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DICE2 Project for DICE-KIT-16FX Evaluation Board
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe GmbH
The following software is for demonstration purposes only. It is not
fully tested, nor validated in order to fullfill its task under all
circumstances. Therefore, this software or any part of it must only be
used in an evaluation laboratory environment.
This software is subject to the rules of our standard DISCLAIMER, that is
delivered with our SW-tools on the Fujitsu Microcontrollers DVD
(V5.0 or higher "\START.HTM").
Date Ver Author Softune Description
2008-04-28 1.0 AVo/HWe V30L34R06 original version
This is Demoproject for the DICE-KIT-16FX Evaluation-Board.
It includes some basic settings for e.g. Linker, C-Compiler
which must be checked and modified in detail,
corresponding to the user application.
This projects simulates two dices.
SEG1 is dice1 and can be started by pressing key SW2 (INT8)
SEG2 is dice2 and can be started by pressing key SW3 (INT9)
After a while the started dice will stop displaying a value from 1..6.
Remove jumper JP2 (External watchdog is not supported by this project)
Clock settings:
Crystal: 4 MHz
CLKB: 56 MHz
CLKP1: 56 MHz
CLKP2: 14 MHz