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RELEASE CMSIS for REV A 20111209
1/ New LPC18xx.h header file. Changes GPIO structure.
2/ Addition of lpc18xx_emc.c and lpc18xx_emc.h to configure memory on Hitex board.
3/ Addition of spifi_rom_api.h, spifi_drv_M3.lib and SPIFI_ROM_support.doc SPIFI driver package
4/ Updated SPIFI programming driver for Keil MDK which uses the SPIFI lib
5/ New BOOTFAST example shows how to boot from external flash or QSPI and ramp to 180 MHz
RELEASE CMSIS for REV A 20111130
1./ lpc18xx_lcd.h LCD_CFG_type add member pcd, lpc18xx_lcd.c add init pcd in LCD_Init function
2./ protect MAX and MIN macro in lpc_types.h
3./ Add getPC function to ARM,GNU, IAR startup_lpc18xx.s
4./ Add VTOR init in SystemInit function
5./ Change All ADC examples to use ADC port 0
6./ These example: CortexM3_Mpu, Pwr_DeepPowerDown, Timer_FreqMeasure, SCT_SimpleMatch and all USBDEV_ROM examples Keil project was adjusted
7./ SDRAM example and LCD example was changed not to use uint64_t in NS2CLK function
8./ Nvic_VectorTableRelocation.c
#if __RAM_MODE__//Run in RAM mode
memcpy((void *)VTOR_OFFSET, (const void *)0x10000000, 256*4);
memcpy((void *)VTOR_OFFSET, (const void *)0x1C000000, 256*4);
memcpy((void *)VTOR_OFFSET, (const void *)(getPC()& 0xFF000000), 256*4);
9./ Pwr_PowerDown change method for testing this feature
RELEASE CMSIS for REV A 20111028
1./ Add GNU support
2./ Addition of new Keil flash drivers for eFlash and SPIFI
3./ Change of Keil projects to support eFlash and SPIFI operation
1/ PowerDown Example IAR issue fixed
2/ Upgraded CMSIS to version 2.10
3/ Upgraded Core header to Rev A
4/ lpc18xx_can.h remove all bitrates from 8Mhz, add bitrates from 12Mhz
/** Bitrate: 100K */
#define CAN_BITRATE100K12MHZ 0x00004509
/** Bitrate: 125K */
#define CAN_BITRATE125K12MHZ 0x00004507
/** Bitrate: 250K */
#define CAN_BITRATE250K12MHZ 0x00004503
/** Bitrate: 500K */
#define CAN_BITRATE500K12MHZ 0x00004501
/** Bitrate: 1000K */
#define CAN_BITRATE1000K12MHZ 0x00004500
5./ lpc18xx_cgu.* add PLL audio clock, modify alloc connect table and CGU_Entity_ControlReg_Offset
6./ lpc18xx_evrt.h
7./ lpc18xx_i2s.h separate LPC_I2S0 and LPC_I2S1
8./ lpc18xx_scu.h
redefine, add pin modes and add pin functions 4->7
9./ debug_frmwrk.c
changed pin mode for UART RXD0 and UART RXD1
10./ lpc_can.c replace LPC_CAN by LPC_CAN0
11./ lpc18xx_i2c.* replace i2c pin configurations
12./ lpc18xx_ssp.c down default clock speed to 100kHz
13./ Examples\CCAN\CCan_SimpleTxRx\CCan_SimpleTxRx.c change RD pin mode to enable input buffer
14./ Examples\EMAC\Emac_EasyWeb\emac.c
replace MII and RMII pin setting by source from CodeBundle
15./ Examples\EMC\Emc_Sdram\SDRAM_Init.c and Examples\EMC\Emc_NorFlash\SST39VF320.c
replace EMC pin setting to be compatible with Rev A
16./ Examples\I2S\I2s_Audio\I2s_Audio.c
replace I2S pin setting to be compatible with Rev A
replace I2S to I2S0
17./ Examples\LCD\Lcd_Demo\IS42S16400D.c
replace EMC pin setting to be compatible with Rev A
18./ Examples\SSP\All SSP examples: replace SSP pin setting to be compatible with Rev A
19./ Timer_Capture and Timer_FreqMeasure: replace Capture input pin setting to be compatible with Rev A
