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Initial swig interface file
Please send questions to
**Python Support**
For Linux, OS X, or *nix
1) build CyaSSL with fpic on Linux, not needed on OS X
./configure --disable-shared CFLAGS=-fpic
sudo make install
2) start the example echoserver from the examples/echoserver directory
3) run ./ from this directory it will
a) build the swig wrapper file
b) compile the swig wrapper and cyassl wrapper files
c) place them into a cyassl shared library for python
d) run which will connect to the CyaSSL echo server, write a
string, then read the result and output it
Windows only
1) Make sure the install path to cyassl doesn't have any spaces anywhere in the
directory path because swig doesn't like that
2) Have python for Windows installed, note install directory
3) Have swigwin installed, note install directory
4) Make sure swigwin install direcotry is added to PATH env. variable
5) Make sure env. variables PYTHON_INCLUDE and PYTHON_LIB are set correctly e.g.
6) Build python_cyassl in Release mode only, Debug build fails to find a debug
python library that isn't included by default
7) The outputs _cyassl.pyd and are the cyassl import library
8) Can now run python from the swig directory