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2006-08-31 (REL_1_3) Christian Walter <>:
Notes: Fixed some bugs in the lwIP porting layer. This includes a
memory leak, wrong tasknames and an unnecessary lock of the
Detailed notes:
- BUG: Sys_arch_thread_remove did not free the memory from
the TCB.
- BUG: Unnecessary call to vTaskSuspendAll removed.
- BUG: Bug with counting variable. The first to lwIP tasks
got the same name (lwIP0).
2006-08-31 (REL_1_2) Christian Walter <>:
Notes: Added HTML documentation used for FreeRTOS. Fixed copyright
2006-08-30 (REL_1_2) Christian Walter <>:
Notes: Fixed bug in serial transmission function vSerialPutString which
gives unintended behaviour.
Detailed notes:
- BUG: vSerialPutString should call xSerialPutChar with a small timeout
such that a retransmission is tried rather fast. The previous
port uses portMAX_DELAY which blocked it to long.
2006-08-29 (REL_1_1) Christian Walter <>:
Notes: Updated lwip to 1.1.1 and fixed bugs in FEC driver as well as in
the FreeRTOS porting layer (sys_arch.c)
Detailed notes:
- BUG: Fixed thread creation in sys_thread_new which needs the scheduler
disabled because otherwise a task could ge started immediately by
portYIELD( ) leaving the lwIP thread datatstructures uninitialized.
- BUG: The FEC driver must guard the ARP layer with a semaphore because
it is not thread safe.
- BUG: Repaired sys_mbox_free to work around an lwIP bug with a non empty
mbox. An assertion is only triggered if a real memory leak is detected.
- BUG: Timeouts are now correctly converted to ticks within the sys_arch
- FEATURES: General improvements in the sys_arch layer.
author in this project.
2006-08-28 (REL_1_0) Christian Walter <>:
Notes: Initial version of FreeRTOS/lwIP port for MCF5235.