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MPC8569MDS is composed of two boards - PB (Processor Board) and PIB (Platform
I/O Board). The mpc8569 PowerTM processor is mounted on PB board.
Building U-boot
make MPC8569MDS_config
Memory Map
0x0000_0000 0x7fff_ffff DDR 2G
0xa000_0000 0xbfff_ffff PCIe MEM 512MB
0xe000_0000 0xe00f_ffff CCSRBAR 1M
0xe280_0000 0xe2ff_ffff PCIe I/O 8M
0xc000_0000 0xdfff_ffff SRIO 512MB
0xf000_0000 0xf3ff_ffff SDRAM 64MB
0xf800_0000 0xf800_7fff BCSR 32KB
0xf800_8000 0xf800_ffff PIB (CS4) 32KB
0xf801_0000 0xf801_7fff PIB (CS5) 32KB
0xfe00_0000 0xffff_ffff Flash 32MB
Flashing u-boot Images
Use the following commands to program u-boot image into flash:
=> tftp 1000000 u-boot.bin
=> protect off all
=> erase fff80000 ffffffff
=> cp.b 1000000 fff80000 80000
Setting the correct MAC addresses
The command - "mac", is introduced to set on-board system EEPROM in the format
defined in board/freescale/common/sys_eeprom.c. we must set all 8 MAC
addresses for the MPC8569MDS's 8 Ethernet ports and save it by "mac save" when
we first get the board. The commands are as follows:
=> mac i NXID /* Set NXID to this EEPROM */
=> mac e 01 /* Set Errata, this value is not defined by hardware
designer, we can set whatever we want */
=> mac n a0 /* Set Serial Number. This is not defined by hardware
designer, we can set whatever we want */
=> mac date 090512080000 /* Set the date in YYMMDDhhmmss format */
=> mac p 8 /* Set the number of mac ports, it should be 8 */
=> mac 0 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx /* xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx should be the real mac
address, you can refer to the value on
the sticker of the rear side of the board
=> mac 7 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
=> mac read
=> mac save
After resetting the board, the ethxaddrs will be filled with the mac addresses
if such environment variables are blank(never been set before). If the ethxaddr
has been set but we want to update it, we can use the following commands:
=> setenv ethxaddr /* x = "none",1,2,3,4,5,6,7 */
=> save
=> reset
Programming the ucode to flash
MPC8569 doesn't have ROM in QE, so we must upload the microcode(ucode) to QE's
IRAM so that the QE can work. The ucode binary can be downloaded from, and it must be programmed to
the address 0xfff0000 in the flash. Otherwise, the QE can't work and uboot
hangs at "Net:"
Please note the above two steps(setting mac addresses and programming ucode) are
very important to get the board booting up and working properly.