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P1022ds is a Low End Dual core platform supporting the P1022 processor
of QorIQ series. P1022 is an e500 based dual core SOC.
Pin Multiplex(hwconfig setting)
Add the environment 'usb2', 'audclk' and 'tdm' to support pin multiplex
via hwconfig, i.e:
'setenv hwconfig usb2' to enable USB2 and disable eTsec2
'setenv hwconfig tdm' to enable TDM and disable Audio
'setenv hwconfig audclk:12' to enable Audio(codec clock sources is 12MHz)
and disable TDM
'setenv hwconfig 'usb2;tdm' to enable USB2 and TDM, disable eTsec2 and Audio
'setenv hwconfig 'usb2;audclk:11' to enable USB2 and Audio(codec clock sources
is 11MHz), disable eTsec2 and TDM
Warning: TDM and AUDIO can not enable simultaneous !
and AUDIO codec clock sources only setting as 11MHz or 12MHz !
'setenv hwconfig 'audclk:12;tdm' --- error !
'setenv hwconfig 'audclk:11;tdm' --- error !
'setenv hwconfig 'audclk:10' --- error !