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** File : startup_XMC4500.s
** Abstract : This assembler file contains interrupt vector and
** startup code for Infineon XMC4500.
** Functions : Reset_Handler
** Default_Handler
** Target : ARM Cortex-M4
** Environment : Atollic TrueSTUDIO(R)
** Distribution: The file is distributed “as is,” without any warranty
** of any kind.
** (c)Copyright Atollic AB.
** This file may be distributed and used with the FreeRTOS example project
** for Atollic TrueSTUDIO only.
** Revisions
** Date Modification
** 2011-12-30 First issue.
** Definitions
.syntax unified
.cpu cortex-m4
.fpu softvfp
.global g_pfnVectors
.global Default_Handler
/* Linker script definitions */
/* start address for the initialization values of the .data section */
.word _sidata
/* start address for the .data section */
.word _sdata
/* end address for the .data section */
.word _edata
/* start address for the .bss section */
.word _sbss
/* end address for the .bss section */
.word _ebss
.equ PREF_PCON, 0x58004000
.equ SCU_GCU_PEEN, 0x5000413C
.equ SCU_GCU_PEFLAG, 0x50004150
** Program - Reset_Handler
** Abstract: This code gets called after a reset event.
** 1. Copy .data section from ROM to RAM
** 2. Clear .bss section (Zero init)
** 3. Call system initialzation routine
** 4. Run static constructors
** 5. Enter main
** 6. Loop forever if returning from main
.section .text.Reset_Handler
.weak Reset_Handler
.type Reset_Handler, %function
/* Remap vector table - added by RB. */
ldr r0, =g_pfnVectors
ldr r1, =0xE000ED08 /* VTOR register */
str r0,[r1]
/* Disable Branch prediction */
ldr r0,=PREF_PCON
ldr r1,[r0]
orr r1,r1,#0x00010000
str r1,[r0]
/* Clear existing parity errors if any */
ldr r1,=0xFFFFFFFF
str r1,[r0]
/* Disable parity */
ldr r0,=SCU_GCU_PEEN
mov r1,#0
str r1,[R0]
/* Enable un-aligned memory access - added by RB. */
ldr r1, =0xE000ED14
ldr.w r0,[R1,#0x0]
bic r0,r0,#0x8
str.w r0,[r1,#0x0]
ldr sp, =_estack /* set stack pointer */
/* 1. copy .data section (Copy from ROM to RAM) */
movs r1, #0
b LoopCopyDataInit
ldr r3, =_sidata
ldr r3, [r3, r1]
str r3, [r0, r1]