20./ Examples\UART\All UART examples: replace UART pin setting to be compatible with Rev A
21./ Examples\USBDEV\USB_*\usbhw.c
replace USB pin setting to be compatible with Rev A
correct clock in Init function
RELEASE: LPC1800CMSIS_20110829
1./ Add GNU Support
modify pasting in can.c to be compatible with GCC
RELEASE: LPC1800CMSIS_20110729
1./ IAR flash support is moved to Tools folder
2./ ADC.h fixed macro ADC_CR_BITACC
3./ I2S.h fixed comment
from #endif /* LPC17XX_SSP_H_ */
to #endif /* LPC18XX_I2S_H_ */
4./ ADC.c fix ADC_Init Clock by rounding clk div value
5./ i2s.c fixed some comment
6./ EMC Nor Flash renamed file flash programing function
7./ SDRAM can run at MAX EMC Speed
8./ Removed flash programing support for LHF00L28
RELEASE: LPC1800CMSIS_20110627
1./ Fix abstract
2./ Fix I2S FreqConfig mistake
3./ Add DFU Driver and App
RELEASE: LPC1800CMSIS_20110613
1./ Add DSP Document
2./ Speed Up External FLash Mode
3./ Add IAR Flash Support
4./ Fix GPDMA Flash transfer issue in IAR
5./ Set default taget is EXFLASH(Keil only)
RELEASE: LPC1800CMSIS_20110603
1./ Add DSP_lib into Core folder
2./ Update core_cmFunc.h and core_cmInstr.h for solving conflict with IAR EWARM version 6.20 or later
3./ add IAR startup file and IAR support files in Core\DeviceSupport\NXP\LPC18xx
4./ Modify SystemInit function to support RAM mode
#if (__RAM_MODE__)
SCB->VTOR = 0x10000000;
5./ Modify CCU1 and CCU2 struct in LPC18xx.h
6./ Fix bug in uart_set_divisors function
7./ Change UART clock source from XTAL to PLL1 in uart driver
8./ Fix RTC bugs
9./ Modify lpc18xx_GPDMA.c to support IAR compiler
10./ Modify lpc18xx_cgu.c to support IAR compiler
11./ Update lpc_types.h to support IAR compiler
12./ Fix bugs in I2S driver
13./ Remove Warnings
14./ Change new header, add more comments
15./ Standalize example, project, output names
16./ Support IAR EWARM (RAM mode)
17./ SUpport Hitex Board as default
18./ Modify hardware configuration in abstract files
19./ Set default Target to RAM mode
RELEASE: LPC1800CMSIS_20110514
1./ Change all Keil example projects from device Cortex M3 to LPC1850
2./ change all examples to support Hitex board only
3./ Verify all project option
4./ separated CGU and PWR into 2 independent drivers
RELEASE: LPC1800CMSIS_20110421
1./ Add CAN driver:
2./ Add CAN example for simple Transceiver
3./ Add 4 USB Rom examples:
4./ Enable _printf function
uncomment _printf function declaration
uncomment _printf function
RELEASE: LPC1800CMSIS_20110401
1./ Change all Keil example proiects from device NXP LPC1768 to ARM Cortex-M3
2./ Fix bug in I2C driver (customer feedback)
Problem description:
I2C_MasterTransferData() is not able to
(1) Send,
(2) doing a repeated Start and
(3) starting to receive with one function call.
Problem is that the repeated start is not generated, but a retransmission of the
last word is startet.
Solve: change
in function I2C_Start ()
3./ lpc18xx_timer.c:
Function TIM_ClearIntPending():
Change TIMx->IR |= TIM_IR_CLR(IntFlag);
To TIMx->IR = TIM_IR_CLR(IntFlag);
Function TIM_ClearIntCapturePending():
Change TIMx->IR |= (1<<(4+IntFlag));
To TIMx->IR = (1<<(4+IntFlag));
Function TIM_GetCaptureValue():
Add return 0;
4./ EMC - Nor Flash: remove example build target for FLASH mode as it only can run in RAM mode.
