE (LPC_APB1_BASE + 0x7C000)
/* AHB peripherals */
#define LPC_EMAC_BASE (LPC_AHB_BASE + 0x00000)
#define LPC_GPDMA_BASE (LPC_AHB_BASE + 0x04000)
#define LPC_GPDMACH0_BASE (LPC_AHB_BASE + 0x04100)
#define LPC_GPDMACH1_BASE (LPC_AHB_BASE + 0x04120)
#define LPC_GPDMACH2_BASE (LPC_AHB_BASE + 0x04140)
#define LPC_GPDMACH3_BASE (LPC_AHB_BASE + 0x04160)
#define LPC_GPDMACH4_BASE (LPC_AHB_BASE + 0x04180)
#define LPC_GPDMACH5_BASE (LPC_AHB_BASE + 0x041A0)
#define LPC_GPDMACH6_BASE (LPC_AHB_BASE + 0x041C0)
#define LPC_GPDMACH7_BASE (LPC_AHB_BASE + 0x041E0)
#define LPC_USB_BASE (LPC_AHB_BASE + 0x0C000)
/* GPIOs */
#define LPC_GPIO0_BASE (LPC_GPIO_BASE + 0x00000)
#define LPC_GPIO1_BASE (LPC_GPIO_BASE + 0x00020)
#define LPC_GPIO2_BASE (LPC_GPIO_BASE + 0x00040)
#define LPC_GPIO3_BASE (LPC_GPIO_BASE + 0x00060)
#define LPC_GPIO4_BASE (LPC_GPIO_BASE + 0x00080)
/* Peripheral declaration */
#define LPC_SC ((LPC_SC_TypeDef *) LPC_SC_BASE )
#define LPC_GPIO0 ((LPC_GPIO_TypeDef *) LPC_GPIO0_BASE )
#define LPC_GPIO1 ((LPC_GPIO_TypeDef *) LPC_GPIO1_BASE )
#define LPC_GPIO2 ((LPC_GPIO_TypeDef *) LPC_GPIO2_BASE )
#define LPC_GPIO3 ((LPC_GPIO_TypeDef *) LPC_GPIO3_BASE )
#define LPC_GPIO4 ((LPC_GPIO_TypeDef *) LPC_GPIO4_BASE )
#define LPC_WDT ((LPC_WDT_TypeDef *) LPC_WDT_BASE )
#define LPC_TIM0 ((LPC_TIM_TypeDef *) LPC_TIM0_BASE )
#define LPC_TIM1 ((LPC_TIM_TypeDef *) LPC_TIM1_BASE )
#define LPC_TIM2 ((LPC_TIM_TypeDef *) LPC_TIM2_BASE )
#define LPC_TIM3 ((LPC_TIM_TypeDef *) LPC_TIM3_BASE )
#define LPC_RIT ((LPC_RIT_TypeDef *) LPC_RIT_BASE )
#define LPC_UART0 ((LPC_UART0_TypeDef *) LPC_UART0_BASE )
#define LPC_UART1 ((LPC_UART1_TypeDef *) LPC_UART1_BASE )
#define LPC_UART2 ((LPC_UART_TypeDef *) LPC_UART2_BASE )
#define LPC_UART3 ((LPC_UART_TypeDef *) LPC_UART3_BASE )
#define LPC_PWM1 ((LPC_PWM_TypeDef *) LPC_PWM1_BASE )
#define LPC_I2C0 ((LPC_I2C_TypeDef *) LPC_I2C0_BASE )
#define LPC_I2C1 ((LPC_I2C_TypeDef *) LPC_I2C1_BASE )
#define LPC_I2C2 ((LPC_I2C_TypeDef *) LPC_I2C2_BASE )
#define LPC_I2S ((LPC_I2S_TypeDef *) LPC_I2S_BASE )
#define LPC_SPI ((LPC_SPI_TypeDef *) LPC_SPI_BASE )
#define LPC_RTC ((LPC_RTC_TypeDef *) LPC_RTC_BASE )
#define LPC_SSP0 ((LPC_SSP_TypeDef *) LPC_SSP0_BASE )
#define LPC_SSP1 ((LPC_SSP_TypeDef *) LPC_SSP1_BASE )
#define LPC_ADC ((LPC_ADC_TypeDef *) LPC_ADC_BASE )
#define LPC_DAC ((LPC_DAC_TypeDef *) LPC_DAC_BASE )
#define LPC_CAN1 ((LPC_CAN_TypeDef *) LPC_CAN1_BASE )
#define LPC_CAN2 ((LPC_CAN_TypeDef *) LPC_CAN2_BASE )
#define LPC_QEI ((LPC_QEI_TypeDef *) LPC_QEI_BASE )
#define LPC_EMAC ((LPC_EMAC_TypeDef *) LPC_EMAC_BASE )
#define LPC_USB ((LPC_USB_TypeDef *) LPC_USB_BASE )
#endif // __LPC17xx_H__