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Freescale MPC837xEMDS Board
1. Board Switches and Jumpers
1.0 There are four Dual-In-Line Packages(DIP) Switches on MPC837xEMDS board
For some reason, the HW designers describe the switch settings
in terms of 0 and 1, and then map that to physical switches where
the label "On" refers to logic 0 and "Off" is logic 1.
Switch bits are numbered 1 through, like, 4 6 8 or 10, but the
bits may contribute to signals that are numbered based at 0,
and some of those signals may be high-bit-number-0 too. Heed
well the names and labels and do not get confused.
"Off" == 1
"On" == 0
SW4[8] is the bit labeled 8 on Switch 4.
SW2[1:6] refers to bits labeled 1 through 6 in order on switch 2.
SW2[1:8]= 0000_0001 refers to bits labeled 1 through 7 is set as "On"
and bits labeled 8 is set as "Off".
1.1 For the MPC837xEMDS Processor Board
First, make sure the board default setting is consistent with the
document shipped with your board. Then apply the following setting:
SW3[1-8]= 0011_0000 (BOOTSEQ, ROMLOC setting)
SW4[1-8]= 0000_0110 (core PLL setting)
SW5[1-8]= 1001_1000 (system PLL, boot up from low end of flash)
SW6[1-8]= 0000_1000 (HRCW is read from NOR FLASH)
SW7[1-8]= 0110_1101 (TSEC1/2 interface setting - RGMII)
J3 2-3, TSEC1 LVDD1 with 2.5V
J6 2-3, TSEC2 LVDD2 with 2.5V
J9 2-3, CLKIN from osc on board
J10 removed, CS0 connect to NOR flash; when mounted, CS0 connect to NAND
J11 removed, Hardware Reset Configuration Word load from FLASH(NOR or NAND)
mounted, HRCW load from BCSR.
on board Oscillator: 66M
2. Memory Map
2.1. The memory map should look pretty much like this:
0x0000_0000 0x7fff_ffff DDR 2G
0x8000_0000 0x8fff_ffff PCI MEM prefetch 256M
0x9000_0000 0x9fff_ffff PCI MEM non-prefetch 256M
0xc000_0000 0xdfff_ffff Empty 512M
0xe000_0000 0xe00f_ffff Int Mem Reg Space 1M
0xe010_0000 0xe02f_ffff Empty 2M
0xe030_0000 0xe03f_ffff PCI IO 1M
0xe040_0000 0xe05f_ffff Empty 2M
0xe060_0000 0xe060_7fff NAND Flash 32K
0xf400_0000 0xf7ff_ffff Empty 64M
0xf800_0000 0xf800_7fff BCSR on CS1 32K
0xfe00_0000 0xffff_ffff NOR Flash on CS0 32M
3. Definitions
3.1 Explanation of NEW definitions in:
CONFIG_MPC83xx MPC83xx family for both MPC837x and MPC8360
CONFIG_MPC837x MPC837x specific
CONFIG_MPC837XEMDS MPC837XEMDS board specific
4. Compilation
Assuming you're using BASH shell:
export CROSS_COMPILE=your-cross-compile-prefix
cd u-boot
make distclean
make MPC837XEMDS_config
5. Downloading and Flashing Images
5.0 Download over serial line using Kermit:
[Drop to kermit:
send <u-boot-bin-image>
Or via tftp:
tftp 40000 u-boot.bin
5.1 Reflash U-boot Image using U-boot
tftp 40000 u-boot.bin
protect off fe000000 fe1fffff
erase fe000000 fe1fffff
cp.b 40000 fe000000 xxxx
You have to supply the correct byte count with 'xxxx' from the TFTP result log.
6. Notes
1) The console baudrate for MPC837XEMDS is 115200bps.