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Freescale ls2085a_emu
This is a emulator target with limited peripherals.
Memory map from core's view
0x00_0000_0000 .. 0x00_000F_FFFF Boot Rom
0x00_0100_0000 .. 0x00_0FFF_FFFF CCSR
0x00_1800_0000 .. 0x00_181F_FFFF OCRAM
0x00_3000_0000 .. 0x00_3FFF_FFFF IFC region #1
0x00_8000_0000 .. 0x00_FFFF_FFFF DDR region #1
0x05_1000_0000 .. 0x05_FFFF_FFFF IFC region #2
0x80_8000_0000 .. 0xFF_FFFF_FFFF DDR region #2
Other addresses are either reserved, or not used directly by u-boot.
This list should be updated when more addresses are used.