5./ SCT: update Fizzim tool to version 1.1
6./ Tools:
Update Flash burning for LHF00L28 and SST39X320X
RELEASE: LPC1800CMSIS_20110324
1./ Current support hardwares:
- NXP LPC1800 Evaluation board through definition 'BOARD_NXP_EA'
- Hitex LPC1800 Board through definition 'BOARD_HITEX_LPC1800'
Some examples can run on LPC1800 Evaluation board, some can run on Hitex board...Please refer to abstract.txt
2./ Addin new flash support under Tools/Flash/SST39X320X
3./ lpc18xx_evrt.c:
Change EVRTx->SET_EN |= (1<<(uint8_t)EVRT_Src);
To EVRTx->SET_EN = (1<<(uint8_t)EVRT_Src);
Purpose: prevent clearing other set bits as writing '0' has no effect
4./ Fix ATIMER_WIC example:
- Configure 32KHZ osc in lpc18xx_atimer.c
- Call the configuration function in atimer_wic.c
5./ Fix RTC_Alarm example:
- Configure 32KHZ osc in lpc18xx_rtc.c
- Update Rtc_Alarm.c
6./ Add in PWR_PowerDown example
7./ Add in PWR_DeepPowerDown example
8./ All example in PWR are modified to wait for '1' sent from PC's COM port to start
9./ Fix LCD Logic4.3 example to run on Hitex LPC1800 Board
10./ Add in GPDMA Flash_2_Ram_Test example
11./ EMC EXT_SDRAM example: join IS42S16400D.c and MT48LC4M32B2.c into SDRAM_Init.c
12./ lpc18xx_i2s.c: update I2S_FreqConfig() function
RELEASE: LPC1800CMSIS_20110311
1./ This package is compliant to CMSIS 2.0
2./ Add in 'Tools' folder which contains neccessary material for building project, examples like flash burning,..
3./ Examples are given in Keil uVision 4 project
4./ Current support hardwares:
- NXP LPC1800 Evaluation board through definition 'BOARD_NXP_EA'
5./ Examples can run:
- RAM (debug) mode
- ROM (Flash, stand alone) mode
+ External Nor Flash. Flash Part supporting:
1) LHF00L28
6./ Each example folder has an 'abstract.txt' file, this is where user can start
7./ Below is list of drivers and examples:
- ADC (lpc18xx_adc):
+ ADC_Interrupt
+ ADC_Polling
+ ADC_Burst
+ ADC_Dma
- ATIMER (lpc18xx_atimer):
+ ATIMER_interrupt
- PWR (lpc18xx_clkpwr):
+ CLKPWR_Sleep
+ CLKPWR_DeepSleep
- DAC (lpc18xx_dac):
+ DAC_WaveGenerator
+ DAC_Dma
- EMAC (lpc18xx_emac):
+ EMAC_EasyWeb
- EMC (no driver):
- GPDMA (lpc18xx_gpdma):
+ GPDMA_Ram2Ram
+ GPDMA_LinkList
- GPIO (lpc18xx_gpio):
+ GPIO_LedBlinky
- I2C (lpc18xx_i2c):
+ I2C_Master
- I2S (lpc18xx_i2s):
+ I2S_Audio
- LCD (lpc18xx_lcd)
- MCPWM (lpc18xx_mcpwm):
+ MCPWM_Simple
- SCU (lpc18xx_scu)
- QEI (lpc18xx_qei):
+ QEI_Velo
- RIT (lpc18xx_rit):
+ RIT_Interrupt
- RTC (lpc18xx_rtc):
+ RTC_Calib
+ RTC_Alarm
- SSP (lpc18xx_ssp):
+ SSP_Microwire
- TIMER (lpc18xx_timer):
+ TIMER_Capture
+ TIMER_MatchInterrupt
+ TIMER_FreqMeasure
- UART (lpc18xx_uart):
+ UART_Autobaud
+ UART_Dma
+ UART_Interrupt
+ UART_Polling
+ UART_RS485
- SCT(LPC18xx_SCT):
+ SCT_Capture
+ SCT_Match
- WWDT (lpc18xx_wwdt):
+ WWDT_Interrupt
- CORTEXM3 (no driver):
+ CORTEXM3_BitBanding
+ CORTEXM3_PriviledgeMode
- USBDEV (no driver):
+ USBDEV_MassStorage
- NVIC (no driver):
+ NVIC_Priority
+ NVIC_VecRelocation
- EVRT (lpc18xx_evrt)