adds r1, r1, #4
ldr r0, =_sdata
ldr r3, =_edata
adds r2, r0, r1
cmp r2, r3
bcc CopyDataInit
ldr r2, =_sbss
b LoopFillZerobss
/* 2. Clear .bss section (Zero init) */
movs r3, #0
str r3, [r2], #4
ldr r3, = _ebss
cmp r2, r3
bcc FillZerobss
/* 3. Call system initialzation routine */
bl SystemInit
/* 4. Run static constructors */
bl __libc_init_array
/* 5. Enter main */
bl main
/* 6. Loop forever if returning from main */
b LoopForever
.size Reset_Handler, .-Reset_Handler
** Program - Default_Handler
** Abstract: This code gets called when the processor receives an
** unexpected interrupt.
.section .text.Default_Handler,"ax",%progbits
b InfiniteLoop
.size Default_Handler, .-Default_Handler
** Reset, Exception, and Interrupt vectors
.section .isr_vector,"a",%progbits
.type g_pfnVectors, %object
.size g_pfnVectors, .-g_pfnVectors
/* Processor exception vectors */
.word _estack
.word Reset_Handler
.word NMI_Handler
.word HardFault_Handler
.word MemManage_Handler
.word BusFault_Handler
.word UsageFault_Handler
.word 0
.word 0
.word 0
.word 0
.word SVC_Handler
.word DebugMon_Handler
.word 0
.word PendSV_Handler
.word SysTick_Handler
/* Interrupt Handlers for XMC4500 Peripherals */
.word SCU_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR SCU_0 */
.word ERU0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR ERU0_0 */
.word ERU0_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR ERU0_1 */
.word ERU0_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR ERU0_2 */
.word ERU0_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR ERU0_3 */
.word ERU1_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR ERU1_0 */
.word ERU1_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR ERU1_1 */
.word ERU1_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR ERU1_2 */
.word ERU1_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR ERU1_3 */
.word 0 /* Not Available */
.word 0 /* Not Available */
.word 0 /* Not Available */
.word PMU0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR PMU0_0 */
.word 0 /* Not Available */
.word VADC0_C0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_C0_0 */
.word VADC0_C0_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_C0_1 */
.word VADC0_C0_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_C0_1 */
.word VADC0_C0_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_C0_3 */
.word VADC0_G0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G0_0 */
.word VADC0_G0_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G0_1 */
.word VADC0_G0_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G0_2 */
.word VADC0_G0_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G0_3 */
.word VADC0_G1_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G1_0 */
.word VADC0_G1_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G1_1 */
.word VADC0_G1_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G1_2 */
.word VADC0_G1_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G1_3 */
.word VADC0_G2_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G2_0 */
.word VADC0_G2_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G2_1 */
.word VADC0_G2_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G2_2 */
.word VADC0_G2_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G2_3 */
.word VADC0_G3_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G3_0 */
.word VADC0_G3_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G3_1 */
.word VADC0_G3_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G3_2 */
.word VADC0_G3_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR VADC0_G3_3 */
