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; FreeRTOS V8.0.1 - Copyright (C) 2014 Real Time Engineers Ltd.
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; This file is part of the FreeRTOS distribution.
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; the terms of the GNU General Public License (version 2) as published by the
; Free Software Foundation AND MODIFIED BY the FreeRTOS exception.
; >>>NOTE<<< The modification to the GPL is included to allow you to
; distribute a combined work that includes FreeRTOS without being obliged to
; provide the source code for proprietary components outside of the FreeRTOS
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; * The definition of the "register test" tasks, as described at the top of
; * main.c
.include data_model.h
.define "cmp.a", cmp_x
.define "incx.w", inc_x
.define "cmp.w", cmp_x
.define "inc.w", inc_x
.global usRegTest1Counter
.global usRegTest2Counter
.global vPortYield
.def vRegTest1Task
.def vRegTest2Task
.align 2
vRegTest1Task: .asmfunc
; Fill each general purpose register with a known value.
mov_x #0x4444, r4
mov_x #0x5555, r5
mov_x #0x6666, r6
mov_x #0x7777, r7
mov_x #0x8888, r8
mov_x #0x9999, r9
mov_x #0xaaaa, r10
mov_x #0xbbbb, r11
mov_x #0xcccc, r12
mov_x #0xdddd, r13
mov_x #0xeeee, r14
mov_x #0xffff, r15
; Test each general purpose register to check that it still contains the
; expected known value, jumping to vRegTest1Error if any register contains
; an unexpected value.
cmp_x #0x4444, r4
jne vRegTest1Error
cmp_x #0x5555, r5
jne vRegTest1Error
cmp_x #0x6666, r6
jne vRegTest1Error
cmp_x #0x7777, r7
jne vRegTest1Error
cmp_x #0x8888, r8
jne vRegTest1Error
cmp_x #0x9999, r9
jne vRegTest1Error
cmp_x #0xaaaa, r10
jne vRegTest1Error
cmp_x #0xbbbb, r11
jne vRegTest1Error
cmp_x #0xcccc, r12
jne vRegTest1Error
cmp_x #0xdddd, r13
jne vRegTest1Error
cmp_x #0xeeee, r14
jne vRegTest1Error
cmp_x #0xffff, r15
jne vRegTest1Error
; This task is still running without jumping to vRegTest1Error, so increment
; the loop counter so the check task knows the task is running error free.
inc_x &usRegTest1Counter
; Loop again, performing the same tests.
jmp prvRegTest1Loop
jmp vRegTest1Error
; -----------------------------------------------------------
; See the comments in vRegTest1Task. This task is the same, it just uses
; different values in its registers.
.align 2
vRegTest2Task: .asmfunc
mov_x #0x4441, r4
mov_x #0x5551, r5
mov_x #0x6661, r6
mov_x #0x7771, r7
mov_x #0x8881, r8
mov_x #0x9991, r9
mov_x #0xaaa1, r10
mov_x #0xbbb1, r11
mov_x #0xccc1, r12
mov_x #0xddd1, r13
mov_x #0xeee1, r14
mov_x #0xfff1, r15
cmp_x #0x4441, r4
jne vRegTest2Error
cmp_x #0x5551, r5
jne vRegTest2Error
cmp_x #0x6661, r6
jne vRegTest2Error
cmp_x #0x7771, r7
jne vRegTest2Error
cmp_x #0x8881, r8
jne vRegTest2Error
cmp_x #0x9991, r9
jne vRegTest2Error
cmp_x #0xaaa1, r10
jne vRegTest2Error
cmp_x #0xbbb1, r11
jne vRegTest2Error
cmp_x #0xccc1, r12
jne vRegTest2Error
cmp_x #0xddd1, r13
jne vRegTest2Error
cmp_x #0xeee1, r14
jne vRegTest2Error
cmp_x #0xfff1, r15
jne vRegTest2Error
; Also perform a manual yield, just to increase the scope of the test.
call_x #vPortYield
inc_x &usRegTest2Counter
jmp prvRegTest2Loop
jmp vRegTest2Error
; /*-----------------------------------------------------------