.word DSD0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR DSD0_0 */
.word DSD0_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR DSD0_1 */
.word DSD0_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR DSD0_2 */
.word DSD0_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR DSD0_3 */
.word DSD0_4_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR DSD0_4 */
.word DSD0_5_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR DSD0_5 */
.word DSD0_6_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR DSD0_6 */
.word DSD0_7_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR DSD0_7 */
.word DAC0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR DAC0_0 */
.word DAC0_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR DAC0_0 */
.word CCU40_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU40_0 */
.word CCU40_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU40_1 */
.word CCU40_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU40_2 */
.word CCU40_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU40_3 */
.word CCU41_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU41_0 */
.word CCU41_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU41_1 */
.word CCU41_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU41_2 */
.word CCU41_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU41_3 */
.word CCU42_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU42_0 */
.word CCU42_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU42_1 */
.word CCU42_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU42_2 */
.word CCU42_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU42_3 */
.word CCU43_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU43_0 */
.word CCU43_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU43_1 */
.word CCU43_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU43_2 */
.word CCU43_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU43_3 */
.word CCU80_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU80_0 */
.word CCU80_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU80_1 */
.word CCU80_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU80_2 */
.word CCU80_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU80_3 */
.word CCU81_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU81_0 */
.word CCU81_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU81_1 */
.word CCU81_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU81_2 */
.word CCU81_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CCU81_3 */
.word POSIF0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR POSIF0_0 */
.word POSIF0_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR POSIF0_1 */
.word POSIF1_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR POSIF1_0 */
.word POSIF1_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR POSIF1_1 */
.word 0 /* Not Available */
.word 0 /* Not Available */
.word 0 /* Not Available */
.word 0 /* Not Available */
.word CAN0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CAN0_0 */
.word CAN0_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CAN0_1 */
.word CAN0_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CAN0_2 */
.word CAN0_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CAN0_3 */
.word CAN0_4_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CAN0_4 */
.word CAN0_5_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CAN0_5 */
.word CAN0_6_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CAN0_6 */
.word CAN0_7_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR CAN0_7 */
.word USIC0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC0_0 */
.word USIC0_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC0_1 */
.word USIC0_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC0_2 */
.word USIC0_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC0_3 */
.word USIC0_4_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC0_4 */
.word USIC0_5_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC0_5 */
.word USIC1_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC1_0 */
.word USIC1_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC1_1 */
.word USIC1_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC1_2 */
.word USIC1_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC1_3 */
.word USIC1_4_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC1_4 */
.word USIC1_5_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC1_5 */
.word USIC2_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC2_0 */
.word USIC2_1_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC2_1 */
.word USIC2_2_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC2_2 */
.word USIC2_3_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC2_3 */
.word USIC2_4_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC2_4 */
.word USIC2_5_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USIC2_5 */
.word LEDTS0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR LEDTS0_0 */
.word 0 /* Not Available */
.word FCE0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR FCE0_0 */
.word GPDMA0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR GPDMA0_0 */
.word SDMMC0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR SDMMC0_0 */
.word USB0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR USB0_0 */
.word ETH0_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR ETH0_0 */
.word 0 /* Not Available */
.word GPDMA1_0_IRQHandler /* Handler name for SR GPDMA1_0 */
.word 0 /* Not Available */
** Provide weak aliases for each Exception handler to the Default_Handler.
.weak NMI_Handler
.thumb_set NMI_Handler,Default_Handler
.weak HardFault_Handler
.thumb_set HardFault_Handler,Default_Handler
.weak MemManage_Handler
.thumb_set MemManage_Handler,Default_Handler
.weak BusFault_Handler
.thumb_set BusFault_Handler,Default_Handler
.weak UsageFault_Handler
.thumb_set UsageFault_Handler,Default_Handler
.weak SVC_Handler
.thumb_set SVC_Handler,Default_Handler
.weak DebugMon_Handler
.thumb_set DebugMon_Handler,Default_Handler
.weak PendSV_Handler
.thumb_set PendSV_Handler,Default_Handler
.weak SysTick_Handler
.thumb_set SysTick_Handler,Default_Handler
.weak SCU_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set SCU_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak ERU0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set ERU0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak ERU0_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set ERU0_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak ERU0_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set ERU0_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak ERU0_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set ERU0_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak ERU1_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set ERU1_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak ERU1_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set ERU1_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak ERU1_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set ERU1_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak ERU1_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set ERU1_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak PMU0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set PMU0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_C0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_C0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_C0_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_C0_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_C0_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_C0_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_C0_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_C0_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G0_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G0_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G0_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G0_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G0_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G0_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G1_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G1_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G1_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G1_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G1_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G1_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G1_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G1_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G2_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G2_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G2_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G2_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G2_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G2_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G2_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G2_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G3_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G3_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G3_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G3_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G3_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G3_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak VADC0_G3_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set VADC0_G3_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak DSD0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set DSD0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak DSD0_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set DSD0_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak DSD0_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set DSD0_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak DSD0_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set DSD0_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak DSD0_4_IRQHandler
.thumb_set DSD0_4_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak DSD0_5_IRQHandler
.thumb_set DSD0_5_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak DSD0_6_IRQHandler
.thumb_set DSD0_6_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak DSD0_7_IRQHandler
.thumb_set DSD0_7_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak DAC0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set DAC0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak DAC0_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set DAC0_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU40_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU40_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU40_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU40_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU40_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU40_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU40_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU40_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU41_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU41_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU41_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU41_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU41_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU41_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU41_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU41_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU42_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU42_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU42_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU42_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU42_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU42_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU42_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU42_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU43_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU43_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU43_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU43_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU43_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU43_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU43_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU43_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU80_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU80_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU80_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU80_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU80_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU80_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU80_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU80_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU81_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU81_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU81_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU81_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU81_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU81_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CCU81_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CCU81_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak POSIF0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set POSIF0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak POSIF0_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set POSIF0_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak POSIF1_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set POSIF1_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak POSIF1_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set POSIF1_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CAN0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CAN0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CAN0_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CAN0_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CAN0_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CAN0_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CAN0_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CAN0_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CAN0_4_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CAN0_4_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CAN0_5_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CAN0_5_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CAN0_6_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CAN0_6_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak CAN0_7_IRQHandler
.thumb_set CAN0_7_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC0_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC0_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC0_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC0_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC0_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC0_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC0_4_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC0_4_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC0_5_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC0_5_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC1_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC1_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC1_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC1_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC1_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC1_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC1_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC1_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC1_4_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC1_4_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC1_5_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC1_5_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC2_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC2_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC2_1_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC2_1_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC2_2_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC2_2_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC2_3_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC2_3_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC2_4_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC2_4_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USIC2_5_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USIC2_5_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak LEDTS0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set LEDTS0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak FCE0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set FCE0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak GPDMA0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set GPDMA0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak SDMMC0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set SDMMC0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak USB0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set USB0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak ETH0_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set ETH0_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler
.weak GPDMA1_0_IRQHandler
.thumb_set GPDMA1_0_IRQHandler,Default_Handler